King County Thug Cop Matthew Paul Attacks Innocent Man, Leaves Him In A Coma

By | May 23, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins

Mr. Christopher Harris after thug cop Matthew Paul chimped out on him.

UPDATED DECEMBER 11, 2015: Christopher Harris has died.

Mr. Harris lived for six more years after King County Police thug Matthew Paul completely chimped out on him. But he never spoke or walked again after the incident. Our thoughts are with the Harris family.


SEATTLE — The picture above speaks more than a thousand words. Twice in the past two months, the King County (Washington) Sheriff’s Office has made national news because of thug cop behavior. First in March, it was thug deputy Paul Schene inexcusably attacking 15-year-old Malika Calhoun. And now this thug Matthew Paul, 26, has left Mr. Christopher Harris unconscious and in a coma since the May 10 incident. Judging from the extent of Mr. Harris’ head injuries (multiple skull fractures) and statements from the Harris family, it appears unlikely he will ever regain full consciousness and he may not survive.

The surveillance video from the night also  speaks for itself, as thug Paul, who weighs 270 pounds, acted like some wild animal, running into the 170-ish pound Mr. Harris like he was some kind of tackling dummy.

The thug cop probably inflicted further damage to Mr. Harris’ spine and skull by dragging him around after the vicious attack.

The incident took place on May 10, when a woman wrongfully identified Mr. Harris as a suspect in an alleged stabbing that had taken place at a nearby bar earlier in the evening. Harris, maybe remembering what happened to 15-year-old Malika Calhoun at the hands of King County police thug Paul Schene a few months earlier, and the pervading cop thuggery all across the country, and likely being intoxicated, ran when the cops approached him.

There is also conflicting testimony as to whether the police thugs identified themselves as cops or not.

The facts remain that nobody knows why Mr. Harris ran, and Harris was not the person involved in the alleged assault incident. King County spokesman, John Urquhart, added serious insult to Mr. Harris’ serious injuries, saying thug Paul “acted within normal rules,” that his actions “were in compliance with departmental policy,” and that the whole incident was a “tragic accident.” Of course, thug Paul was rewarded with a paid vacation for the deadly assault on Mr. Harris (thug cops’ P.A.L.: paid administrative leave).

Thug cops will continue their wild animal-like behavior as long as they know they will never face any sort of criminal charges or even civil liability. Qualified immunity is long outdated and the United States needs to adopt the same type of liability codes as Canada’s Supreme Court did a couple of years ago. Thug cops are a constitutionally protected gang who take full advantage of this fact. 

No rational human being should ever call police for anything, especially in a big city. We have a 2nd Amendment for a reason. Operation Nation will try to keep you up-to-date on the kangaroo internal affairs investigation for this case. But like all others, expect thug Paul to be patrolling the streets once again upon return from his paid vacation.

34 thoughts on “King County Thug Cop Matthew Paul Attacks Innocent Man, Leaves Him In A Coma

  1. Steve

    I am the Uncle of Chris Harris, I also found out that King County Metro Transit Unit is a dumping ground for Bad Cops, Log onto Seattle PI then search King County Metro Transit Unit then you will see, Keep up the good work and lets rid our streets of these bad cops!

  2. Heidi

    Dear Mr. Wilkins,
    You state, “Qualified immunity is long outdated and the United States needs to adopt the same type of liability codes as Canada’s Supreme Court did a couple of years ago.”

    I understand that Qualified immunity shields government officials from liability for the violation of an individual’s federal constitutional rights.” Yet it says the liability is “hypothetical reasonable person in the defendant’s position would have known that his actions violated clearly established law.” If this is the case then the assaults and battery and sexual assault felonies which the king county police department commits they should be liable for because reasonable people know what is assault and battery.

    How would Mr. Harris’s family hold the government accountable for the crimes committed?

    And what happened with that teenage girl? Did she receive any justice after being attacked and beaten by the police?

    We know in the pass King county police were not held accountable for committing sexual assault on minors according to the Seattle PI.

    What are the procedures for citizens to obtain justice and protection from criminal government officials?

    Thank you, if you or anyone can answer these questions.

  3. Brian W.


    You are correct in saying “King County police…should be liable” for all of their misconduct and malfeasance. The sad truth, however, is that judges, juries, and for some reason, many in the general public always side with police, no matter how overwhelming the evidence against them. And the way jury instructions are written makes the task difficult as well.

    Justice is generally reserved for those with money, but there are things you can at least try.

