Tempe Police Harass Resident Eleanor Holguin For Speaking Out About Chief

By | August 31, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins

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If Tempe Police goons are ordered by Chief Tom Ryff to designate this seemingly sweet, harmless woman a “hazard,” no telling what they’ll eventually try and do to my black ass.

CBS 5 (KPHO), which is the only television network in this city with a backbone, interviewed Ms. Eleanor Holguin a couple weeks ago after she called 911 to aid her elderly father. But instead of being greeted by friendly, helpful paramedics, Tempe Police thugs showed up, and the paramedics who showed up quizzed her before helping her. Here is the report:

As the report says, Ms. Holguin is a lifelong Tempe resident, which means she likely went to Tempe High School at the same time police chief Tom Ryff and/or Mayor Hugh Hallman did. I assume this “hazard” label is a built-in excuse Tempe Police thugs use so they can show up at some “undesirable’s” home, open fire on them, then justify the murder by saying, “the person was a ‘hazard’ and they posed a danger to our officers.”

I admire Ms. Holguin for not only actively speaking up against low-life Ryff, but for displaying a snarky swagger in declaring she is not afraid of Ryff or the Tempe Police. This woman has no ill-will against police in general, but simply wants a non-adulter, non-lying chief to head the Tempe Police Department.

It is understood in these parts that Ryff gained the moniker “Teflon Tom” because nothing ever stuck to him. I can see why. Ryff, unlike other lying cheating public officials, continues unabated to collect his $160,000-plus annual salary and hold his position as police chief with little public repercussion. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is being pressured to resign by many people because of his affair, and Nevada Senator John Ensign resigned from his GOP leadership post after his affair. Must be nice to have a boss (Mayor Hallman) who is your homeboy from high school and a City Manager (Charlie Meyer) who is an outsider from Virginia Beach, so he can be pushed around.

Thank you Ms. Holguin for keeping it real.


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