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Oakwood (TX) Police Thug Who Tasered His Wife Indicted For Felony Assault

by Brian A. Wilkins
6/30/2009 (links and photos updated July 4, 2019)

OAKWOOD, TX — This clown’s activities could even make two of his close counterparts, Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff and Former Creston, Iowa Police Chief James Christensen, blush.

Former Oakwood (TX) police thug Oly Ivy was fired from his position in April after being arrested for allegedly tasering his wife multiple times with his city-issued torture toy. Ivy had only been “chief” of the town’s one-man force since February – for two months. The town’s city council voted unanimously to fire him the night of … Read Entire Article

A.L.P.R.: Big Brother, Police Are Watching You

by Brian A. Wilkins
6/30/2009 (links and videos updated January 25, 2019)

Have you ever been driving down a highway, not speeding, or violating any other law, but been pulled over anyway, and the cop tells you it is because you don’t have insurance on your vehicle? Or because you have a warrant out for your arrest for an unpaid traffic ticket from five years ago in a different state? Have you ever legally parked your car in a large parking lot with thousands of vehicles in it, only to return with a yellow boot on one of … Read Entire Article

Public Defender David A. Brown’s 2,630 Cases in 18 Months

by Brian A. Wilkins
6/16/2009 (links updated November 6, 2018)

No wonder at the court appearance that I was forced to endure Maricopa County public defender David Allen Brown “representing” me, he barely acknowledged my existence and simply offered a plea agreement without any knowledge of the case.

In an affidavit I filed in Maricopa County Superior Court in support of that “Rule 32” mess I have to exhaust before a federal judge can rule on this case, I noted that Brown, according to a human resources agent at the Maricopa County public defender’s office, has been involved … Read Entire Article

Two Des Moines (IA) Police Thugs Facing Termination Quit

UPDATED April 20, 2015: Dautovic kills himself and his girlfriend.

UPDATED March 15, 2013: Mailander gets probation; Dautovic gets 20 months in prison. In other words, both got off easy.

UPDATED 12/20/2011: Two Des Moines Police Thugs Indicted on Federal Criminal Charges

Though it does not happen near enough in this country, two police thugs who brutally assaulted an American citizen will now face the music. And the OP-NAT EYE will happily eat crow on our prediction of no charges.

The two police thugs, Mersed Dautovic and John Mailander, have been charged with violating the civil rights of Mr. Read Entire Article

Former NBA Referee Tim Donaghy Assaulted In Prison

by Brian A. Wilkins
6/12/2009 (links and photos updated January 10, 2020)

Though Euro-American media usually ignore the antics of “white” criminals in sports, I would have thought all the “Gambino Crime Family,” “wise-guy,” and “getting whacked” mafia mess associated with this one would cause mass salivation by the ESPN’s and CNN’s of the world.

Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy pleaded guilty to two felony charges of conspiracy and transmitting betting information through interstate commerce in August of 2007. He was sentenced to 15 months in a federal prison on July 29, 2008. Four month into his stay … Read Entire Article

Passaic (NJ) Police Thug Joseph Rios III Attacks Unarmed Man

UPDATED September 30, 2009: Thug Rios Indicted

The Passaic, NJ Police thug is now facing aggravated assault and official misconduct charges. The indictment is a definite victory for American citizens, but its still a long shot to see this sorry bitch ass punk serve five-plus years in prison. But we’ll keep an eye on it.

by Brian A. Wilkins

Passaic, NJ police thug Joseph Rios III.
Photo courtesy of Mike Derer/AP

Punk thug Passaic, New Jersey cop Joseph Rios III created a new “crime” to supplement the already well-known federal “DWB” statute. Thug Rios made 49-year-old Ronnie Holloway, … Read Entire Article

Bruce Jacobs Leaves KFYI

by Brian A. Wilkins
6/10/2009 (links updated January 24, 2019)

Bruce Jacobs, the man I still refer to as my favorite Republican, is now the “former” NewTalk 550 KFYI morning show host.

Bruce Jacobs
Bruce Jacobs

I worked for Clear Channel Phoenix for several months from 2007-08. I mostly worked for Xtra Sports 910 and NewsTalk KFYI. The job wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Bruce. He gave me an unexpected endorsement to the Clear Channel big-wigs. Bruce commanded respect because he always said exactly what was on his mind about anybody at any given moment (including Clear Channel … Read Entire Article

Federal Habeas Corpus Denied; Must Exhaust “Rule 32” Proceedings

by Brian A. Wilkins
6/9/2009 (links and photo updated November 3, 2018)

I argued in the federal habeas corpus (28 U.S.C. Sec. 2254) petition that exhaustion of Rule 32 proceedings would further violate my civil rights irreparably. The federal judge saw it differently today. They dismissed the petition until Rule 32 (Post-Conviction Relief) is sought in Maricopa County Superior Court.

I can appeal with the Ninth Circuit once this “Rule 32” stuff is exhausted. I can also appeal the district court judge’s decision not to accept the petition immediately with the Ninth Circuit. But I must … Read Entire Article

Charges Dropped Against Rodney Smith Sr.

by Brian A. Wilkins


In yet another blow to Maricopa County prosecutor Heather Wicht’s quest to destroy the lives of the entire Smith family, Rodney Smith, Sr., the father of alleged “South Mountain Shooter” Rodney Smith Jr., had all charges dropped against him in connection with the July 24, 2008 incident. Michelle Denise Smith, Smith Jr. mother, was acquitted at trial in April on charges of “interferring with police.” Smith Sr. had been on house arrest since being released in September from the Maricopa County Jail in connection with the charges.

Wicht, along with her … Read Entire Article