AMERICAN WOMEN BEWARE: Thug Cops Will Rape, Taser, and Kill You Too

By | March 16, 2009

UPDATED 6/1/2009

Angela Garbarino, the woman who was viciously attacked by Shreveport, LA police thug Wiley Willis, settled her civil rights claim out of court for $400,000. I really wish she would have held out for a trial, as she would have likely been awarded punitive damages surpassing $5 million.

Regardless, she can now move on with her life. Meanwhile, in the Hope Steffey federal lawsuit, a status conference was scheduled for today (June 1), but was cancelled because of an apparently discovery dispute with Stark County Correctional Health. Since the original complaint was filed on October 19, 2007, several defendants have been added and/or removed, and the complaint has been amended four times (the fifth attempt to amend was denied by Judge David Dowd Jr. on March 4, 2009).

According to an order by Judge Dowd on October 14, 2008, the case is now on a “standby basis,” in that every two weeks, starting on May 18, 2009, unless a settlement happens within one of those time frames. We’ll try and keep you up-to-date on the proceedings.

by Brian A. Wilkins



European American (“white”) women are rarely murdered by thug cops in America, but are frequently Tasered, raped, assaulted, or sexually assaulted. Nubian (“black”) Americans first had to “win freedom” from Euro-males in 1868, with European American women at their side.


Women then had to battle for another 50 years (1919) before they were “allowed” to vote on this white male country. Since then, Euro-males who cannot and will not accept and/or accept women and “blacks” being equal humans to them join police gangs. This allows them to murder, rape, assault, and/or incarcerate any American they choose without repercussion, besides “paid administrative leave.”

Cops only have to complete a 4-6 month training course to be a licensed killer and/or rapist. The United States has become a total police state since the 1960s, after Nubian Americans and women were forced to fight for the rights they are born with. Euro-males and “Michael Steele/Booker T. Washington”-type “black” males think they own the rights to life and liberty of all “blacks” and women. Cops are never prosecuted or even remotely punished for the strict liability offenses they continually victimize Americans with.

Regular readers of The OP-NAT EYE have been following the recent assault on a 15-year-old girl by thug King County (WA) cop Paul Schene and the rape trial (and subsequent conviction) of former Creston (Iowa) police chief James Christensen and assistant chief John Sickels, after they sexually assaulted a woman at a country club. What is really scary about this police state called the USA is the fact these incidents are far from isolated. American women need to be more aware of these trends, possibly to the point of arming themselves.

Hope Steffey, a woman from Stark County, Ohio, made only ONE mistake on the night of October 20, 2006; she called the Stark County Sheriff’s Office for help; as a vast majority of Americans believe is the correct thing to do.

Hope Steffey

Hope was assaulted by her cousin that night, but when she called police for help, Stark County cops acted as if she was the perpetrator; the criminal. Hope described the attack as “being raped without penetration.” This video is VERY disturbing.

Stark County Sheriff Tim Swanson has the nerve to continually deny any wrongdoing by his thug cronies. He said the cops followed “proper procedure.” Stark County Sheriff’s deputies have used the excuse that women who are arrested by them are “suicidal,” which apparently gives them the right to strip them down and put their hands all over them.

All the women (apparently four more women have come forward accusing Stark County cops of stripping them for no reason as well) who have been deemed “suicidal” and subsequently stripped naked and molested, are blonde, thin, and attractive. Stark County is also named in a civil lawsuit after deputies stripped searched three girls – ages 14, 15 and 16 – on May 20, 2007 during a 15-minute walk-through the girls were ordered to do as a sentence for juvenile charges.

Apparently only 120-pound blonde women/giels are “suicidal” and never 300-plus pound women with acne problems. Swanson, along with his deputy Richard T. Gurlea Jr., and 15 others have been named in a civil lawsuit filed by Mrs. Steffey. Please sign the petition to the U.S. Attorney General, as all these Stark County cops need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

In the case of Angela Garbarino – a Shreveport, Louisiana woman – why she was arrested or why she was in the custody of cowardly cop Wiley Willis in November 2007, does not even matter. And you’ll agree after watching the video (warning: it’s graphic).

Notice how Willis – who was fired for the incident, but is apparently now petitioning to get his job back – turns the camera off so he could attack Ms. Garbarino without any “CLEAR” video evidence existing of it. No charges were ever filed in the case. Willis said Ms. Garbarino “fell,” and that is why she was lying in a pool of her own blood with two teeth knocked out and a fractured cheek bone when the tape resumed shooting.

