VIDEO: Bob Wenzel’s Commentary Marred Great OT Game

By | March 21, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins
3/21/2009 (links and photos updated January 29, 2019)

Bob Wenzel of CBS Sports.

The Friday night games in the 2009 NCAA Tournament may have been the best cluster thus far in the tournament, as far as excitement. (9) Siena dashed the Big Ten’s hopes of going 3-0 on the night, beating (8) Ohio State 74-72 in an overtime thriller. (2) Michigan State thumped (15) Robert Morris 77-62, while (12) Wisconsin defeated (5) Florida State 61-59 in the other overtime game of the night. The remarks of CBS color commentator Bob Wenzel in the second half of Wisconsin’s comeback victory, however, forced my TV to be placed on mute while listening to the radio call.

With 16:13 left in the second half, and the Badgers in the midst of an 8-0 run which effectively erased most of the Seminoles halftime lead, Florida State freshman center Solomon Alabi – the seven-footer from Kaduna, Nigeria – was called for a 35-second shot clock violation, turning the ball over to Wisconsin. The turnover in a big game is forgivable for a freshman, as it didn’t necessarily cost FSU the game. It was Wenzel’s ultra-ignorant remarks after the turnover that tells all about his personal views on certain people.

Hey Bob – perhaps, maybe it could be Alabi is a FRESHMAN playing in the biggest game of his life and may be a little nervous? What I’m trying to figure out with Wenzel’s comments is what exactly Alabi’s nationality has to do with a 35-second violation? Obviously in Wenzel’s eyes, all “Africans” must be too stupid to understand how to count to 35. Wenzel probably can’t name more than five countries in “Africa” (the second largest continent on the planet that is really called Alkebulan by those on the Continent), yet insulted the entire gigantic, diverse land mass and all of its people in one ignorant, uneducated quip.

I’m not going to stoop to Wenzel’s level and say anything too retaliatory, but you’d think his Rutgers education (he has a degree in history) would have helped him understand “Africa” is a continent and not a country. But then again, Wenzel also said Mountaineers coach Bob Huggins was “coaching in his HOMETOWN of West Virginia” during the 2008 NCAA Tournament. Did Wenzel go to the Sarah Palin school of geography?

Regardless, congratulations to the Badgers and Seminoles for putting on a great show.

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5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Bob Wenzel’s Commentary Marred Great OT Game

  1. Queens

    As a whole I agree with you. I think the game was very great, and fair.

  2. leon kelley

    Who are you anyway…….a blog is a blog is a blog…….your opinions are antiquated and shallow…..enjoy yourself and keep your panties out of a wad!

  3. Rick

    How is this an great insult to all Africans? Give me a break with this PC stuff. To make an issue out of something as small and insignificant as this just dilutes the effect of objecting to genuine or real insults. IMHO he has nothing to apologize for; this world is just full of categories of people who want to revel in some weird sort of “victim” state and force everyone to be so concerned with everything they say lest they utter ANYTHING that someone could possibly find offensive. What a crock!

  4. Patti Lowry

    Most biased announcer I’ve ever listened too. Will turn him off next time. No matter what teams are playing. Get rid of him

  5. Dale Hunsberger

    In this day and age, such words and comments are a delicate matter, which I’m sure Mr. Wenzel now understands. But I really think he only meant to convey that the young man has had relatively little exposure to basketball, and hence the time clock, which he actually stated.


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