Gay Is The New Jew, Not The New Black

By | May 21, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins
5/21/2009 (links and photos updated December 10, 2018)


“I know your afflictions and your poverty–yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2:9

Man-on-man marriage, the most recent in several European-cultural movements throughout their history, has become what may lead to another European-created “race” and possibly another colony, along the same lines as Israel.

Homosexuals in the United States have carved out a power niche, comparable to that of their Euro-Jewish counterparts in 1917 Britain. Europeans, led by the British, French, and United States, had claimed, at gunpoint, much of the planet as their own little individual colonies by 1917.

Former British Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary for “Her Majesty’s Government,” Arthur James Balfour, in response to a request, sent British/Jewish banker, Lionel Walter Rothschild, a letter in 1917. It declared that the British Empire would oblige in “creating a Jewish homeland” in Palestine for him and all other Europeans in England and elsewhere who 1) did not believe Jesus Christ was the ultimate Lord and Savior; and 2) thought they were the chosen people of God. This simple three paragraph letter, which became known as the “Balfour Declaration of 1917,” is the root of the vast majority of problems in the entire world today.

Balfour Declaration

World War I was a blood bath of pissing contests between different European factions wanting to get in on the pervading land and people raping happening all across the globe at the time. There were a total of 37 million casualties (16 million of which were deaths), soldiers and civilians, from the USA, Europe, and Russia during World War I. All these deaths were in the name of power, religion, and territory for Zionists.

When World War I concluded in 1918, it simultaneously brought an end to the nearly 700-year-old Ottoman Empire. Several new nations were born as a result – Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and yes, “Israel.” The caveat was that all of these new countries were controlled by different European factions, including Russia.

There were two problems with Israel: 1) the British had also promised the land to Palestinian Arabs in exchange for them fighting against the Ottomans, and 2) it would be a European imperial colony positioned right in the middle of the Muslim/Arab world, which is a recipe for disaster. In fact, Europeans had arrogantly pondered several arbitrary spots on the globe to place this so-called Jewish homeland, including Uganda and several spots in Latin America.

They ultimately picked Palestine because, again, these particular Europeans, Turks, Russians and others self-anointed themselves “chosen people of God” and believe the Hebrew identity is their own. Germany, the country that murdered several of these so-called Jews during World War II, and the country you would think Europeans would punish by annexing part of their country for a “Jewish” homeland, was never considered.

The so-called “League Of Nations Mandate” gave control of Palestine to Britain in 1920, which resulted in tens of thousands of Europeans who call themselves “jews,” in accordance with the Balfour Declaration, migrating to Palestine. In the end, Europeans will always protect, at any cost, the interests of other Europeans, thus the Palestinians were betrayed by the British. Through all the resistance from Palestinian Arabs, the revenge actions of Germany’s Adolf Hitler, and a second World War, Israel eventually became an official Euro-Zionist colony in 1948.

Let the Gays Begin

Any European cultural movement will have a good chance of becoming de-facto law and globally recognized not only in the United States, but anywhere on the planet, even if war, murder, rape, and/or exploitation are needed to accomplish it. Homosexuality is the latest European cultural movement petitioning their European oligarchs to give them “race” status, as they did Zionist “jews.” As there was with “Jewish” Europeans (in the form of Hitler, etc.), there is resistance to this new homosexual European cultural movement from “conservative” Euro-Americans, Confederites, Catholics, and some evangelical Christian groups (Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, etc.).

Though the aforementioned groups make up a majority of the Euro-American population, it is two powerful allies homosexuals have that override this majority: Hollywood and the state-run media. Zionist “jews” are a small minority in European circles, but had the money, power, and influence to accomplish their agendas, resulting in the Balfour Declaration and several central banks that they control.

The watershed/turning point moment when the homosexual agenda became a forced mainstream item was when a blonde, “beautiful,” white woman was chastised by Euro-American media for, well, being normal. Former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, was reduced to persona non grata after she stated during a recent Miss America pageant that marriage is between a man and a woman.

The fact is since homosexual culture advocates like Mario Lavandeira, who also goes by the same name as a hotel heiress, gets more sympathy from media now than Ms. Prejean, signals that homosexuals can and will force their European oligarchs, as they did for “jews,” to do whatever they want them to do to accommodate the homosexual agenda.

A total of five U.S. states now allow men to be married to men, and women to women. Iowa, Vermont, and Maine changed their state laws or had court decisions that ushered in homosexual culture as a state norm this year alone. They even created an acronym, “LGBT,” to describe themselves. It started showing up in English-language books in the late 1990s and has exploded ever since. It was previously “GLBT” until the radical feminist sect within homosexual culture moved their “L” in front of the men’s “G.”

Charts updated December 1, 2020.

