AZ D.O.C. “Interim” Director Charles L. Ryan Trying to Murder Anant Kumar Tripati?

By | January 12, 2010

LATEST ANANT TRIPATI appeal: Arizona Court of Appeals, August 29, 2018 decision.

UPDATED 1/15/2010: Ryan Accelerates Attempts To Murder Tripati…And Cover It Up

One day after Mrs. Kristnamma Tripati sent a letter to Governor Jan Brewer and the state legislature, ADC Director Charles Ryan seems to have ordered his goons to withhold food from Mr. Anant Kumar Tripati until he starves to death. Ryan will then tell media that Mr. Tripati was on a “hunger strike” to justify the murder. Mrs. Tripati wrote a second letter to the governor, also detailing how ADC employees are now stealing and destroying legal documents pertinent to Mr. Tripati’s continued appeals. Here is the entire text of Mrs. Tripati’s second letter to the governor.

January 14, 2010

Honorable Governor Brewer,

Immediately after I wrote to you to draw your attention to mistreatment by the AZDOC that almost killed my husband Anant Tripati 102081, Special Security Unit (SSU) Staff Murphy, Sgt. Turner and a female officer seized all legal documents (3 boxes) that my husband had, including confidential legal communications between my husband and his legal counsel. I can only assume that this was ordered by superiors in the AZDOC in retaliation for the letter that I wrote to you. SSU Murphy then went on to make copies of these documents and provided these copies to ADOC’s legal services without his authorization since the documents contained confidential legal communications between my husband and his lawyer.  My husband became aware of his missing documents when he was provided with a receipt with Officer Soto’s signature documenting that SSU Murphy and Turner had taken away his legal material.

To further aggravate the situation, instead of implementing treatments ordered by doctors, the AZDOC director Charles Ryan has ordered that my husband shall be treated as being on a ‘hunger strike’. According to my husband, threats were made by Deputy Warden Anna Jacobs, who told him if he does not eat whatever is provided, he would be segregated.

As stated in ADOC Department order 1101.13, it does not give the department Warden the power to determine these matters but sets forth a process that must be followed. Prison rule states only health service staff can make such decisions.

I request all originals and copies made by SSU Murphy to be returned forthwith to my husband and appropriate disciplinary actions be taken against SSU Murphy, Turner and others involved. Furthermore, I request this retaliation to stop immediately.


Krish Tripati

by Brian A. Wilkins

In a letter to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and several Arizona lawmakers, Mrs. Kristnamma Tripati is demanding her husband be given the medical treatment he needs to survive what appears to be an attempted murder by the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Mrs. Tripati is the wife of Mr. Anant Kumar Tripati, the man being held in a state prison because he discovered documents proving race-based law enforcement in Maricopa County back in the early 1990s. He was sentenced to 52.5 years in prison back in 1992, even though all the alleged “evidence” Maricopa County had against him has been completely debunked. And beyond this fact, Mr. Tripati was arrested in the early 1990s by Maricopa County attorney’s Richard Romley, Gunn McKay, and Donald Conrad when he was working and living in Los Angeles, CA; which is obviously out of the jurisdiction of Maricopa County; and county attorneys do not have the power to arrest anyone even in their own jurisdictions.

This past Saturday, Operation Nation learned from Ms. Aradhna Tripati, Mr. Tripati’s daughter, that her father’s blood pressure had dropped to 70/35, which is about as close a human being can get to being dead without actually dying. Then yesterday, we received a copy of the letter Mr. Tripati’s wife sent to the Arizona legislator, which puts the “Interim” Director of the AZ D.O.C., Charles L. Ryan, on full notice of his malfeasance, and frankly, his attempt to murder a man who holds the keys to a possible federal criminal investigation (or a revolution by the people, which is more likely) into the practices of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and the A.Z. D.O.C.

Charles L. Ryan (L) was named “Interim” D.O.C. director by Gov. Jan Brewer on Jan. 30, 2009
after former director Dora Schriro (R) followed former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano to
Washington D.C., working for Homeland Security. However, Dora the Explorer quit that job
after only a few months and is now the commissioner of the New York City D.O.C.

