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Tempe Police Harass Resident Eleanor Holguin For Speaking Out About Chief

by Brian A. Wilkins


If Tempe Police goons are ordered by Chief Tom Ryff to designate this seemingly sweet, harmless woman a “hazard,” no telling what they’ll eventually try and do to my black ass.

CBS 5 (KPHO), which is the only television network in this city with a backbone, interviewed Ms. Eleanor Holguin a couple weeks ago after she called 911 to aid her elderly father. But instead of being greeted by friendly, helpful paramedics, Tempe Police thugs showed up, and the paramedics who showed up quizzed her before helping her. Here is the report:

As … Read Entire Article

San Antonio (TX) Police Thug Jason Rozacky Arrested For Assaulting, Stalking Ex-Girlfriend

by Brian A. Wilkins
8/30/2009 (links and photos updated May 15, 2019)

UPDATE May 15, 2019: Seems police thugs who escape prison for their criminal thuggery and cannot find other cop jobs to continue being feral pigs, move on to real estate careers.

Derek Colling, the Las Vegas police thug who murdered 15-year-old Tanner Chamberlain back on September 29, 2009, not only got another cop job in Wyoming and KILLED ANOTHER PERSON last year, but also works in real estate.

This POS Rozacky escape accountability for breaking into a woman’s house and assaulting her. Now this thug … Read Entire Article

Rockford (IL) Police Thugs Murder Unarmed Mark Anthony Barmore


The Eleventh Amendment strikes again. Nobody is surprised here, especially Ms. Maryann Barmore, Mark’s mother, who wondered why the Winnebago County grand jury issued this “slap in the face” decision one day before Christmas Eve. Police thugs once again have gotten away with murder.

Recently, a Seattle cop told the Seattle Times, “when will the horror end,” referring to a recent string of retaliatory targeted shootings in the Seattle-area over the past two months, which have left five cops dead and one still critically injured (none Read Entire Article

Oklahoma City Police Thugs Diron Carter and Michael McKethan Arraigned For Drive-By Shooting

UPDATED January 28, 2011: No surprise here. The two drive-by shooter cops got all charges dismissed and their only punishment is that they had to “resign.” This despite McKethan also being found guilty of insurance fraud. The thug damaged his Chevy Tahoe by throwing a cooler at it while arguing with his wife in 2007. He lied, said vandals did it, and got a $3,000 payout. His punishment for that – pay restitution.

Police thugs get away with everything. So arm yourselves and be ready anytime you encounter the thugs with tin-foil badges.


by Brian A. Wilkins
8/30/2009 … Read Entire Article

Ted Bundy: Seattle Police Advisor, Washington State Republican, and Serial Killer

by Brian A. Wilkins & Heidi S. Peterson
8/30/2009 (links, photos, and videos updated; and text proofread on November 23, 2018)

If you read some of the “mainstream” accounts of Ted Bundy, you would think rapist/murderer/Republican Ted Bundy was some sort of Heisman Trophy winning American sports hero, or a young, up-and-coming politician ready to run for President.

The first sentence in an article on regarding Bundy reads, “He was attractive, smart, and had a future in politics” (Note: this article now redirects to and doesn’t start fawning over Bundy until a little later Read Entire Article

Prosecutor Elizabeth Ortiz Takes Over Rule 32 Proceedings; Is On Same Tempe Board With Mayor Hugh Hallman

by Brian A. Wilkins

Coincidence? I highly doubt it. It is likely a combination of the fact rookie Maricopa County prosecutor Neha Bhatia filed a, for lack of better term, incompetent response to my Rule 32 Petition for Post-Conviction Relief; and the fact this new prosecutor assigned today, Elizabeth Ortiz, is on the board of directors for Tempe Preparatory Academies, along with Tempe mayor Hugh Hallman. Throughout this entire year-long persecution of my life and well-being, I have now have to endure the “services” of three Maricopa County public defenders (David Allen Brown, Michael Ziemba, and William Peterson), … Read Entire Article

City of Tempe, Police’s Motion To Dismiss Wilkins Federal Lawsuit Is Denied



PHOENIX — The City of Tempe has until August 20, 2009 to file a formal answer to pro se Plaintiff Brian A. Wilkins’ federal civil rights lawsuit after U.S. District Judge Mary H. Murguia denied Tempe’s motion to dismiss.

The lawsuit, filed in April, alleges the Tempe Police have policies, customs, and practices of race-based arrests and falsifying police reports, perpetuated by Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff, and violated Wilkins’ civil rights when they arrested him on July 22, 2008. Wilkins was arrested after his then-neighbor, Michael Arthur Wood, attacked Wilkins in his apartment at knife-point, … Read Entire Article