Prosecutor Elizabeth Ortiz Takes Over Rule 32 Proceedings; Is On Same Tempe Board With Mayor Hugh Hallman

By | August 19, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins

Coincidence? I highly doubt it. It is likely a combination of the fact rookie Maricopa County prosecutor Neha Bhatia filed a, for lack of better term, incompetent response to my Rule 32 Petition for Post-Conviction Relief; and the fact this new prosecutor assigned today, Elizabeth Ortiz, is on the board of directors for Tempe Preparatory Academies, along with Tempe mayor Hugh Hallman. Throughout this entire year-long persecution of my life and well-being, I have now have to endure the “services” of three Maricopa County public defenders (David Allen Brown, Michael Ziemba, and William Peterson), and now a total of four Maricopa County prosecutors (Barbara Miller, Lynn Krabbe, Bhatia, and now Ortiz).

This change of prosecutor comes, again, at an eery time. The City of Tempe has until Thursday (August 20) to file an answer to my federal civil rights claim, and a Maricopa County judge (whomever it may be) has until Monday, August 24 to decide whether to dismiss my Rule 32 petition, set a hearing, or grant relief (at least according to Rules of Criminal Procedure; which I’ve learned mean nothing in this county). Of course I fully expect the petition to be dismissed, at which time I can appeal to the Arizona Court of Appeals, which would finally exhaust all these state remedies; at which time a federal judge can then review the case.  

I assume I’ll be murdered by either Maricopa County goons, Tempe Police goons, or one of their sympathizers each and every day I wake up. They just better hope they get me the first time. Meanwhile, Maricopa County was served a summons today in my federal civil rights lawsuit against them as well.

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