To quickly summarize the letter to the governor, Mr. Tripati’s wife confirms the obvious: that this Ryan character has been “outright deceitful” about Mr. Tripati’s condition and medical treatments, and that Ryan, “has incentive to be deceitful, as the behavior of him and his employees are the subject of complaints.” The letter further states that Mr. Tripati is being denied his special diet (which is a prisoner’s right), which is the cause of his declining health. A few other highlights from the letter are as follows:

-The Arizona D.O.C.’s obvious policy of destroying documents which incriminate them.

-The condoning of the use of death by overriding doctor’s orders, specifically by Corrections Officer Gene Greeley, as a tool of last resort for permanently covering up falsification of  evidence by the State Agents.

-The Arizona D.O.C. is “cowardly” for saying Mr. Tripati is “uncooperative” because he refuses to allow them to stick needles in him to allegedly draw blood (this sounds all too familiar to me…obviously there is no telling what these people will try and inject into Mr. Tripati).

Before all the Maricopa County and Arizona government apologists come to Intern Ryan’s defense, and accuse Mrs. Tripati of being out of touch, paranoid, or whatever other adjectives they may use, let’s look at who this Ryan character really is.

Those of you living in Arizona will remember the story of Marcia Powell, the 48-year-old woman who was left to cook and die in a Perryville Prison outdoor cage for over four hours without water or shade back in May of 2009 in 110 degree heat.

Marcia Powell. Photo by Gary Millard.

I realize that Ms. Powell is not very attractive, nor is she a dog or cat stuck in a tree. She’s just a human being who was convicted of prostitution. Thus few people, especially media and government, care about her. What makes her life even more important is the fact that Intern Ryan ordered the de-facto murder.

The Lumley Vampire (defunct), a blog run by current and former Arizona D.O.C. employees (and later covered by the Phoenix New Times), blew the whistle on Intern Ryan, reporting that Ms. Powell was actually alive when she was discovered inside the holding cell and transported to West Valley Hospital in Goodyear. It was Intern Ryan who ordered doctors at the hospital to pull Ms. Powell off the life-support machine a few hours after she arrived at the hospital. So people who believe this Intern thug Ryan will not murder someone are the same people who believe there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

And speaking of Iraq, it should also be noted that Intern Ryan was one of the top deputies under Terry Stewart, the former AZ D.O.C. Director from 1995-2002, when numerous complaints of inmate abuse by prison personnel were the subject of a 2004 press release from the office of U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, D-New York.

Terry Stewart

Stewart was one of several former prison officials chosen by the George W. Bush Department of Justice to rebuild Iraq’s prison system, including the infamous Abu Ghraib prison, after the United States invaded the country in 2003. And who can forget the sadistic, disgusting, purely evil, immoral pictures that surfaced from inside Abu Ghraib which led to several U.S. soldiers (but obviously no directors or commanding officers) being convicted of all kinds of crimes.

Intern Ryan is a disciple of Stewart, helped Stewart in “re-building” Iraqi prisons, and obviously gets off on torturing, raping, and murdering (or simply watching all the previous happen) people in his prison systems.

I assume Mrs. Tripati’s letter will be ignored by Governor Brewer and the state legislature, as these people all cover for one another and all are striving for higher paying positions with more power. I also realize many people just assume if someone is in prison, they deserve it, so will discount the true story of Mr. Tripati.

But for those who refuse to accept the obvious truths about Intern Ryan, his policies, and his training are part of what I call the blind patriotism in which tyranny depends on to work. Welcome to The USA, the land of blind patriots.


Anant Kumar Tripati, Maricopa County Race-Based Justice, and My Situation (updated 10/19/2009)

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    Out of the frying pan and into the fire . . . done any research on the new demon David Shinn? You’ve missed one of many recently, my friend Barbara Hudson, who had numerous complaints of chest pain to no avail of course. The night of her passing, officer gives cpr with tears in his eyes radioed medical who is less than a football field away took almost an hour to respond….that 52 minutes was too long for her to wait, know you are often subject of talks to anyone with a voice larger than ours. Stewart, Ryan and Shinn too, may the god you meet in your demise teach you all 3 good lessons in humanity, snakes wrapped in human skin! Sad you missed the other night Chuck….should have been a better shot….best of luck next time. Cheers!


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