Homosexuals are also now referred to as a “community” and soon will be another Euro-created protected race, as are Jews.

Homosexual Culture Deeply Ingrained In Europeans

Homosexuals have also, in the same mold as all other European cultural factions, exploited non-Europeans to further their agenda. Homosexuality originated in ancient Greece and has been a fixture in European culture since. It was also prominent in the Roman city of Pompeii. Not only did male Greek hoplite soldiers have sex with one another (which is where homosexual bathhouse fantasies come from), but most Greek philosophers, including Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle, had very young boy sex toys as well, making them homosexual and pedophiles.

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Homosexuals will argue until they pass out in declaring homosexuality is a worldwide phenomenon and did not infect the world via European colonization.

They frequently use the example of Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum, two ancient Egyptian eunuchs who were allegedly attracted to one another, to justify their claim that homosexuality is natural everywhere. These two servants to the pharoah Nyuserre Iri (2458-2422 BCE), like virtually all other Egyptian royal servants, were eunuchs, thus asexual.

Gay Is New Jew

Homosexuals shamelessly and continually declare, as homo-Jewish actor Harvey Fierstein says, that for the United States to deny their “civil right” for men to have sex with men and marry one another is the same as the U.S. enslaving, murdering, raping, torturing, and nowadays maliciously jailing and murdering “blacks.” Homosexual culture has also usurped the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Loving vs. Virginia, which legalized marriage between all consenting men and women. The goal of the homosexual agenda is to continually compare homosexuality to race and ethnicity so homosexual culture is eventually spoken about normally as a race and/or ethnicity itself.

In this same realm of thinking, we can assume Fierstein would also equate his homosexual culture to his parents and other “jews” being burned alive, skinned, and raped by Adolf Hitler and his army during Hitler’s aforementioned power trip. Yet Fierstein and the rest of homosexuals would not directly, in print or otherwise, casually equate their Jewish/European “holocaust” to homosexual culture, as they do the 500-plus years and counting of systematic murder, rape, torture, and manipulation of black people.

Europeans desisted in exploiting their own people via indentured servitude by the mid-1700s and have changed their philosophy to solely trafficking and manipulating humans of non-European ethnicities not only as forced laborers, but monetary commodities and pawns in global social games. Nowadays in the United States, the reason illegal immigration is not strictly enforced is because European Americans need and want the cheap labor of non-Europeans (mostly Mexicans), so they do not have to clean their own houses or mow their own lawn, in keeping with tradition. The cheap labor is also essential for many small business owners.

The homosexual “community,” at least those seen in public forums, is solely and unequivocally a European community and agenda. There are of course “African Americans” and Latinos/Latinas who practice this European culture in the United States, just like there are black tea party members. These individuals, known as coons in black circles, yearn white acceptance and play along with homosexual culture to climb the social and career ladders in far-left white liberal circles.

Desperate black Americans have the opportunity to practice homosexual culture and become one of the primary tokens placed on a pedestal by white liberals to earn money and fame; simply for being homosexual. It is the same as buck-dancing coons parroting far right talking points for acceptance among that white faction.

Many non-European homosexuals vehemently disagree with the slavery and Jim Crow comparisons to homosexual culture, and some find it downright insulting. Homosexuals, like other European groups (CCC, GOP, etc.) may appoint and confide in tokens so they appear diverse. But nobody is falling for it, just as nobody believes Michael Steele or Sarah Palin (as a woman) has diversified the extremely Euro-male GOP. Democrats are the left-wing of white supremacy, while Republicans are the right wing of white supremacy; and there is no denying this fact.

Homosexual culture, just like Zionist “jews,” exists solely to influence, dictate, and conjure African and Latin history. Homosexual Europeans frequently use arguments like “African rejection of homosexual culture is a residual effect of European colonization.” This is a really poor and desperate reverse psychology attempt that is repeated in perpetuity and has become somewhat of a slogan for white liberals.

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You only need to read Fierstein’s letter above and listen to homosexual rhetoric to understand their level of discountenance and minimization of anyone who is not Euro-American and/or homosexual, similar to America’s GOP. White liberals (homosexuals) simply have better public relations people than their white supremacist counterparts on “the right,” so they appear sympathetic and inclusive through their PR magic shows.

Whether Europe and the United States will pick some arbitrary spot on the globe for a “Gayland” and force out the inhabitants already there may be a ways off (unless you count individual U.S. states that continually force homosexual culture onto its people). But the arbitrary creation of yet another European “race” is already upon us. Zionist Jews are nothing more than European/Turkish mutts who anointed themselves the “chosen people of God”; thus Europe gave these people “race” classification and their own country. Europeans in South Africa call themselves “Afrikaners,” which is also, laughably, a recognized race by Europe. Homosexuals cannot believe in Christianity or Judaism at all, being they live a Biblical sin. They now want the same race-classification privileges of other European cults.