Willis has been accused of excessive force several other times in his career as well. Ms. Garbarino filed a federal civil suit, but as of publishing time, the current status is unknown. The online petition to have Willis prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney has now been closed, so hopefully the civil action is proceeding smoothly; as this may be the only justice Ms. Garbarino will get.

Coincidentally or otherwise, Heidi Gill was maliciously Tasered several times by thug cop Richard Kovack of the Warren (Ohio) Police Department – not too far from Stark County – on September 2, 2007. Again, this video is very graphic and difficult to watch.

Kovack was fired (but ultimately re-hired, apparently) and is now facing a federal civil lawsuit, along with the City of Warren, Warren police chief John Mandoupoulous, and Director of Public Services and Safety William D. Franklin.

The truth is, no matter how many of these incidents happen, cops are never prosecuted and convicted. Its comical that there is a large portion of the U.S. population that will not believe our country is a police state until something like this happens to them. But why should you or anybody else have to experience this third-world country type of “law enforcement?” Sensible Americans should never call police for ANYTHING.

Cops have to be treated like any other criminal on the street. Modern Penal Code (MPC) stipulates it is justifiable to defend yourself against criminal cop behavior, including using deadly force. Though the United States has no federal statute for this justified force for American citizens, there is apparently free reign for cops to do whatever they want to said citizens. The best thing for American women (and all other Americans for that matter) to do is arm themselves and be ready to shoot when these cops attack.

The old joke goes “guys who become cops were picked on a lot on high school and became cops to get back at the world.” These same insecure high school boys were also ignored and/or clowned by girls. Ladies, you are the targets of these thugs’ revenge. The stories of Hope Steffey, Angela Gargarino, and Heidi Gill should be more than enough to open your eyes.

Arm yourselves so you’re not the next one.

6 thoughts on “AMERICAN WOMEN BEWARE: Thug Cops Will Rape, Taser, and Kill You Too

  1. John

    This is the BCI report that Agent Christy S. Palmer sent to John D. Ferrero, Prosecuting Attorney Stark County Ohio.
    Dated April 16, 2008 BCI Case #: SI-76-08-14-0147

    This is part of page 3

    Sheriff Swanson has ALWAYS maintained that Steffey was ASKED & REFUSED to remove her cloths.
    But here’s the BCI’s OWN REPORT that PROVES this is a LIE!
    And then they try to explain away their first lie with another lie, about why it was done this way without asking Steffey to do it voluntarily.

    They are trying to say that Steffey was resisting enough that EIGHT people (5 women, 3 men) couldn’t take the chance of ASKING her to remove her cloths, or EVEN TELL HER WHAT WAS GOING ON!!!
    What a crock!!

    I did NOT see any resisting in the video, I saw eight cops parading her to the cell, with her in cuffs.

    In fact EVERY video I have seen she is in cuffs!
    And the ONLY times I have seen her react to the cops is after they have assaulted her or in the process of stripping her naked.
    And all the rest of the jail videos are posted on YouTube to prove that these accusations are lies too. (Look for Zemo999’s videos)

    But apparently catching the sheriff’s dept in a lie isn’t a big deal to our “independent” BCI investigator, Christy Palmer, who seems ready to accept ANY excuse the sheriff’s dept wants to use.

    The report also goes on to say that they lowered Steffey in a slow controlled manner to the floor. Except that Steffey says she was thrown to the floor.
    She also told her husband in a phone call that she thought the cops had broken her nose.
    And she was treated by the nurse for the injury.
    And in page 4 of this report Christy Palmer even states that Steffey reported that her nose was making “crunching noises”.

    So I guess this is proof of a second LIE! (Or third)

    And still Christy Palmer, the “independent investigator” doesn’t think twice about accepting the word of the cops over the VICTIMS in spite of proof.
    BTW, Christy also references a video that she says “proves that she was lowered in a slow controlled manner to the floor”. As far as I know, THIS would have to be on the ‘non-existent’ beginning of the strip video.
    On May 5th when I asked about the “missing” video, I was told it would soon be released.
    Now here again it looks as though it’s referenced…even though they NOW claim it does not exist.
    Interesting. (I have filed a request for this video.)

    Its no wonder the grand jury found that the cop’s actions didn’t rise to the level of “criminal culpability”. How could they with the BCI investigator spellchecking the sheriff’s own reports and passing them on as FACT.

    This isn’t so much an investigation report as it is a smear campaign against Hope Steffey.

    The cops can polish this turd as much as want, this STILL STINKS!

    BTW I don’t know why they bothered to black out the names of Nurse Coren Lennon and the jail psychologist Thomas Anuszkiewicz, aren’t they proud?

  2. John


    Ok here’s a video you won’t see on the news.