    The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 is now codified in Title 42 Sec. 1983 of U.S. law. You can file a federal civil rights lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in your area under this code and the “federal question” code since constitutional rights were violated. Generally these lawsuits cost around $400 to file plus the cost of getting the summonses served on the defendants. You can file a motion to proceed informa pauperis, and based on your financial situation, the judge may let you proceed for free and have a U.S. Marshal serve the summonses for you. The first defense all police use is “qualified immunity” and most federal cases are dropped against them because PAID lawyers can’t articulate well enough to a judge why “Qualified Immunity” or “Quasi-judicial immunity” do not pertain to that particular case. Plus lawyers do not like to get on the bad side of their local police department, as the police may retaliate by not assisting them in future cases they may handle. It is a long process and you have to expect to lose in the end. Very few lawsuits or criminal charges against police are successful, again, no matter how overwhelming the evidence, and this is the way of our United States.

    As far as Ms. Calhoun and the thug who attacked her, I have not gotten any updates on it, but the cop (Paul Schene) is only facing a misdemeanor charge, which means no jail time. And as far as how can citizens protect themselves from criminal government officials? That’s a question many have pondered since the Revolutionary War. I wish I had the answer. Like a pawn in a game of chess, all regular people can do is try and maneuver their way through all the mayhem on the board to reach the other side and turn into a more powerful piece, and make a difference with that said new power.

  4. Heidi

    Audit: Millions Unaccounted For At King County Government
    Chris Egert
    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News

    Posted: 4:38 pm PDT June 18, 2009
    Updated: 4:43 pm PDT June 18, 2009

    SEATTLE — An explosive 97-page state audit of King County government obtained by KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reveals tens of millions of dollars, drugs and ammunition unaccounted for.

    The audit, compiled by State Auditor Brian Sonntag, took a look at King County government from July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2008.

    KING CO. RESPONSEKing County Finance Director Ken Guy’s response

    It looked at 36 construction projects. Twenty of the projects exceeded the $30 million set aside for their completion. The actual cost ended up at $56 million. That’s a $26 million cost over-run revealed by the state auditor.

    King County resident Tiyondi Mason was surprised to hear the findings when we shared them with her Thursday.

    She’s going to school, her husband works two jobs, and they had to get a smaller car because of high gas prices. For her, every penny counts.

    “How is this money hiding?” Mason said. “How are you guys not doing your books right?”

    One of the findings wasn’t necessarily about the dollar amount.

    The state auditor concluded that the King County Sheriff’s Office isn’t looking after its ammunition very well.

    In December 2007, a pallet of ammo had one case than was accounted for — meaning either the invoice was wrong or someone lost the ammunition. Both scenarios are of equal concern to the state auditor.

    The sheriff’s office admits it does need to a better job of tracking ammo, but says that it believes the missing case comes down to a clerical error and not public safety.

    The audit also revealed the county needs to get better at looking after prescription drugs at its public health pharmacies. Two of those pharmacies are located in county jails.

    Pharmacies don’t track or monitor purchases or distribution of some of the drugs — creating what’s described in the report as “significant weaknesses that increased the risk, misappropriation, loss or misuse of drugs.”

    “How could you not — they keep so good track at the pharmacies outside of the jail? So why can’t you do it inside?” Mason asked.

    There are many other aspects of this report that will be hashed out at King County government, and no doubt it will be used as fodder in the election for King County Executive.

    All those individuals hope to convince voters like Tiyondi Mason that under their leadership, the results of this audit will change.

    King County Finance Director Ken Guy issued a statement on Thursday, responding to the report.

    “This is the first time we have seen an audit contain overarching statements that we have not been allowed to respond to as part of the official report,” Guy wrote. “We fear that this politicizes the audit.”

    Guy wrote that “No drugs in Public Health or ammunition in the Sheriff’s Office were reported missing” and that “inferences about cost overruns on

  5. Mrs Baker

    My Prayers go out to you Chris and your family. We need to get this cop off the street. Assualt is assault. he is guilty. Didn’t he know not to move a neck injured patient. twice he moves him around like a rag doll. then what did they do?

  6. Steve

    They actually flip Chris 4 times and do not render him any kind of aid, what do they teach these Thugs at the Police Academy, besides how to be Thugs!

