Rockford (IL) Police Thugs Murder Unarmed Mark Anthony Barmore

By | August 30, 2009


The Eleventh Amendment strikes again. Nobody is surprised here, especially Ms. Maryann Barmore, Mark’s mother, who wondered why the Winnebago County grand jury issued this “slap in the face” decision one day before Christmas Eve. Police thugs once again have gotten away with murder.

Recently, a Seattle cop told the Seattle Times, “when will the horror end,” referring to a recent string of retaliatory targeted shootings in the Seattle-area over the past two months, which have left five cops dead and one still critically injured (none of the gunmen in these incidents were “cleared of wrongdoing”). The answer for Ms. Barmore, and ten of millions of other Americans affected by cop thuggery is, sadly, never.


The best part of Robin Babcox-Poole’s letter to the editor of the Rockford Register Star is this classic quote:

The suggestion that my husband, Officer Oda Poole, and Officer Stanton North followed Mr. Barmore into the church and day care with malice or ill-intent is unmerited. Wearing T-shirts that read “No Justice No Peace” and carrying signs reading “Jail the Killer Cops” and “The Whole System is Guilty” during a march in the “spirit of unity” is not constructive, peaceful, or unprejudiced.

Typical, and expected. The only thing this girl might be right about is Jesse Jackson being a useless opportunist (ok, I added the “useless” part myself). And the primary agenda of the NAACP nowadays is homosexual marriage (opportunity knocks). Her thug husband murdering Mr. Barmore is also “not constructive, peaceful, or unprejudiced.” I guess to Babcox-Poole, people should simply “have a dream” about not having the worry of police thugs murdering them and their families, and sing several verses of “we shall overcome.” Hope she and the killer are enjoying his paid vacation.

MyStateOnline also wrote about the letter


Rockford (IL) Police Thugs Oda Poole (L) and Stan North (R)

Thank you Operation Nation emailers, for once again, stepping up and helping expose yet more gangsters in blue. According to one blogger ( site is now defunct), this Oda Poole thug has “coincidentally” been involved in at least three other shootings of unarmed suspects.

Meanwhile, the Illinois State Police, today, agreed to conduct an independent investigation, which will at least the illusion of credibility to this entire process. We all know if Rockford Police were allowed to “police” themselves, the proverbial “it was a tragic event, but no policies were broken” spiel would be the end result.

The Barmore family had an independent autopsy done, which found the young man was shot once in the neck and three times in the back. Shooting someone ONCE in the back is murder…shooting someone three times in the back is premeditated, cold-blooded murder no matter how you slice it.

But again, as American citizens victimized by these Police State policies in our country, we’re left to wait and see what happens to the killers; which will still, likely, be a slap on the wrist.

by Brian A. Wilkins
8/30/2009 (links, images, and videos updated November 13, 2018)

Mr. Mark Anthony Barmore’s (pictured) leaves behind two young children who will now grow up without a father.

Thug Rockford (IL) Police Chief Chet Epperson told CBS2 in Chicago that 23-year-old Mark Anthony Barmore “fought for one of the officer’s service weapons” and was “wanted in two domestic disputes.”

Rockford police thug (chief) Chet Epperson.

However, witnesses to the shooting, Mrs. Sheila Brown and her daughter, Marissa, said Mr. Barmore surrendered with his hands up and head down, only to be shot at eight times, and killed instantly. Obviously, the police thugs are lying to cover yet another government-sanctioned murder of an American citizen.

Mr. Barmore, allegedly “wanted” by police, ran and hid inside Kingdom Authority International Ministries on August 24, 2009 after being spotted by police. The police thugs, whose names are so far being protected by Epperson, followed Mr. Barmore into House of Grace Day Care, which is housed inside the ministry. It is there that, again according to witnesses, Mr. Barmore surrendered, but was still murdered in cold blood by the police thugs. The killer cops were rewarded with paid vacations (“paid administrative leave”).

Since the murder, several protests on Rockford City Hall have taken place. But we know all these things lead to is Euro-American media message boards being filled with “Sharpton this,” “Jackson that,” and “he was a criminal; he deserved to die” comments. The good news is that a surprisingly bi-partisan effort, which includes Winnebago County Attorney Joe Bruscato; Sen. Dave Syverson, R-Rockford; State Rep. Chuck Jefferson, D-Rockford; and State Rep. Jim Sacia, R-Pecatonica are all calling for an independent investigation of the murder.