Homosexual Will Soon Be The New “Jew”

Homosexuals calling themselves “the new black” is typical and from the same school of thought that all Euro-imperialists practice. They must degrade, belittle, and view “African Americans” as animals in order to gain full benefits and membership into protected cult status by European oligarchs. This 21st century push for homosexuality is yet another Euro-on-Euro war with non-Europeans, primarily black people, being the sacrificial pawns in the game. Spreading this culture to Africa and South America is part of the agenda, in order to weaken and emasculate the male populations there and reduce birth rates. These two goals make for easier manipulation of black and Latin people. Just like it is now unpatriotic and, to a certain extent, illegal to even question the “Jewish Holocaust,” Israel, or anything else Jewish, homosexuality is close to getting that same European divinity.

If “gay” was the new black, the Euro-media sympathy, government backing, and worldwide funding would not exist. Gay is simply the newest European cult to exploit black people for its own selfish, demented gain. The fact the term “black” literally means “dirty, foul, wicked, and evil” according to Mr. Webster and Oxford University, “gay” can be as black as it wants to be.

Homosexual culture is no different than any other European, power-hungry group or culture. Afrikaners, Jews, and now gays…the world is now used to this. 

We expect to be called “anti-semitic” and “homophobic” for not being “good niggers” and blindly adhering to and dignifying all Euro-rhetoric and culture. But this be America, and this is be expected.

Thanks to 30-year Israel Knesset member Shulamit Aloni for telling the truth about the term “anti-semitic.” It applies to “homophobic” too.

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6 thoughts on “Gay Is The New Jew, Not The New Black

  1. Heidi

    Mohammed bin Nukhaira Al Dhahiri, Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Auqaf (Endowments), advised parents to follow the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) that you are all responsible for your subjects. (The man is responsible in hishouse, for his wife and children). Therefore, he said, parents should play a major role in upbringing their children according to the teachings and tenets of Islam, and Arab and Islamic traditions.“Had parents ingrained these values and noble teachings and manners in the minds of their children, they would not have deviated and behaved in the strange ways that are rejected by mankind, and discarded by all human beings, irrespective of their religion or creed, race or nationality,” he said. “The ministry spared no effort in preaching Islamic teachings, while calling upon youth to follow the virtuous and abandon vice,” he said. Preachers at Friday sermons and Muslim scholars at mosques always preach and guide citizens of the country to do what is good and avoid what is prohibited. The ministry, he said, would continue its efforts in safeguarding the present and the new generations from being spoiled by the enemies of humanity and religion who are spewing venom through their acts, which are abhorrent to God and unacceptable in all societies. Al Dhahiri urged the youth to spend their leisure time in purposeful activities.“The path of corruption added to the loss of the soul destroys the present and future of the youth, for whom the government spares no effort in creating a bright future on the basis of the fact that they are the pillars of the future, and the nation has pinned high hopes on them,” the minister said. “There will be no room for homosexual and queer acts in the UAE. Our society does not accept queer behaviour, either in word or in action,” he angrily stated. “Our society, God willing, is safe from every evil, as the good earth always produces well,” he added.“The deviation of the youth who took on the role of women is a kind of blind aping and imitation of queer, abnormal groups, whose aim is to destroy all values and public manners and practice all kinds of vices,” said Dr Mohammed Twheel, a professor at the UAE University. Those deviated people have disobeyed Allah the Almighty, he said, and described them as disciples of Satan as they do what the devil orders them to. He said they did so because they are not God-fearing and find lust and enjoyment in disobeying God in the belief that they do something special and attract others to themselves. He called on society to protect the youth from blindly imitating Western values by letting fathers befriend their sons to find out what they are doing, thus saving them before they dive into sins. Universities, schools and social organisations should also play their role effectively by protecting the youngsters, and making them spend their leisure time purposefully. Dr Twheel called for the interaction of all segments of society to focus greater attention on the issue of homosexuality. “All resources should be mobilised to nip this evil in the bud,” he said.“The minority who practices homosexuality should return to their senses before this danger aggravates and spreads among our youth,” he warned.

  2. Minnie C.

    The “new” rhetoric coming from the gay community is them saying black people here in the USA and in Africa are hateful towards gays because they are acting like European colonists. I assume this is homosexuals’ reverse-psychology on black people. White people are always trying to tell black people their history. Give it a rest.

    Great website by the way.

  3. Page

    Nice article, very informative. I like your style. You are one of few black men (or Nubians as you say) who are not only highly intelligent, but courageous, strong, and the leader we’re looking for. I just gave a small donation too. Please keep it up.



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