  7. The1

    John Urquhart you’re damn shame! “Acted within normal rules.” Good to know we need to police our police here in King County. Officer Matthew Paul clearly used excessive force! Did he really need to Ray Lewis Mr. Harris into the wall like that??? I don’t see it. Dude is 270 lbs!! Officer Paul you’re JOKE and a bully. You surely have some BAD karma headed your way. Thoughts and prayers to the Harris family.

  8. Ryan

    This thug cop will defenditly get what he has coming to him. Him and his kind is going to eventually run into the wrong person and I guaranty you He will either end up in Jail or Dead in the street Just like any other thug. My prayers and thoughts are with the Harris family and friends. This kind of stuff just gets my blood boiling. One day he will meet his maker and hope and pray that he is not disappointed.

  9. Steve

    Did you know the 2 eye witnesses were legally drunk who did not see anything and the thug cop lied about how it happened, they said the kid tripped and fell and hit his head, and Chris was not at the store he was a block an a half away he just happened to be walking past the dark alley at that moment when they said it was him, eye witness said he thought the thug was a belltown bouncer not a cop.

  10. Jessica Gates

    Chris was my friend for many years. I believe in my heart he did NOT know who was chasing him, he was not the type to run from a cop…ever. I cannot get this off my mind and will always hold the good times we had in my heart. Love you Chris.

  11. Derek

    The family of the victim, Chris Harris, needs to do a much better job of standing up for Chris. Your lawyer must not be any good and only in it for the money. What would Chris Harris do if he recovered? What would YOU do if you were Chris Harris? What would you do to the man who basically killed you? My lawyer would have had the Matthew Paul guy in jail for nearly the rest of his life. WAKE UP AND GET A BETTER LAWYER WHO ISN’T AN IDIOT JUST WANTING MONEY!!!!! Why isn’t his family sticking up for him? Who are you people? Why do you want money anyway? It’s more about putting that “officer” in JAIL!!!!

  12. Steve

    We want this thug to pay but when we met with the prosecuting attorney he said that he thought this cop did this on purpose but he could not do anything about it because of the way the laws are set up to protect these thugs with badges, so when this is all said and done we will fight like hell to change the laws so this won’t happen to someone else.

  13. Derek

    I’m sorry for sounding so rude in my first post there. That video and this news story just made me very angry. Steve, you are 100% right that the cop probably did this on purpose. I still think you all have an obligation as relatives to make the cop pay for what he did though. Isn’t there always a way to file assault and attempted murder chrages against him, or no? Any judge with half a brain would lock that guy up for the rest of his life for doing this to an innocent man!

  14. Steve

    The only way now we can make this thug cop pay is in a civil case for the unnecesary damage he did to Chris, and get Chris the best help we can. There is alot more to this story which we can’t talk about because of the pending law suit, This whole incident could have been prevented if the 2 thug cops would have did there job at the store where Chris was not even at, He was a block and a half away. You will be as upset as us when you here the truth. Soon!!!

  15. Derek

    Get on the phone and get through to Rick Sanchez’s producers at CNN. Rick Sanchez frequently covers news stories like this and especially cases of excessive force by police officers. Get Chris’s family on the 3 PM Eastern hour (12 PM Pacific) with Rick Sanchez. The CBS interview was not NEARLY harsh enough on the cop and it did not make the cop look as guilty as he really is. You guys need a better interview and maybe Rick Sanchez at CNN is the place to do it.

  16. John

    There is an ill wind blowing for rogue law enforcement and our politicians. Real change. Common sense change.

    However, if this were a family member of mine, Mr. Paul would be visited from an out of towner capable of crippling a 270 lb. POS punk cop for the rest of his life.

  17. Tom

    what do they teach these Thugs at the Police Academy, besides how to be Thugs!

    Unfortunately, most of the candidates for the police academy are bullies looking to push others around. It’s said a fine line separates cop from criminal.

  18. Bill O' Rights

    This absolutely makes me sick to my stomach. What is happening with this case? Did Chris die or is he still in the hospital? Is this thug cop back on the street? How long will people sit down and let the criminal police try, convict, and execute innocent people right in the street? Walking all over our basic right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When will people stop buying into this myth that police work is ‘dangerous’ when the real danger is to the innocent men, woman, and children who fall into the cross hairs of these out of control and unaccountable criminals?

  19. Heidi

    NOW they are trying to hide the police from retaliation from the citizens they are damaging. They don’t make any efforts to address the on going problems and abuse they are causing.

    Wash. approves police info disclosure exemption
    Washington’s Legislature has passed a measure that would exempt the personal information of criminal justice employees from general public records requests.