It is much more likely for thug cops to be convicted of murder when they are not allowed to police themselves. But the reality is it’s still a long shot. Regardless, if Jesse Jackson is only in Rockford for camera time (which is likely the case), he needs to leave and simply book appointments with Fox News and other Euro-media who want him on their airwaves for his 1960s, outdated, pathetic B.S.

A quick note to all cop-suckers and thug cops: just because someone runs from you doesn’t give you the green light to murder them. If that’s the case, the next time a thug cop bothers me while I’m driving and minding my own business, than I guess I can shoot them for disturbing my day. The way police thugs arbitrarily shoot, Taser, and rape people nowadays, how can you blame any American citizen from running from these terrorists.

Operation Nation will do our best to get updates on this story. Our thoughts are with Mr. Barmore’s children and family.

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20 thoughts on “Rockford (IL) Police Thugs Murder Unarmed Mark Anthony Barmore

  1. Me

    You are quick to quote the “witnesses” but not to mention how the stories don’t match up…even with the coroner’s report. It is very sad that he died and now his children will grow up without a father, but wait until the investigation is over and all of the evidence is laid out before automatically assuming that the so-called “thug” police officers involved did anything but what they were trained to do.

  2. Kim

    The two accounts, that of the witnesses present & that of the police, are quite conflictiong to say the least. How is it that they differ so greatly? Somebody’s lying & my guess is that its the police. It seems highly improbable to me that an unarmed victim would try to wrest a gun from an armed police officer unless he had a death wish. These incidents of Black males being outright murdered by police officers are becoming more & more prevalent & unless addressed will lead to a modern day race riot of great proportions. This problem of police abuse/ misconduct re the Black community is institutionalized /systemic & too entrenched in our culture to be resolved over a beer. How can you defend, justify shooting an unarmed man in the back, not once, but three times? How much more evidence do you need? Do you recall Amadou Diallo, unarmed & shot 41 times by police? Sean Bell was unarmed & shot over 50 times by police. Rodney King was beaten senselessly by police & all on tape, yet an all White jury found police innocent of any wrongdoing. The list goes on & on! This is unconscionable & can’t continue to be tolerated!

  3. K Ranee

    This is uncalled for! If my child was in that daycare, I wouldn’t fear for their safety from the police, I fear for their safety from the criminal that was wanted by the police and ran into a building full of INNOCENT children. He wasnt innocent. Now Jesse Jackson is here stirring up more problems, now instead of an independent investigation it wont matter what the Feds uncover because unless its that the cops were wrong, there will be a riot. Mainly because of people like you who host these websites and persecute people on the slimmest of facts and public opinion. The witness stories have changed numerous times, if it happend the way you seem to believe it did than the coroners report must be a fabrication as well. I’m tired of my city being torn apart because a white cop did something to a black man. It doesnt have to be about race. He was a criminal who ran and hid amongst innocent children. Not a single person outside of the suspect was injured. Our police officers have a difficult job, and if there was wrong doing, it will be uncovered, although its not convicting the police Im worried about, thats already been done. Its if they are telling the truth and are found innocent. THUG COPS? What do you know about our police force or our city? Words are powerful, and stirring up the hate pot helps NO ONE!

  4. blackrokres

    Please, K Ranee. Tell them about the three people they tased to death in less than a year. Cops here are giving dome shots to unarmed men. Jumping on top of cars like they are in hollywood and then saying they are being run down to justify killing them. I live here and if u crawled out of your racist cop defending little hole u might see the light. He was wanted on a misdemeanor as were every other person the police have shot/killed here lately. Remember when Officer Rice (who was black) was killed here a few years ago? They solved that murder in less than twenty-four hrs by pinning it on William Buck. People here (black people) always said the cops did it but people thought we were crazy. Why then are the FBI re-opening that case? Even some police hate POOLE, that is why THEY leaked his name to the media when the Chief was trying to protect his identity.

