Justice For Rodney Smith Jr.

The old Justice for Rodney Smith page is archived here. You can also download the Justice For Rodney Smith page on PDF here.

Many of you know Rodney as the “South Mountain Shooter.” His life changed forever on July 24, 2008 in South Phoenix, when he was forced to protect himself with his legally-owned and registered pistol from the same three men who broke his jaw eight months earlier. The days of the then-22-year-old working at UPS or as a security guard, while finishing up his associate’s degree, were over.

The four subsequent years would entail some combination of probation, county jail, house arrest, lojacks and/or work release. The living hell reached its peak in the summer of 2012. Rodney was arrested and on April 10, 2013, sentenced to eight years in prison (of course for a non-violent, victimless “crime”). Barring early release, he’ll be 36 when freed…enduring 14 total years of Planet Hell’s worst.

I lost my closest friend in Arizona because the Second Amendment, gun laws in general, self-defense statutes, “stand your ground,” and Castle Doctrines only apply to certain people. We know we’re living the Biblical Hell already Brother Rodney. We’ll all be free soon. Peace and love brother.


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