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VIDEO: Bob Wenzel’s Commentary Marred Great OT Game

by Brian A. Wilkins
3/21/2009 (links and photos updated January 29, 2019)

The Friday night games in the 2009 NCAA Tournament may have been the best cluster thus far in the tournament, as far as excitement. (9) Siena dashed the Big Ten’s hopes of going 3-0 on the night, beating (8) Ohio State 74-72 in an overtime thriller. (2) Michigan State thumped (15) Robert Morris 77-62, while (12) Wisconsin defeated (5) Florida State 61-59 in the other overtime game of the night. The remarks of CBS color commentator Bob Wenzel in the second half of Wisconsin’s comeback victory, however, … Read Entire Article

Richardson Keeps It Real In Abolishing Death Penalty

by Brian A. Wilkins
3/19/2009 (links and photos updated May 14, 2019)

SANTA FE — New Mexico governor Bill Richardson has problems with pay-for-play politics in his state. But he took a major step in clearing the vision of our nation’s blind eyes when it comes to the U.S. justice system. Like Mr. Richardson, I support the death penalty for murderers. But the blatant systematic persecution of American, especially black Americans, is real. It caused Mr. Richardson to make a difficult, but correct decision for his state.

Regardless of my personal opinion about the death penalty, I … Read Entire Article

Bernard Monroe, 73, Murdered by Louisiana Cops

UPDATED 2/11/2011: The Insulting $125,000 “Settlement” And A Warning To Black Americans

We concluded from a few cases the average “settlement” Americans get when they are murdered or assaulted by police thugs is right around $600,000. But as novice statisticians know, the average (mean) is rarely a good indicator because of outliers in the data. When I found out about the $125,000 “settlement” the family of Mr. Bernard Monroe received from the town of Homer, Louisiana, it appears now that police thugs are getting huge bargain prices to continue their recreational blood lust when it comes to murdering black people.

This … Read Entire Article

HERO OF THE MONTH (March): Ty’Sheoma Bethea

by Brian A. Wilkins
3/18/2009 (links and photos updated January 6, 2020)

DILLON, SOUTH CAROLINA — The story of Miss Ty’Sheoma Bethea is so heartwarming and so indicative of a new era of black American youth. She inspired us to create a new category of blog entries: Hero of the Month.


This young, intelligent black teenager exhausted every remedy needed for success. She wrote a letter to Congress telling them about the structural problems at J.V. Martin Junior High. Her school was built in 1896 and it’s age is certainly showing. The letter ultimately reached First Lady … Read Entire Article

Obama’s Plan To Force Abortions on Doctors Is Unethical

by Brian A. Wilkins
3/17/2009 (links and photos updated January 6, 2020)

Former President George W. Bush enacted the Provider Refusal Rule on his last day in office January 20. It expanded on a 30-year-old law giving doctors and other medical personnel the right to refuse administering abortions, birth control and other related services. The Bush “conscience clause” respects medical providers’ moral and religious beliefs.

Barack Obama, during the 2008 Presidential Campaign, said he would sign the Freedom of Choice Act if elected. President Obama now says he will also repeal the Bush “conscience clause.” Senator Tom Coburn … Read Entire Article

AMERICAN WOMEN BEWARE: Thug Cops Will Rape, Taser, and Kill You Too

UPDATED 6/1/2009

Angela Garbarino, the woman who was viciously attacked by Shreveport, LA police thug Wiley Willis, settled her civil rights claim out of court for $400,000. I really wish she would have held out for a trial, as she would have likely been awarded punitive damages surpassing $5 million.

Regardless, she can now move on with her life. Meanwhile, in the Hope Steffey federal lawsuit, a status conference was scheduled for today (June 1), but was cancelled because of an apparently discovery dispute with Stark County Correctional Health. Since the original complaint was filed on October 19, 2007, several … Read Entire Article

Chuck Norris, Russian Professor, Have Similar Ideas About U.S. Collapse

by Brian A. Wilkins
3/11/2009 (links and photos updated May 14, 2019)


Chuck Norris – the former “Walker, Texas Ranger” and 80s action film star – said the state of Texas will soon secede from the United States and become a sovereign nation. Igor Panarin – a Russian professor and former KGB analyst – predicted the United States will fail by 2010 and become six sovereign states. Norris cites growing violence along the Texas/Mexico border and the continual flow of illegal immigrants across the Rio Grande into the United States as the reason the Lone Star Read Entire Article

Fired on my 34th Birthday

by Brian A. Wilkins

For a total of about six days, I felt about as “normal” as I possibly can since being taken and held hostage by the Tempe Police and Maricopa County from July 22 – September 17. For the second time in eight months, I landed the highest-paying job I’d ever had, on March 5 at a mortgage company. I had to temper my happiness and excitement about getting started, as I had a feeling the U.S. justice system, Tempe Police, and Maricopa County would take this job, as they did the other highest-paying job I ever had, … Read Entire Article

Creston, Iowa Police Thugs’ Rape Trial Begins

UPDATED December 5, 2018: Second application for post-conviction relief by Christensen denied.

UPDATED November 24, 2010: Sickels, Christensen’s convictions upheld by Iowa Court of Appeals; remanded for restitution.


Not sure what constitutional grounds (ineffective counsel, obstruction of state officials, etc.) the rapist thugs plan to present on appeal, but its their right to do so. Both of them, who are now deemed “indigent” because of their incarceration, will be appointed public defenders for appeals. The best case scenario these two are hoping for is that the Iowa Supreme Court Read Entire Article