Chuck Norris, Russian Professor, Have Similar Ideas About U.S. Collapse

By | March 12, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins
3/11/2009 (links and photos updated May 14, 2019)


Chuck Norris – the former “Walker, Texas Ranger” and 80s action film star – said the state of Texas will soon secede from the United States and become a sovereign nation. Igor Panarin – a Russian professor and former KGB analyst – predicted the United States will fail by 2010 and become six sovereign states. Norris cites growing violence along the Texas/Mexico border and the continual flow of illegal immigrants across the Rio Grande into the United States as the reason the Lone Star State will secede. Panarin says illegal immigration, along with the recession and “great moral decline” in the USA. He specifically cited homosexuality and the prison industrial complex. The United States ranks first in the world for incarceration rates.

I’m no law professor or lawyer. But isn’t what Chuck Norris said treason and/or sedition? Norris went further, speaking of “thousands of cell groups…united around the country” who are ready to secede from the Union. Narseal Batiste and five other men known as the “Liberty City Seven” have been sitting in Confederate (Miami) prisons for two years. They’ve had three trials for alleged “terrorism.” This broke, under-educated, powerless group of men allegedly wanted to “break away from the USA.” There’s been no such for Walker, Texas Ranger.

Norris not only claims to have an army ready for battle with anyone who stands in the way of Texas seceding, but also said he would run for president of the “Republic of Texas.” For the record, Norris endorsed Republican Mike Huckabee during the 2008 Presidential Election.

The GOP is not happy with having a “black” president. They are willing to incite Civil War II/Confederacy II to avoid pledging allegiance to the Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama. The old Confederacy is the Republican stronghold in the USA despite large black populations down there. John McCain won a total of 173 Electoral Votes in the 2008 Presidential Election. One hundred twenty one (121) of those votes, or 70 percent, came from Confederate states and former territories. This total does not include Missouri as a Confederate territory.

Panarin believes six states will result from the United States’ collapse in 2010. One will be “The Texas Republic.”

The professor pointed out how people laughed at French political scientist Emmanuel Todd. He predicted in 1976 that the Soviet Union would fall. The USSR was no more 15 years later. The difference between Panarin and Norris is that Norris is an American citizens encouraging his “thousands of cell groups” to join together in secession. The Russian and the washed-up actor have the same goals in mind. But one of them is violating U.S. statutes with his rhetoric.

The United States allows illegal immigration because corporations need the cheap labor. Mass incarceration for minor non-violent, victimless infractions also contribute to this slave labor pool. Panarin is correct in his reasoning as to why the U.S. could in fact fail. The U.S. gives more rights to illegal immigrants than U.S. citizens. Basic due process and equal protection cannot even be had by hundreds of thousands incarcerated throughout the country. Corporations relocate businesses overseas and give more non-U.S. citizens jobs as opposed to paying Americans the wages they deserve. All of this adds ups to bad news.

Chuck Norris needs to be arrested and charged with treason. If he is allowed to organize this sort of campaign, than who’s to say thousands of other fringe groups won’t form? It’s a bad precedent in the beginning of this Obama age. An example needs to made of one of these GOP people who continually preach treasonous and seditious acts.

The GOP and its media have gotten away with a lot of direct and indirect treason since January. Americans, especially those of Afrikan/slave descent, to arm themselves immediately. Norris and his trigger-happy “thousands of cell groups” are licking their chops to kill you. I do hope our country can be saved. But racism is powerful.

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