Oakwood (TX) Police Thug Who Tasered His Wife Indicted For Felony Assault

By | June 30, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins
6/30/2009 (links and photos updated July 4, 2019)

Former Oakwood (TX) Police Thug Oly Ivy, was the only officer and Chief of the small town police force.

OAKWOOD, TX — This clown’s activities could even make two of his close counterparts, Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff and Former Creston, Iowa Police Chief James Christensen, blush.

Former Oakwood (TX) police thug Oly Ivy was fired from his position in April after being arrested for allegedly tasering his wife multiple times with his city-issued torture toy. Ivy had only been “chief” of the town’s one-man force since February – for two months. The town’s city council voted unanimously to fire him the night of the arrest. An indictment was handed down last Thursday, charging Ivy with “aggravated assault/family violence,” a Class 2 felony.

The victim of this thug’s crimes will have a strong, cognizable legal claim against the town of Oakwood. The city failed to run any sort of background check on Ivy before handing him a job with great responsibility, being he was the one and only face of the city’s law enforcement department. Ivy had been charged with domestic violence in Portsmouth, OH in December of 2003. The case was dismissed when the victim didn’t show for court. Ivy also had a very unstable work history. Ivy, 30, has been in law enforcement for seven years, for six different police departments in that time period. Oakwood city council members are blaming a Texas law enforcement commission for failing to run a background check.

Regardless, it looks like this clown will not be able to hide behind any sort of qualified or quasi-judicial immunity. I wish the victim a speedy recovery. She can also get solace in the fact it likely won’t be long, during Ivy’s prison stint, that he will get to feel what its like to be tasered himself.

UPDATE December 14, 2009: Victim of Ivy’s crimes objects to plea offer for him

3 thoughts on “Oakwood (TX) Police Thug Who Tasered His Wife Indicted For Felony Assault

  1. Pamela Patterson

    I was also harassed by this poor excuse of Law Offical…I really have a Civil Rights Case and should look into the statue of Limitations…All happened because I would not rent my Mobile Home to one of his Deputies Per his Order….He was a Real Creep.

    1. Wendy Hewett

      Hi Pamela,

      We’re you ever able to bring a case against Oly Ivy? I too can personally attest to his demoralized character, and lack of good or sound judgment, as well as his demonstrative misuse and abuse of power.

  2. Pamela Patterson

    Oakwood Texas is full of People with fake certificates like the wanna be Mayor…This Police Chief was brought in through a Friend of the mayor…She is one of the worst Bigots I have ever met….. That whole Family is a mess yet throw negative opinions and suppress folks over jealousy….Some one needs to come along and sue the mess out of Oakwood, Texas… Crappy place to live to…..I sold both properties just to make sure my Children are not around the Hypocrites that run the Town with bogus Certificates…..Nasty People who put up a real front.


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