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Interracial Relationships Still Taboo in AmeriKKKa

Operation-Nation Report
1/30/2011 (links and photos updated January 5, 2020)

Interracial marriages, relationships are not ideal for black men in 2011. But they’re far better and more wholesome than this 21st century homosexual agenda and black men laying up with other men.

The topic of interracial relationships strikes a nerve in many peoples’ psyches. It’s a hot-button issue most would rather avoid. To truly understand this issue we must go back a few centuries. Antebellum times were the “good ‘ol days” for Euro-AmeriKKKans. White males raped enslaved Afrikan men, women and children with impunity.

State-run media CBS tried to turn … Read Entire Article

Arizona Whiteboy Supreme: Highly Coveted Position Now Up For Grabs

Maricopa County “Shurff” Joseph M. Arpaio now has competition in his quest to be inbred whiteboy #1 in Arizona. You decide.

Whiteboy Supreme1
by Brian A. Wilkins
1/30/2011 (links updated November 10, 2018)


It has now been proven not only in Arizona, but across the USA, that whiteboy paranoid rhetoric and actions can and will get you elected to public office on the Republican ticket or get you a raise or promotion at your current job.

Don Imus’ infamous April 2007 quip about “nappy headed hoes,” referring to the Rutgers women’s basketball team, got him a settlement Read Entire Article

Jeremiah Is Wright: State-Run Media Frightened At Growing Nubian Nationalism

by Brian A. Wilkins
1/16/2011 (last updated 2/8/2011)

Nubian Nationalism known as “racist,” “terrorist,” and “unpatriotic” to Euro-America…European Nationalism is known as “conservative.”

Jeremiah Wright
The Reverend Jeremiah Wright
State-run media have done a phenomenal job with the smear campaign of Reverend Jeremiah Wright over the past few years, labeling him with misnomers such as “terrorist,” “unpatriotic,” and “racist.” Euro-Americans have eaten this rhetoric up. Thousands of simple-minded black people, including President Barack Obama, have bought into it as well; some in an effort to make more white friends (and voters), others out of sheer ignorance and stupidity.

An 8-second snippet state-run … Read Entire Article

Homosexual Florida Cop Jonathan Bleiweiss Sexually Assaults Male Illegal Immigrants; Still Awaiting Trial

1/16/2011 (links and photos updated January 22, 2019)

UPDATED May 24, 2018 : Rapist homo cop Jonathan Bleiweiss continues getting preferential treatment.

It’s crazy not only how rapist cops get preferential treatment, but how white liberal rapist cops are supported and beloved by homosexual culture organizations. They get even more preferential treatment in the USA.

We searched the Florida Department of Corrections website. Nobody named Bleiweiss appears as an inmate. Thus he may have already gotten out of prison. Bleiweiss also does not appear in former inmate searches, so he may not have served a day … Read Entire Article