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Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff Commits Criminal Impersonation To Defraud Resident Eleanor Holguin’s Son

by Brian A. Wilkins

ORIGINAL LINK: http://blog.operation-nation.com/2011/09/28/tempe-police-chief-tom-ryff-commits-criminal-impersonation-to-defraud-eleanor-holguins-son.aspx

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“Coolo” cop Tom Ryff will no longer arrest Tempe citizens or place “hazard labels” on them in retaliation for speaking out in public forums about his frat-boy antics. He now will use his new internet cop to smear you and your family online.

A story was published on the Phoenix New Times website on September 12 entitled “Penile Hubris and Meth to Blame For Alleged Tempe Kid-Lurer Joseph Larosa’s Sexual Advances Towards Children?” The story is basically about a pedophile who was arrested for asking little girls if they wanted … Read Entire Article

Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff Still Has Skeletons In The Closet

UPDATED 5/16/2011: TEMPEPOLICECLOSET.COM Back Up and Running

It came back up sometime last week. After quickly perusing the site for any new information, it appears the 14-year-old kid/SEO engineer we said Ryff hired to try and hide his true self on the internet is named Justin McHood. He also created the rogue Eleanor Holguin website, which depicted her as some sort of crazy goon (the site has since been taken off the web).

by Brian A. Wilkins
4/20/2011 (links and images updated November 14, 2018)

ORIGINAL LINK: http://blog.operation-nation.com/2011/04/20/tempe-police-chief-tom-ryff-still-has-skeletons-in-the-closet.aspx

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Tempe Police Harass Resident Eleanor Holguin For Speaking Out About Chief

by Brian A. Wilkins

ORIGINAL LINK: http://blog.operation-nation.com/2009/08/31/tempe-police-harrass-resident-eleanor-holguin-for-speaking-out-about-chief-2.aspx

If Tempe Police goons are ordered by Chief Tom Ryff to designate this seemingly sweet, harmless woman a “hazard,” no telling what they’ll eventually try and do to my black ass.

CBS 5 (KPHO), which is the only television network in this city with a backbone, interviewed Ms. Eleanor Holguin a couple weeks ago after she called 911 to aid her elderly father. But instead of being greeted by friendly, helpful paramedics, Tempe Police thugs showed up, and the paramedics who showed up quizzed her before helping her. Here is the report:

As … Read Entire Article