  5. blackrokres

    I don’t know who K Ranee is, but she is lying also. Probably didn’t think any Rockford residents would hit this website. The coroner won’t even admit how many times or where he was shot on his body, let alone release her report. And the witnesses have never changed their stories. In fact, when the police tried to question them, they told them to look at the statement they made to the media because nothing has changed. The only reason YOU know he was shot in the back three times is because Jesse Jackson told u and everyone else after he visited the funeral home. The coroner aint said jack so how can the witness statements differ from her report? Stop lying to these people.

  6. Duquan Rivers

    You say you want to prevent future tragedies… You can prevent future tragedies by getting out the message to stop running from the police. When a thug runs into a daycare center knowing he is being pursued by armed police, he is putting our children at risk. He has no regard for other people’s safety, especially our children. When he then struggles and tries to grab a cop’s gun, he might just as well put a gun to our children’s’ heads himself. It is a miracle that he is the only one shot due to his outrageous behavior. But considering he is wanted for several domestic violence charges, that speaks volumes about what kind of man he was. We would be best served by our NAACP if it would pick its battles wisely and with a bit more discernment.

  7. Traci

    Your words regarding Mr. Barmore’s innocence is the very reason he is dead now. Your idea that because someone has been accused that automatically makes him guilty and therefore expendable. Mr. Barmore had a right to a trial. The law states that any person accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by his peers. On that day these two white cops went beyond the scope of the duties charged to them and became his court of law, his jury of peers (which they definitely are not), and his executioner all at one time. They do not have the right to kill a man, PERIOD. They should be trained to defend themselves from an unarmed man without resorting to deadly force. If they are not, they should be removed from the force at least and charged with murder at best. We may not know about your police or your city but we do know what it is to be black and hated in a country that was built on the backs of our ancestors. Words are powerful, but bullets are deadly. How, my dear, is it okay for people to hate us and kill us, but wrong for us to hate the them who rape, wrongfully incarcerate, intentionally under educate, and with deadly force obliterate our people. The “hate pot” has already boiled over dear and it wasn’t african americans that turned the boiler on.

  8. Carl

    Until we start to take things into our own hands and execute each and every one of them for taking innocent mens lives..there will be no justice. They dont understand the racism and tension that ppl of other cultures endure at the hand of racist bigots who only need the slightest of stimuli before trying to prove who’s more man. All they see is, they were cops that look like me..therefore they are innocent. Had the scenario been reversed you better believe that the black officers would not be sitting in their homes right now enjoying the luxuries of freedom. The luxuries of life…that Mark Anthony Barmore can no longer enjoy. I would hv ran too had I felt like I was going to be assassinated..anywhere that I considered safe. He didnt have a record of molestation, or child abuse so save your huffs and your puffs..those children were fine. If unsafe, it was due to the renegade rogue cops who pull their guns out at the drop of a dime on a “criminal” that is running AWAY. They will always make excuses for their own regardless of right or wrong, admittedly we will do the same. Key difference we arent out murdering their young men, but they are murdering ours. I agree. Fuck Jesse Jackson. We need a new sheriff, someone who is willing to go to battle in the war against black men..sparing no costs until this shit ENDS. Trust, as soon as they feel their small piece of “American pie” is being infringed upon, they’ll start to listen and pay attention. No more, dont stand for anymore!

  9. AuntieB

    K. Ranee, I know Rockford. I know the system in Rockford. I also know the attitude in Rockford that rains forth the stench of class and racial prejudice.

    Poole’s actions not only killed an unarmed man. He desecrated a place of worship and traumatized children.

    If it had been in a synagogue or mosque, the members may have required that Poole be immediately terminated if for nothing more than desecrating their place of worship.

    Rev. Jackson stirring up “more” problems??? Well, someone with sense and education needs to come to Rockford and give people the courage they need to speak up to end hateful, and discriminatory practices in this city.

    The Rockford police department has gotten away with murder by painting their victims as people deserving of death. Sue Fidducia, the Winnebago County Coroner, could come up with nothing other than an attempt to impugn Rev. Jackson’s credibility by alleging he is not a medical professional.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to count to three and know a back from a chest, but Sue would want us to believe otherwise. That type of insult to intelligence that speaks volumes.

