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King County (WA) Thug Cop Paul Schene Attacks 15-Year-Old Girl


UPDATED 3/2/2009
15-Year-Old Victim, Malika Calhoun, talks to CBS Early Show.

by Brian A. Wilkins



For some odd reason, this thug piece of s*** is only being charged with fourth-degree assault, a MISDEMEANOR which carries a maximum penalty of only one year in jail. Though the incident took place on November 29 of last year, prosecutors are just now releasing the video.

Of course, the thug is on the usual “paid administrative leave,” the penalty all thug cops get Read Entire Article

Tempe Police: Ryff Authenticates Tape, Cleared by Meyer

2/26/2009 (links updated December 14, 2019)


Ryff Skeletons1

TEMPE — Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff confirmed with CBS 5 in Phoenix he is in fact the person caught on tape coaching subordinate officers to lie. The tapes document several adulterous sexual liaisons with female co-workers, prostitutes and/or strippers. Tempe City Manager Charlie Meyer concluded that all serious allegations made against Ryff in a complaint filed with the city are “unfounded.”, an online forum started by former and current Tempe officers, also alleged that Ryff saves promotions and creates paid positions for friends and … Read Entire Article

GOP: Go Back To Europe If You Hate America

by Brian A. Wilkins 


With President Barack Obama signing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Republicans are again making treasonous statements. Obama Administration has set up a website,, so Americans can see exactly how the new legislation is progressing.

Man, that headline felt GREAT to write! Physiologically, everything below my waist just filled with blood. Ever since I was born and as long as my mom, dad, grandmother, and great-grandmother have lived in the USA, Republicans/Confederites have been forcing this idea of “patriotism” down our throats, insinuating that everyone must blindly agree with everything the U.S.
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Maricopa County Court Escapee Needed Help From Guards

by Brian A. Wilkins

Anybody who is a semi-regular visitor to this website knows I spent “55 Days In Maricopa County Jail” last year. I took you through a few court dates in the blogs, which I don’t expect to finish publishing the last 15-plus days until this ordeal is over. That said, there is no way in living or dying hell the 28-year-old now ex-inmate could have escaped the downtown Phoenix Maricopa County courthouse without help from a guard.

The guy was caught on surveillance video walking out the front door of the courthouse in … Read Entire Article

Marshawn Lynch Carrying Gun: “Black” Men Arming For Possible War

by Brian A. Wilkins

It is sad that our country has come to this. First it was Plaxico Burress in New York, and now Marshawn Lynch in Culver City, California. Though the European-American media will call these guys thugs, hood, and various “n-words,” attacks by thug police all across the country are prompting “black” men to arm themselves. The Euro-American sports media (especially talk radio) will weigh in, especially (and predictably) Colin Cowherd and Dan Patrick of ESPN radio, and minimize or, more likely, completely ignore this ugly phenomenon in the United States. Thug police, badged gangsters, or whatever … Read Entire Article

PETA AWOL Again When Cops Kill Dogs

UPDATED 5/18/2009: Florence, AZ Cops Kill K9 “Partner.”

What is with Arizona cops killing dogs? Tempe cops simply shoot them (and get away with it), while Chandler and Florence cops leave them in cars “accidentally” on 105-plus degree days. Here is the latest one, which happened over the weekend. You can hear crickets chirping and pins dropping over all the PETA protests in response to this “tragic dog killing.”

UPDATED 2/16/2009

Mike Hasenei of Elkridge, MD.
(Photo from; Alex Stawinski)

Police also shot and killed Mr. Mike Hasenei’s dog in Elkridge, MD on January 15. The police raided Mr. Hasenei’s house, said Read Entire Article

Stan Rosenblatt: “Whitney Jurjevich Lied to Upper Gwynedd Police”

UPDATED 2/28/2009: Rosenblatt Denied Copy of Police Report From Upper Gwynedd Police

In an email to Operation-Nation this week, Stan Rosenblatt said he requested a copy of the police report from when Tempe cop Whitney Jurjevich shot and killed his dog, Bruce, on January 16; and was denied.

“Apparently I need a subpoena to get a copy,” Rosenblatt wrote. “I expect to be able to do so if/when I start civil action.”

Jurjevich was not charged by Montgomery County (PA) authorities and not punished by Tempe Police.


2/15/2009 (links updated December 27, Read Entire Article

Tempe Police Officer Whitney Jurjevich Escapes Prosecution

UPDATED June 26, 2019: Former Tempe cop Whitney Jurjevich now a board member for Arizona Self-Storage Association.

2/13/2009 (links updated December 27, 2018)



UPDATED 2/13/2009 2:30 pm MST

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PA — Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky day for Tempe cop Whitney Jurjevich. Authorities in Montgomery County, PA have decided not to press charges against Jurjevich, the Tempe Police Officer who shot and killed Stan Rosenblatt’s dog, Bruce, while visiting his father January 16.

According to the press release, Jurjevich had the right to carry the … Read Entire Article

Charges Unlikely For Tempe Officer Who Shot Dog In Pennsylvania

2/13/2009 (links updated December 27, 2018)



UPPER GWYNEDD TOWNSHIP, PA — Tempe Police Officer Whitney Jurjevich may be off the hook after traveling to Pennsylvania, and shooting and killing a family’s dog.

Montgomery (PA) County Assistant District Attorney Abby Silverman said a final decision will be reached by the end of the day as to whether or not charges will be brought. Pennsylvania and Arizona have similar concealed weapons laws, so the only item at issue is whether or not the dog was under control when Jurjevich shot him. “If a

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Obama Naive About Baseball; A-Rod Deserves Praise

by Brian A. Wilkins


Here are President Barack Obama’s words, exactly how the Associated Press quoted him:

“If you’re a fan of Major League Baseball, I think it tarnishes an entire era, to some degree. And it’s unfortunate because I think there were a lot of ballplayers who played it straight.”  

Sure the few guys who didn’t cash in during the “Steroid Era” played it straight. In this world, you are presented with few opportunities at financial peace and prosperity. You have to give Alex Rodriguez credit for basically doing everything he humanly could to EARN that
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