Bruce Jacobs Leaves KFYI

By | June 11, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins
6/10/2009 (links updated January 24, 2019)

Bruce Jacobs, the man I still refer to as my favorite Republican, is now the “former” NewTalk 550 KFYI morning show host.

Bruce Jacobs
Bruce Jacobs

I worked for Clear Channel Phoenix for several months from 2007-08. I mostly worked for Xtra Sports 910 and NewsTalk KFYI. The job wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Bruce. He gave me an unexpected endorsement to the Clear Channel big-wigs. Bruce commanded respect because he always said exactly what was on his mind about anybody at any given moment (including Clear Channel management and dead cops’ wives).

Bruce and I disagreed on about 40% of all issues. Barry Bonds and Michael Vick were our primary jousting subjects. But we agreed on more important stuff, such as tougher immigration enforcement without the thug tactics of Joe Arpaio. Bruce opened my eyes to the ultimate money-making deception known as “global warming.” Granted there is likely some cyclical climate shift happening as we speak. But all “global warming” has done thus far to damage our planet is make Al Gore a worldwide celebrity. Bruce gets credit for teaching me about that.

Bruce is an example as to why people only caricature those they don’t know, and those they know nothing about. Before my employment with Clear Channel, I thought Bruce was a pompous, arrogant prick on the radio. It’s harder to view someone in a negative light when you know them personally. That’s also why more “Black” judges and police are needed. Bruce said some things that made me cringe a few times. Meanwhile I’m sure I’ve written things he thought were completely foolish and borderline “racist.”

The bar is low when it comes to evaluating Republicans. They hate “Negroes,” and that’s not going to change, All I seek is simple acknowledgement of the fact that many Euro-Americans (both GOP and liberals) go out of their way to destroy and manipulate Black people.

Bruce called out Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon for screaming “racism” about Arpaio’s immigration tactics. A Phoenix cop was killed by an illegal alien on September 8, 2008.

Meanwhile Gordon has always encouraged racism against Black people while codding illegals. Gordon has always hated me. Skip to the 1:45 mark if you only want to see me. But I suggest watching the whole clip…updated May 2010.


All of the foregoing convinced me of Bruce’s good intentions. His beef was with illegal aliens killing cops…not a “Mexican” killing a cop. Republicans and “African Americans,” ideologically, have a lot in common – immigration enforcement, pro-2nd amendment, civil unions only with homosexuals, anti-abortion, etc. But the Confederate wing of the party makes it a joke to a vast majority of Black people. In fact, many Black folks view the GOP as the modern KKK.


The point is that the differences between myself and Bruce were negligible. We always respectfully discussed and debated controversial issues with me. Bruce also used to debate liberal callers on the show, despite knowing that their arguments were in bad faith from the beginning. He’s a good dude.

Bruce and Clear Channel Director of Programming Smokey Rivers are invited to my wedding if I get married anytime soon. I assume (though I haven’t spoken to him in over two years) Bruce is going to focus solely on his national Fox Sports show and/or maybe on his woman. Say what you want about the man. But I consider him and Smokey my friends.

Thanks for everything brotha, and I’ll see down the road.

5 thoughts on “Bruce Jacobs Leaves KFYI

  1. david k

    You can heap praise on this guy all you want, but he does nothing but damage to this country by spouting his hateful speech on every show. I have had the misfortune of trying to debate this guy thru emails, but he doesn’t have the mental capacity to form a coherent argument. When I shoot his argument full of holes with facts and logical arguments, he resorts to name-calling, just as he does on his show.

    He just does what all the other right-wing talk show hosts do: demonize factions of the left (gays, unions, etc.) only he’s more rude and crass about it than most of the others. He is not interested in thoughtful dialogue and insightful discussions on the issues. He’s just a “shock jock” that tries to boost ratings by being deliberately controversial. Maybe that’s the only smart thing he’s doing to keep himself employed, but evidently that shtick only worked for so long since he’s out of a job now. The media claims it was “mutual”, but how many “mutual” partings like this really happen? It’s more like KFYI was tired of this guy and was going to ask him to leave, and he agreed to do so theoretically with a shred of dignity intact, so it wouldn’t look like he was canned.

  2. Travis D

    Bruce is who got me into talk radio. If it wasn’t for his energetic show with a lot of discussions on things that matter, I was hooked. Bruce was straight forward in his views and opinions. Good for him, he is an inspiration and the chances of me continuing to listen to KFYI have dropped. Thanks to Bruce and Karilyn’s endorsement of Peoria Pontiac GMC, I bought a GMC Sierra from them. Sadly, with Obama turning GM into a government run company, I’m going to probably buy Toyota again. But thanks Bruce, for all the you have educated me with. Thank you for getting me into talk radio and helping to get me more involved with politics. Thank you to both you and Karilyn for speaking about Peoria Pontiac GMC so I could have the truck of my dreams.


    What in the hell are you doing ? You keep YOUNG on the air and AX Jacobs
    ANY LONGER – You have turned on your
    listeners – IDIOTS

  4. AZben

    The KKK was a southern organization not a northern. The Democrats have controlled the south for the last 150+ years at the national and local level. The Republican Party was created out of the anti-slavery movement in the 1800s. So how come everybody calls the party on individual rights and responsibility racist? Not to say that there are no racist in the Republican Party but to say all are racist is the same as saying all Blacks are Librals.

  5. JohnnyRussia

    Good riddance to gasbag Bruce Jacobs!!! This hateful Hannity/Limbaugh mimic was a waste of airtime and a flat-out tool.

    I e-mailed him once, and his reply was juvenile, angry and non-sensical; just like his show.

    Go to hell, Bruce Jacobs. You’ll be right at home.


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