Charges Dropped Against Rodney Smith Sr.

By | June 9, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins


In yet another blow to Maricopa County prosecutor Heather Wicht’s quest to destroy the lives of the entire Smith family, Rodney Smith, Sr., the father of alleged “South Mountain Shooter” Rodney Smith Jr., had all charges dropped against him in connection with the July 24, 2008 incident. Michelle Denise Smith, Smith Jr. mother, was acquitted at trial in April on charges of “interferring with police.” Smith Sr. had been on house arrest since being released in September from the Maricopa County Jail in connection with the charges.

Wicht, along with her boss, Andrew Thomas, continually tried to convict Smith, Sr. of any charges they possibly could to cover their malfeasance. Wicht offered Smith, Sr. a plea agreement which he would spend two years in prison. It was rejected immediately. Smith, Sr.’s trial was supposed to take place this week on charges of “intimidating a witness” after Phoenix police said he “made a threatening gesture” at the crime scene. Today, Wicht offered a second plea agreement, which Smith Sr. would be sentenced to probation, which he also rejected. Wicht, who is illegally prosecuting Smith Jr.’s case as well, finally conceded defeat and dropped all charges this afternoon, knowing the case was frivolous from the start.

Smith Sr. will have the ankle monitor Maricopa County forced him to wear for the past 10 months, removed this afternoon. Meanwhile, Smith Jr. will not be back in court until late July.

Click here for the JUSTICE FOR RODNEY SMITH page, containing all the latest on the case, and all the happenings since the July 24, 2008 incident.

One thought on “Charges Dropped Against Rodney Smith Sr.

  1. where's the justice

    this kids family needs to sue the pants off of the people who continue to perpetuate these injustices! First they let these guys who brutally attacked him off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.Then of course these same thugs attack him again & he is forced to defend him self. now as a result of the state failing to punish these violent criminals. this kid & his family is falsely charged & forced 2 endure countless hours trying 2 defend there freedom this whole situation is completly unjust for him & his family I hope these people are able to hold maricopa county civily liable for misappropiating justice I’m sure they have caused this innocent family so much turmoil.


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