  10. Rock-man

    You claim he KNEW he was going to be assassinated and that is why he ran…..and the first place he decided to run to was a building with children inside??? Hiding behind children??? That alone shows his character. The witnesses who claimed he was unarmed and gave himself up were also black, who’s to say they are not racist and were looking to “protect” the dead man and “punishing” the white cops? And at some point someone on this board brought up Officer Rice, a black cop who was murdered a few years back…he also was referred to by both whites and blacks in the community as a “dirty cop.”
    And if you feel there is hatred towards blacks in this town, keep in mind most, if not all, murders in this town are black on black…rare to see white on black or white on white.
    Let’s face it, innocent people do not have an instinct to run when they see a cop pull up….you can try to say it’s because they fear racism, but we are talking about gut instincts, not thoughts or ideals. Even his FAMILY is not saying it was racist and they are the ones who should have the most hate towards the police.

  11. Brian

    Verdicts are either “guilty” or “not guilty”. “Innocent” is not a valid verdict. “Innocent” and “not guilty” do not mean the same thing.

  12. MrsFinest

    i really hate rockford and all the little towns around rockford… white prejudice racist fucked up honky ass bitches….those trailer trash white lee of humans think they rule the world….wake up call dont and thats why i fuck one up every time i see one

  13. jermaine

    Whether they are wanted for something severe like murder or less severe like domestic violence, all criminals should be given ample time and opportunity to escape capture. I mean come on, what kind of message would we send to the rest of the populace if they started to realize that cops were no longer giving them their due right to escape and evasion???

  14. Orville

    Justified. Yes! That dereliect is answeing to his sins in hell. I love Rockford. The really put Barmore in his place. No more gangbanging.

  15. MissJustice

    MrsFinest, you sound like a disgusting, uneducated lowlife, I just want you to know that. If you’re going to be a racist bigot, at least learn how to write a sentence and spell. You’re the epitomy of what racist whites think of as a black sterotype. But then again, the stereotypes are always the first to complain, right?

    These cops should be looked at by an independent agency, HOWEVER, you all are attacking every cop and you sound real stupid. I hope none of you ever need 911…

  16. Keri

    When I was 15 yrs old I was at my boyfriends house. His brother stole a car. Police officer North showed up at the house and grabbed my boyfriend and slammed him on the ground. I put my hand around his arm and said sir this is not the man its his brother,I was only 15 115 pounds.North slammed me on the ground so hard I seen stars.I also was arrested. Downtown he apologized and we were let go.But I have to say it was very uncalled for.For many years I got to know him better.He showed up at a break in at my home, and I seen him many times out when he was riding his bike.He is a very nice guy.But from the reaction I got from him that day, I don’t think it would of taken much for him to pull a gun out and shoot.Its not just these two cops,its all cops.Last year someone broke into my friends home,a neighbor called my friend at work,he then called the police and said please wait for me tocome I have a puppy rotweiler in the basement don’t go down there I will be there in 3 minutes.He worked 3 blocks away. Right away the cops went to the basement and as soon as the cops opened the door the puppie got excited and jumped up on the cop and he shot the puppy in the chest.This is uncalled for.Barmore had a record but he did not have a weapon..
    You can shoot a person in the leg or use a stun gun there is no reason TO KILL….I now publish a newspaper called the Rockford Bi Weekly Saver..If anyone would like to write anything Call 815-708-8541

  17. disgusted

    I have read some very ignorant comments on this page. I am white and am by no means a racist. I, unlike many of you, believe all God’s children were created equal. Having said that, i’ve noticed some of you who claim to be affected by the white man’s racism, are quites racist yourselves. News 4g lash people, not everything that happens in this universe is based on white or black. I’m sure plenty of hispanic males have been shot and killed by white and black officers, yet the hispaniccommunity doesnt automatically pull the race card. White criminals have bern shot by black officers, i’ve never yelled “racism!” And howcome when white cops are killed by black men almost daily in this country, the criminal is a suspect at best, but never a racist? Grow up people. Not everything in this world is related. COLOR DOESN’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. And if you all are so quick to judge the police on their actions and the way they do things, I wecome you to put on a uniform andcome help change this country. Until you do that, don’t judge others while you sit thousands of miles aways.


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