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Passaic (NJ) Police Thug Joseph Rios III Attacks Unarmed Man

UPDATED September 30, 2009: Thug Rios Indicted

The Passaic, NJ Police thug is now facing aggravated assault and official misconduct charges. The indictment is a definite victory for American citizens, but its still a long shot to see this sorry bitch ass punk serve five-plus years in prison. But we’ll keep an eye on it.

by Brian A. Wilkins

Passaic, NJ police thug Joseph Rios III.
Photo courtesy of Mike Derer/AP

Punk thug Passaic, New Jersey cop Joseph Rios III created a new “crime” to supplement the already well-known federal “DWB” statute. Thug Rios made 49-year-old Ronnie Holloway, … Read Entire Article