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Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputies Should Layoff the Steroids

by Brian A. Wilkins


This video is downright embarrassing and is the perfect reason, along with acne problems, to not use steroids. Here is the roid-rage protest Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s goons held to support their favorite clown while Congress held investigative conferences over MCSO’s protocol of arresting random “Mexican-looking” people:

There is a very simple, very obvious solution if you people really want to, and have a goal of, enforcing illegal immigration laws: how about arresting business owners and managers who hire illegal immigrants as well. Arresting 15 “Mexican-looking” people just means 100 more will replace them
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VIDEO: 3 Pittsburgh Cops Killed by Richard Poplawski

UPDATED 4/5/2009 9:12 a.m. PST
I doubt this matter to Euro-American media either, as this story is already yesterday’s news. The hip-hop influence on impressionable “blacks,” and the Fox News/Limbaugh influence on impressionable “white.” Which is worse? I’d say the latter, as they own and dominate media. Operation Nation predicts no large nationwide funeral for the Pittsburgh cops killed, as there was in Oakland, and no Wikipedia page will be created about Poplawski either. And if there is, he will be made out to be a “troubled young man” and that
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Leroy Barnes Murdered By Pasadena (CA) Police Thugs

by Brian A. Wilkins
4/1/2009 (links and photos updated September 4, 2019)

Mr. Leroy Barnes Jr., 38, is survived by two daughters.

PASADENA — Mr. Leroy Barnes was riding along in the backseat of his friend, Emeka Edwards’, car near Mentone Street and Washington Boulevard on February 19. Pasadena Police said they pulled the car over because Barnes, 38, “looked like a gang member.” From this point, Pasadena Police thugs have changed their story several times. First, they said Barnes fired shots at them first, forcing them to respond with a barrage of bullets, killing the

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