REST IN POWER Cyndi Whitmore

by Brian A. Wilkins
April 27, 2017 (updated April 28, 2017 12:04 p.m. Pacific)

I stopped everything in my life to create this page because the lovely, powerful, beautiful Cyndi Whitmore passed away on Wednesday. A mutual friend of ours informed me by phone and now I’m just in shock.

I saw a random post on Facebook in November of 2010 that asked if there was a videographer out there who could film a “Flash Mob  for Jobs” she was staging near Senator John McCain’s office in Phoenix. I answered, we became friends, and continued fighting injustices together on so many levels from that point forward.

What I love SO much about Cyndi is that she forced people (particularly white people) to have conversations that they were obviously uncomfortable having. Posting things like this was just who she was and why I loved her so much.

Cyndi lifted my spirits during the darkest times of my life; made me smile when nobody else could. She had the greatest personality, a great smile and was just a great woman. We laughed together, cried together. We certainly did not agree on everything and had some heated discussions at times. That’s what makes for genuine, lasting friendships. Cyndi I’m missing you already.

Cyndi was part of the Phoenix Restoration Project and was involved in Occupy Phoenix. She worked in the airline industry for the past 17 years. Cyndi was extremely well-read and could have an intelligent conversation with you about anything. She is survived by her four children.

Life is just so fragile. Hug your loved ones tonight. If you knew Cyndi, please leave a note in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “REST IN POWER Cyndi Whitmore

  1. Manuel Saldana

    One of the most genuine people I have ever met. I always felt good vibrations from Cyndi. One of the few people that would always have a smile once we saw each other. I loved how she would take her daughters to events and they would be close by doing their homework. You always live in our hearts and continue to inspire us. We miss you…

  2. Frank Miranda

    We have lost a diligent advocate for the needy. Working with her on a few issues was enjoyable, she always had a smile on her face. Rest in Peace Sister.. Frank Miranda

  3. Sandy

    May her spirit and memory continue to inspire. May more and more people hear and follow her calls to action.

  4. Kat Sinclair

    Cyndi Whitmore’s memorial service will be at Shadow Rock United Church of Christ on May 27th beginning at 2pm. Reception will follow in the church hall: 12861 N 8th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85029.


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