    The Associated Press

    OLYMPIA, Wash. —
    Washington’s Legislature has passed a measure that would exempt the personal information of criminal justice employees from general public records requests.

    The bill exempts birthdate information and photographs that could be used to locate or identify the employees of criminal justice agencies, including courts and police departments.

    The information would still be available to news media organizations.

    The bill was approved unanimously by the House on Saturday afternoon, and heads to Gov. Chris Gregoire for final approval.

  20. Heidi

    I asked a retired police officer who works for running campaigns like Ron Paul Campaign and he said that Steve you should file criminal charges with the US District Attorney’s office … also that Mexican guy and all people raped and assulted by this gangster police department must. Sorry that no one could stop these guys before they ruined Christopher’s life. I will do my best to try to stop this facist hold they have on society and hold them accountable. I am always thinking of you guys.

  21. Heidi

    Sorry Steve, I believe he gave me wrong advice i checked. I think if you want to file criminal charges against the individaul police who committed the crime it is the internal afairs or the department who’s jurisdiction that it is in. If the police department refuses your rights then bring evidence of this to the FBI against the whole police department.

    Also file your claims in court against the people who made the crime and if people are refusing to do their duty which the tax payers are paying them to do.

    If the law enforcement and justice system fails ..then our government is a failure and we have to decide something else to do because they are a threat to our existance.

  22. heidi

    Example of a federal lawsuit against a police department and individuals in the department. You can’t trust the local court system the police should be obligated to provide for the damages if it was negligence or intentional battery.

    You can name the police officer as himself an as an actor of the state as in this example about sueing a judge.


    Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

  23. Justice

    King County will lose in the civil suit. There is no question in my mind. The facts of this case are stillcoming to light in the public and 9 to 1, people are disgusted and afraid of what the police think they can do and are doing to the people they are supposed to be protecting. I can only imagine what how enraged the jury will be when they’re presented with King County’s defense, or lack there of.

    They will be held responsible, unfortunately, money talks, and is the only way for them to understand the weight of these types of cases.

  24. Steve

    You have no idea how bad there case is, this Thug Rent a Cop is a lying piece of Shit, Stay tuned Civil case starts in January.

  25. Heidi

    Congradulations Steve although I know even all the money in the world can’t fix the problem.

    King Co. pays $10M to man slammed into wall
    King County agreed Tuesday to pay $10 million to a man who suffered a catastrophic brain injury when a sheriff’s deputy slammed him into a concrete wall after a foot chase in Seattle.

    The Associated Press


    King County agreed Tuesday to pay $10 million to a man who suffered a catastrophic brain injury when a sheriff’s deputy slammed him into a concrete wall after a foot chase in Seattle.

    Christopher Harris ran from deputies who mistook him for a suspect in a fight in May 2009. After a couple of blocks, Harris stopped and turned, and Deputy Matthew Paul, working as a Metro Transit officer, slammed him eight feet, head-first, into a concrete wall of the Cinerama movie theater. The violent tackle was captured on surveillance video.

    Harris, 30, eventually emerged from acoma but can’t walk or talk. He is expected to need round-the-clock care for the rest of his life.

    His wife, Sarah, filed a personal injury lawsuit against the county.


  26. Steve

    Thanks, But we are not done yet! Time to change this injustice so it will not happened to anyone else! Read Seattle Times article about the Paramedics testimony, unbelivable that cops can act like this.

  27. Heidi

    This is the disgusting part …of that article it makes me wonder if they sit around and laugh at the other citizen’s lives they ruin and kill and the girls they get to sexually molest while working. We want justice and these devilish people who run and terrorize Seattle out and in jail!

    ” That’s when Eshom came forward and “said this guy was running away from them … and that he, the patient, turned to look behind him and he ran full speed, headfirst into the wall,” White testified.

    The account didn’t make sense because “the back of his head was crushed,” White said.

    “Were you told he was pushed into the wall?” asked Ray Dearie, another attorney for Sarah Harris. “No,” White replied, adding that another officer “kind of chuckled and said, ‘That’s what happened — he ran head first into the wall.’ ” ”

  28. Shawn

    I hope someone holds that cop on trial and the other officer that thought it was funny should be fired.

  29. Jessica


  30. Emily

    I can’t believe it’s been 11 years since this incident and now almost five years since Chris died. It’s still very hard to watch these videos. Chris was a great guy. I miss him! Hope all King County cops burn in hell. Thank you for properly memorializing Chris!


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