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UPDATE: Wilkins Habeas Corpus Part 2 and Sherle Flaggman’s Criminal [Ex]-Husband

UPDATED January 20, 2018: Maricopa County lawyer Sherle Flaggman placed on probation for a year by the Arizona State Bar.

UPDATED 6/29/2010: U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Aspey Recommends The Federal Courts Assume Jurisdiction If The Arizona Court Of Appeals Does Not Reverse The Illegal Conviction (see PDF of the ORDER here)

This in no way mean the federal district court will reverse it either, but it does, however, guarantee that I will finally get legitimate review of this malicious, illegal conviction. Now the Arizona Court of Appeals is kind of backed into a wall: they cannot simply “deny review” Read Entire Article

Phoenix Police Thug Brian Authement Rewarded With Paid Vacation; Councilman Michael Johnson May Face Charges

by Brian A. Wilkins
3/25/2010 (links, videos and photos updated September 22, 2019)

Phoenix Thug Cop Brian Authement (L) and Phoenix City Councilman Michael Johnson

PHOENIX — The cop thuggery world just set a new precedent. A black good Samaritan and neighbor was brutally attacked by a feral white cop. Said neighbor happens to be a city councilman and former cop. Guess which one is potentially facing criminal charges?

The incident occurred early last Friday morning, March 19. Phoenix City Councilman Michael Johnson discovered that his neighbor’s home was on fire. The fire department gave him permission to go … Read Entire Article

Maricopa County Thug Cops Adam Stoddard And Francisco Campillo Steal Attorney’s Files

UPDATED 10/31/2009: Hearing Is Actually On Wednesday,November 4

Tom Liddy, the attorney for the Sheriff’s Office in this case, tried to pull the okie-doke on AZCentral.com when he told them the hearing to determine whether thug deputy Adam Stoddard committed any crimes will take place on Thursday, November 5. According to the Superior Court website, the hearing is actually on Wednesday, November 4 at 1:30 p.m.

Meanwhile the entire surveillance video of thug Stoddard’s criminal acts are now available for viewing. Watch and see for yourself.

UPDATED 10/30/2009 3:35pm: Hearing Continued Until Thursday, November 5 For Decision

A Maricopa County Read Entire Article

Wilkins v. Donahoe: Petition for Special Action in the Arizona Court of Appeals

by Brian A. Wilkins
9/24/2009 (links updated November 3, 2018)

Those of you who have been following this persecution since the beginning, you know I filed a Petition for Post-Conviction Relief in the Maricopa County Superior Court. That petition, by law and by procedural guidelines, had to be decided by Maricopa County Judge Gary Donahoe and/or Teresa Sanders by September 1, 2009. Of course, in the tradition of Maricopa County court backwoods behavior, the petition was simply ignored.

Because Donahoe has violated Arizona statutes, and jurisdiction by the higher court can be accepted because of this violation of … Read Entire Article

Public Defender David A. Brown’s 2,630 Cases in 18 Months

by Brian A. Wilkins
6/16/2009 (links updated November 6, 2018)

No wonder at the court appearance that I was forced to endure Maricopa County public defender David Allen Brown “representing” me, he barely acknowledged my existence and simply offered a plea agreement without any knowledge of the case.

In an affidavit I filed in Maricopa County Superior Court in support of that “Rule 32” mess I have to exhaust before a federal judge can rule on this case, I noted that Brown, according to a human resources agent at the Maricopa County public defender’s office, has been involved … Read Entire Article

Federal Habeas Corpus Denied; Must Exhaust “Rule 32” Proceedings

by Brian A. Wilkins
6/9/2009 (links and photo updated November 3, 2018)

I argued in the federal habeas corpus (28 U.S.C. Sec. 2254) petition that exhaustion of Rule 32 proceedings would further violate my civil rights irreparably. The federal judge saw it differently today. They dismissed the petition until Rule 32 (Post-Conviction Relief) is sought in Maricopa County Superior Court.

I can appeal with the Ninth Circuit once this “Rule 32” stuff is exhausted. I can also appeal the district court judge’s decision not to accept the petition immediately with the Ninth Circuit. But I must … Read Entire Article

Rodney Smith Could Use Drew Peterson’s Lawyer

by Brian A. Wilkins

ORIGINAL LINK: http://blog.operation-nation.com/2009/05/19/rodney-smith-could-use-drew-petersons-lawyer.aspx

If only Rodney E. Smith Jr., the alleged “South Mountain Shooter” who Euro-American media was obsessed with for about three days after the July 24 incident last year, had millions of dollars or was a former thug cop.

Mr. Smith has been entangled in the Maricopa County justice system since that day he was forced to protect himself from the same attackers who jumped him and broke his jaw eight months prior. Not only does Maricopa County prosecutor Heather Wicht continue to arrogantly and comfortably violate Arizona’s conflict of interest statuteRead Entire Article

Maricopa County Attorney Is Violating Conflict of Interest Statutes

by Brian A. Wilkins

ORIGINAL LINK: http://blog.operation-nation.com/2009/01/26/maricopa-county-attorney-is-violating-conflict-of-interest-statutes.aspx

FACT: Maricopa County prosecutor Heather Wicht has been on the Rodney Smith (alleged “South Mountain Shooter”) case since the supervening indictment was issued in early August 2008.

FACT: Wicht was also the prosecutor for Rashad McCuin, Isaac Smith, and Leander Louis, the three men who were given plea bargains – BY WICHT – after viciously attacking Rodney Smith back in December of 2007.

FACT: Wicht and Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas are in violation of A.R.S. § 38-503, a class 6 felony.

There has to be a reason, other than obvious Read Entire Article

From Barbara Miller to Lynn Krabbe; Prosecutor Change Came At Peculiar Time

by Brian A. Wilkins

ORIGINAL LINK: http://blog.operation-nation.com/2008/12/21/from-barbara-miller-to-lynn-krabbe-prosecutor-change-came-at-peculiar-time.aspx

This is a tie-in to the “55 Days…” blog. If you’ve missed any entries, to view them all in descending order.

On October 1, for the first time since all this mess started, I finally had an opportunity to meet with the trial attorney (via the public defender’s office) who would be handling this case. This would also be the first time someone actually sat and listened to me, hearing the facts as to what happened the night of July 21.

Michael Ziemba, the public defender, showed me that latest plea offer … Read Entire Article