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It’s “Common Knowledge” McCain is an INSANE, trigger-happy Bush clone

The video speaks for itself. Not only is GOP Presidential Nominee John McCain completely clueless as to the dynamics of the situation in Iraq and Iran, but he is being coached by a JEWISH U.S. Senator, Joe Lieberman, alleged Independent of Connecticut. In sticking with the Euro-American media’s obsession with “blacks voting for Obama,” “white women voting for Clinton,” and “white men voting for McCain,” to have a Jewish “white” guy COACHING our potential next President on affairs in Iran and Iraq is pretty scary. I don’t know who the guy to the right of McCain’s is, but he looks … Read Entire Article

Fox News, Euro-American Media Obsessed with Reverend Jeremiah Wright

by Brian A. Wilkins

Since Rezko and playing the “black guy” card failed to derail Senator Obama’s run, Reverend Wright is Euro-American media’s last hope.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright: If you’re out there and come across this blog, I must say I love you brother! Nubian American men and women whose words and actions cause shrinkage in the collective penises of Euro-American media bring tears of joy to my eyes and therapeutic smiles to my face. You are not the average, everyday annoying preacher type who reads directly out of a (allegedly) 2000-plus year old book which contains tales that … Read Entire Article

MY FELLOW AMERICANS: Vote “Yes” on abolishing Affirmative Action in November

by Brian A. Wilkins

Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and my current state of residence, Arizona will give citizens opportunity to strike down preferential treatment laws based on race and gender. Affirmative Action only masks the real problem in America.

Here’s a scenario:

22-year-old Amy just graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in engineering. She applied for a job at one of the largest computer software makers in the United States. She had several internships throughout her four years in college and is currently working part-time for a major internet service provider. She graduated with honors Read Entire Article


-True COLORS in this Presidential RACE showing as unprecedented run by Sen. Barack Obama continues. Muslim propaganda picks up more steam in Euro-American media, this time courtesy of Iowa’s own Steve King. Obama wins Mississippi and Texas Caucuses, CNN has projected.

-Also, Sharpton needs to shut up

-Eliot Spitzer: At least it was an of-age WOMAN

Has America really changed to the point that being “a black” is an “ADVANTAGE” to Obama in a Presidential Election? WOW! The United States has gone from Paul-to-Paula, with a new rack courtesy of Howard Stern’s boob doctor. 

In the latest “because he’s … Read Entire Article

Hasselbeck Questions Barack Obama’s Religion

The GOP mouthpiece on ABC’s “The View” cited a report done on Fox News, which continues its desperate attempt to tie Obama to Muslim “terrorists.” The new propaganda Fox News is pushing is the preacher at Obama’s church is “a racist.” Pastor Jeremiah Wright was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy.

This entry must be prefaced with “The View” is one of the best talk shows in Euro-American media which Operation Nation respects. Barbara Walters is a legendary journalist (sans the Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton coddling), and the rest of the women on the … Read Entire Article

United States continues harboring, aiding, and abetting radical Christian terrorists


Latest episode in South Carolina where radical Christian terrorists sell merchandise supporting their group. Radical terror group known as “the KKK” primarily targets “African Americans.” United States would never allow an al-Qaeda or Hamas gift shop because they target American and British white boys.

Inbred American, radical, Christian, European-descendant terrorists continue to enjoy the full protection of U.S. law enforcement, this time in South Carolina. The United States and the Bush-league, continue preaching to the world that terrorism is evil; terrorism is a threat to civilization; radical terrorism hit us on 9/11 (which is up Read Entire Article

Message Boards, Euro-American media continue belittling women and “blacks” for voting pursuant to color codes

The things you can read on message boards are better than any television show out right now. One guy on some board wrote Condoleezza Rice should be McCain’s running mate (which actually wouldn’t be a bad idea…but Condy has said running for office isn’t “in [her] genes“) because she kills two birds with one stone: “the dumb black vote and the dumb bitch vote.” I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea. Another wrote, “MISSISSIPPI blacks will be BURNING their way to the polls for a 70-30 Obama win next Tuesday.” Ok, just kidding, I made that one up. But … Read Entire Article

The Joke that is the Phoenix Suns

by Brian A. Wilkins

The beauty of blogs is that when you post something, it is forever embedded with a time-stamp somewhere on the web. I have said on numerous occasions the past four years that the Phoenix Suns would never win an NBA title with Steve Nash as their point guard. After last night’s 126-118 loss to Utah at home, which the Suns gave up an inexcusable 41 points in the 4th quarter, I’m calling it now: the Suns won’t even make the playoffs in 2008.

Let’s look at the facts here. Phoenix is now 18-18 versus Western … Read Entire Article