Rodney Smith Could Use Drew Peterson’s Lawyer

By | May 19, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins


If only Rodney E. Smith Jr., the alleged “South Mountain Shooter” who Euro-American media was obsessed with for about three days after the July 24 incident last year, had millions of dollars or was a former thug cop.

Mr. Smith has been entangled in the Maricopa County justice system since that day he was forced to protect himself from the same attackers who jumped him and broke his jaw eight months prior. Not only does Maricopa County prosecutor Heather Wicht continue to arrogantly and comfortably violate Arizona’s conflict of interest statute (a class 6 felony) in prosecuting this case, but she also requested and was granted a change of trial judge in the case back in August of 2008 (view page 1 and page 2 of the motion here), while Mr. Smith did not have a public defender assigned to him.

Yesterday the attorney for Drew Peterson, the former Bolingbrook (IL) Police thug charged with murdering two of his ex-wives, responded to the State of Illinois’ motion to change judges in that case. Here is his response.

Wicht waited for the right opportunity when Mr. Smith had no public defender assigned to him, to file this change of judge motion (though nobody really believes a Maricopa County public defender would have done anything about it anyway). George Foster is, judging from this picture from the Maricopa County Superior Court website:

Maricopa County Judges

one of only three “African American” judges in Maricopa County and more likely would have viewed Mr. Smith as a human rather than a “black killer monster” like far too many cops, prosecutors, and judges do. As Mr. Joel Brodsky, Peterson’s attorney, pointed out: Wicht and the State of Arizona “do not want to try this case on the merits” and that  “a motion by the state to change judges is almost unheard of.” Unless of course, there is malicious intent.

Though Wicht and Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas declared that the motion for a change of judge was not done “for race, gender, or religious affiliation” reasons, only someone with a below-50 IQ and Fox News could see this any other way. Operation Nation will be contacting the U.S. Attorney’s Office about possible criminal charges against Wicht and Andrew Thomas for knowingly continuing on in this case with a clear conflict of interest present.

In the meantime, Mr. Smith’s trial was vacated once again on May 18 and he now is enduring the “work” of a fifth different public defender (though Ms. Marci Kratter, his third public defender, is a true attorney who wants justice for her clients). This backwoods, Confederate Maricopa County system makes third-world country justice look like the standard all should follow. Smith’s mother, Michelle, was recently acquitted at trial of “obstructing justice” and “interfering with police” charges, stemming from that same July 24 incident. As Wicht’s case against Mr. Smith continues to unravel and she is continually exposed as a low-life prosecutor who will break any laws or ethics rules to better her cause (and cover herself since she is the one who allowed probation and minimal jail time for the thugs who attacked Mr. Smith in December 2007, than attacked him again eight months later), maybe this U.S. justice system will finally get something right. Prosecutors in Maricopa County, and all across the county, will continue doing these bush-league tactics because they know they are protected by Eleventh Amendment immunity from any sort of criminal or civil liability (in most cases). This is the same thing thug cops and judges hide behind. There is no accountability in the U.S. justice system, which is why it is the most corrupt in the world.

Mr. Smith has been on house arrest since October after posting a $16,000 bond. No further court dates have been scheduled for Mr. Smith at this time.

Click here for Operation Nation’s Justice For Rodney Smith page which contains updates and all the latest news about the incident at South Mountain Community College in Phoenix on July 24, 2008.

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