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Confederate Justice: Inbred Killer Cop Scott Nugent Acquitted

UPDATED 11/1/2010: Winn Parish Coroner Was Not Allowed In The Courtroom

Those of you who simply CHOOSE to believe what you’ve heard come from this “not guilty verdict” of killer cop Scott Nugent may stop reading. For those of you interested in the true chain of events, listen up.

The OP-NAT EYE has now learned, from a source very close to the trial, that Winn Parish coroner, Dr. Randolph Williams, was not allowed to step foot onto the property of the Winn Parish Courthouse which Nugent’s trial was held. The OP-NAT EYE has also learned that it was in fact … Read Entire Article

Bernard Monroe, 73, Murdered by Louisiana Cops

UPDATED 2/11/2011: The Insulting $125,000 “Settlement” And A Warning To Black Americans

We concluded from a few cases the average “settlement” Americans get when they are murdered or assaulted by police thugs is right around $600,000. But as novice statisticians know, the average (mean) is rarely a good indicator because of outliers in the data. When I found out about the $125,000 “settlement” the family of Mr. Bernard Monroe received from the town of Homer, Louisiana, it appears now that police thugs are getting huge bargain prices to continue their recreational blood lust when it comes to murdering black people.

This … Read Entire Article