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Hero Of The Month (April): Shannon McDonald

by Brian A. Wilkins
5/31/2009 (links and photos updated December 16, 2018)

Temple University in Philadelphia, and apparently all others good journalism schools, require its students to write some sort of police story before graduation. Shannon McDonald was a senior this past February when she did a ride-along with Philadelphia cop William Thrasher. Ms. McDonald would learn and report something that is all too familiar to black and Latino Americans, but dismissed in Euro-American media as “the race card.”

Here is the gist of this whole situation: Ms. McDonald wrote an article for the Temple News, the

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Minneapolis Police Thug Jason Andersen Acquitted In Brutality Case

by Brian A. Wilkins


Fong Lee

It would be refreshing to start this article with “in a surprising verdict by the jury,” but this is the United States, Mr. Lee is not of European descent, and the murderer was a thug cop.

A 12-member federal jury, which Minneapolis community leaders said were “all white,” deliberated for six hours today in the U.S. District Court in Minneapolis, to clear Minneapolis cop Jason Anderson Andersen and the City of Minneapolis of using excessive force. The city and Andersen will not pay damages to the Lee family. A Hennepin County grand … Read Entire Article

Unarmed Marcus Smith Murdered By Inglewood (CA) Police Thugs

by Brian A. Wilkins
5/25/2009 (links, photos, and videos updated December 16, 2018)

Here is a summary of all the recent thug activity in the so-called Inglewood “police department” in case you are not current:

Michael Byoune, 19, was murdered on May 11, 2008 by Inglewood police thugs after they said Mr. Byoune was “gang affiliated” and “fired at them first.” No weapons were found in Mr. Byoune’s possession.

Ruben Walton Ortega, 23, was murdered on July 1, 2008, by Inglewood police thugs. The cops again said that Ortega was “a gang member,” and was “reaching … Read Entire Article

King County Thug Cop Matthew Paul Attacks Innocent Man, Leaves Him In A Coma

by Brian A. Wilkins

UPDATED DECEMBER 11, 2015: Christopher Harris has died.

Mr. Harris lived for six more years after King County Police thug Matthew Paul completely chimped out on him. But he never spoke or walked again after the incident. Our thoughts are with the Harris family.


SEATTLE — The picture above speaks more than a thousand words. Twice in the past two months, the King County (Washington) Sheriff’s Office has made national news because of thug cop behavior. First in March, it was thug deputy Paul Schene inexcusably attacking 15-year-old Malika Calhoun. And Read Entire Article

Ryan Leaf Indicted (PDF); Hiding In Canada?

UPDATED December 4, 2014 – Leaf released from prison.

He served a total of 32 months behind bars.


Apparently this warrant was issued on the same day as the indictment. Leaf is obviously hiding in Canada somewhere. I’d guess a remote area like the Yukon Territories. He should have enough money to just disappear. But Leaf is obviously not very bright, considering the nature of these charges. Meanwhile ESPN is reporting the other former NFL quarterback with legal issues, Michael Vick, had a bowl of Apple Jacks this morning and brushed his Read Entire Article

Fox News’ Glenn Beck Embarrasses, Discredits Himself Twice In 24 Hours

by Brian A. Wilkins
5/21/2009 (videos updated December 16, 2018)

My question to Glenn Beck is this: why even bother going on ABC’s “The View” if you “knew it was coming” yet still had no intelligent responses to any of the questions and accusations? It’s best you just watch it for yourself.

Later that day, Beck, back in the friendly confines of Fox News, had plenty to say once he could talk behind the backs of Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, et al. Beck actually skipped his own show that night, claiming he had “24 hour swine flu” but … Read Entire Article

Gay Is The New Jew, Not The New Black

by Brian A. Wilkins
5/21/2009 (links and photos updated December 10, 2018)


“I know your afflictions and your poverty–yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2:9

Man-on-man marriage, the most recent in several European-cultural movements throughout their history, has become what may lead to another European-created “race” and possibly another colony, along the same lines as Israel.

Homosexuals in the United States have carved out a power niche, comparable to that of their Euro-Jewish counterparts in Read Entire Article

Preliminary Hearing For Terrorist Johannes Mehserle Under Way

UPDATED 6/5/2009: Mehserle Will Face Murder Charge At Trial

Now his sidekick, Tony Pirone, the other thug cop involved needs to be indicted for perjury, since he lied repeatedly on the stand under oath. There is a good chance terrorist Mehserle will try and flee the country, which is why he needs to be put on some sort of ankle monitoring system immediately. The domestic terorist will be arraigned for murder on June 18. Meanwhile, Euro-American cop lovers are still crying innocence for the terrorist. Just read the message boards.

UPDATED 6/4/2009: BART Thug Pirone Admits Oscar Grant Posed

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Rodney Smith Could Use Drew Peterson’s Lawyer

by Brian A. Wilkins


If only Rodney E. Smith Jr., the alleged “South Mountain Shooter” who Euro-American media was obsessed with for about three days after the July 24 incident last year, had millions of dollars or was a former thug cop.

Mr. Smith has been entangled in the Maricopa County justice system since that day he was forced to protect himself from the same attackers who jumped him and broke his jaw eight months prior. Not only does Maricopa County prosecutor Heather Wicht continue to arrogantly and comfortably violate Arizona’s conflict of interest statuteRead Entire Article

Arpaio: Eat Jail Food To End Hunger Strike

by Brian A. Wilkins
5/19/2009 (links updated September 3, 2019)

As many of you already know, inmates at three Maricopa County jail facilities have been on a hunger strike for the past week, while some have been participating since the beginning of the month. One of America’s premiere thug cop clowns, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has said the facilities will be on “lockdown” until inmates start eating again.

This column will be short and to the point. It is only the evening “meal,” aka “the slop” that inmates are refusing to eat, because it … Read Entire Article