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Illinois State Police Thug Who Killed Two Sisters Finally May Be Fired

by Brian A. Wilkins
4/21/2010 (links and photos updated November 28, 2018)

Jessica (L) and Kelli Uhl; and police thug Matt Mitchell.

Ms. Jessica Uhl was 18, and her little sister Kelli was 13 when their lives were taken from them on November 23, 2007. All the while, the Illinois State Police killer cop who took their lives, Matt Mitchell, happily collected on his paid vacation…that is until last week.

Mitchell collected $160,000 in salary for sitting around on his fat ass for 28 months as a reward for killing these two young ladies. Illinois State Police are … Read Entire Article

Bella Vista (AR) Cop Brackney Charged With Manslaughter


NOTICE: There will be a memorial service for James Ahern in Omaha on Saturday 6/19/2010.

The memorial will be held at Creighton Prep Chapel, 7400 Western Avenue, Omaha, NE. The service starts at 10:00 AM. There will be time given during the mass for friends to get up and talk about Mr. Ahern. This service was set up by some of Mr. Ahern’s friends in Omaha since there was no funeral service there. All of Mr. Ahern’s friends, family, and supporters are welcome to join in celebrating his life.

by Brian A. … Read Entire Article

Martinsville (IN) Police Thugs Assault, Taser 10-Year-Old Boy

by Brian A. Wilkins
4/12/2010 (links and photos updated November 28, 2018)

Martinsville, IN police thugs William Jennings (L) and Darren Johnson

Parents may want to listen to this, especially if you live in Indiana: dropping your kid off at a daycare could result in said kid being assaulted and electrocuted by police thugs.

This is what happened on Tuesday, March 30, in the town of Martinsville, IN; about 30 miles southwest of Indianapolis. The town is known for being the home of basketball coaching legend John Wooden. It is also one of the more openly hateful, primitive … Read Entire Article

Rutland (VT) Police Thugs Caught On Tape Attacking Handcuffed Jamek Hart

by Brian A. Wilkins
4/12/2010 (links and photos updated November 28, 2018)

It seems every New Year’s Eve, a young black man is either murdered or assaulted by police thugs somewhere in this country (see Oscar Grant). This past celebration of the new year is no different.

It was at Jilly’s Bar on the early morning of January 1, when 26-year-old Mr. Jamek Hart apparently got a little too drunk  and started acting like drunk people do. Mr. Hart was outside the bar “flailing his arms” and “yelling” at police, according to the police report (which obviously must … Read Entire Article

Prairie Village (KS) Police Thugs Continue Withholding Information After Murdering Susan Stuckey

by Brian A. Wilkins
4/12/2010 (links and photos updated January 1, 2020)

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS —  Local police shot Ms. Susan L. Stuckey three times, once in the back, in her own apartment on Wednesday morning, March 31. Prairie Village cops claim that Stuckey, 47, was “acting erratic” and “made threats” against them with a weapon.  Today is Monday, April 12. No information has been released regarding this alleged weapon. It’s also unclear why this woman was shot three times in her own home.

Watch a report KCTV Channel 5 in Kansas City.


Police say they went … Read Entire Article

Southwest City (MO) Police Thug Brian Massa Murders Bobby Stacy


UPDATED 4/15/2010: Internet Forum For McDonald County Shut Down

In an area as tiny as McDonald County, MO, citizens have few forums and/or message boards to voice their concerns regarding the murder of Mr. Bobby Stacy by Southwest City (MO) police thug Brian Massa. Now it appears they have one less.

We were emailed a link to the McDonald County Forums (now defunct). It is a message board for members of the community. The murder of Mr. Stacy has been a hot topic, and apparently too hot. The administrator of the forum, who calls him/herself … Read Entire Article

“Arpaio Five”: Phoenix Protestors Pepper Sprayed At January Rally Face Different Obstacles

by Brian A. Wilkins


It is going on three months since five young people exercising their First Amendment rights were attacked by Phoenix Police, and forever had the course of their existences altered. There has, however, been some good news in the subsequent persecutions, which are now taking place.

All “charges” against Mr. Garyn Klasek and Ms. Claire Elizabeth Brock were dropped on January 29, after county prosecutors read the report drafted by obviously lonely Phoenix Police.


The report alleges that [I’m paraphrasing] Ms. Brock jumped on Mr. Klasek’s back and attached a chain from her waist … Read Entire Article