    Here’s the cops taking Steffey to the cell to strip her naked. This shows what was going on outside in the hallway.

    The quality of the video is pretty bad. It will seem to ‘skip’ frames for quite a while in some places, but then take a bunch in a row at other times. Why it does this, I don’t know.
    All the cameras at the sheriff’s dept seem to be in bad shape and “malfunction” right at critical moments.

    I had to cut this video in half, it was 20 minutes long, from the time they took her in to the time they left the hall in front of her cell. So I cut off the front of it when they took her in.

    WHY does it take 20 minutes outside the hall to show a “suicide prevention” that only took 4 min?

    The building camera, seems to skip a lot of frames, so you’d think it would be a shorter video.

    But as you can see after they have closed up the cell after assaulting her, they IMMEDIATLY open her cell again, and some of them enter it.
    The rest all stand around and seem to have a good laugh, so this will add some more time to the video.

    As you can see from the video the big guy in the white shirt, he stays at the door to the cell looking in all the time Steffey was being assaulted, and then he stays back around her cell afterwards, looking in….GEE, I wonder WHY?
    Then afterwards he’s joined by another officer who didn’t get a chance to help strip Steffey and he starts walking down to have a look too.


    BUT THEN the camera seems to malfunction, and the next thing you see is a empty hall. BUT only ONE second has passed on the time marks!
    WOW, …..MORE “missing” video from Stark County Sheriff’s Dept.

  3. John

    This is a Cut & Paste of what I have been posting:


    Here’s PROOF the cops were actually trying to charge the VICTIM for the crime she was reporting!!

    NONE of the papers have EVER reported that Steffey was actually arrested for assault too.

    Leanne Preston is listed as the VICTIM! This is the niece that Steffey claimed attacked her. (her injuries are listed as a broken fingernail)

    Scott Preston is the Uncle of Leanne, the woman that allegedly attacked Steffey. They are listing him as the reportee of the assault, which he wasn’t.

    HOW they are listing him as reporting the assault is beyond me.
    Ok heres part of Uncle Scott’s testimony at trial.

    So HOW do the cops use a statement to frame Steffey, from a guy that testifies that he saw NOTHING?!?!?!?

    Its all an attempt to cover the cops abuse of Steffey, when witnesses said he exploded in a rage at her.

    Leanne’s brother is the one that actually reported the assault, and called police ON HIS OWN SISTER, at Steffey’s request. (BTW he never showed up at the trial to testify.)

    The arresting cop, Richard T. Gurlea Jr., testified at Steffey’s trial that the ‘investigation’ into the assault was never finished. (REALLY?!!? Then how do you explain the assault charges against Steffey???)

    We have Steffey’s cousin, on tape, telling Steffey that the officer has to KNOW that none of this was her fault, while the officer is within listening distance.

    Plus we have the other witnesses that said Steffey was the one attacked. The cop has them all looking for Steffey hair that was ripped out.

    There seems to be no “confusion” about who was the victim like the papers claim.

    Even the officer testified at court that he went to his cruiser to get a camera to document Steffey’s injuries, so what happened?

    He is also recorded on tape talking about a previous assault the month before that Steffey’s niece got arrested for.

    And he is recorded on TAPE telling Steffey that he will still ‘investigate’ her assault even as he has her in his car, so what happened?

    This report SHOWS what happened, the cops KNEW who the victim was, and their setup is ALL BS!!

    And they were trying to railroad the VICTIM of the assault!

  4. John

    Heres a news article that mentions Stark County Jail:

    In 2007, the last year data was available, the Lucas County Corrections Center housed 26,597 adult inmates and experienced five serious suicide attempts, one inmate escape, 12 inmate-on-inmate assaults, and six inmate-on-staff assaults.

    That same year, the numbers were much lower in the Montgomery County jail in Dayton, where 38,750 inmates were housed and there were no suicide attempts or assaults.

    Much higher numbers were reported from the Stark County jail in Canton, where 11,761 inmates were housed and where there were 14 serious suicide attempts and 89 inmate-on-inmate assaults.
    Montgomery County jail handles THREE TIMES the inmates of Stark County, but they have NO incidents.

    So you have to believe that Montgomery County jail gets no ‘trouble making’ inmates, or you have the KNOW that Stark County & others have some serious staff problems.

    Support Hope Steffey and demand justice:

    Governor Strickland
    (614) 466-3555, Fax: (614) 466-9354

    Senator Voinovich
    (800) 205-6446, Fax: (216) 522-7097

    Senator Brown
    (202) 224-2315, Fax: (202) 228-6321

    Congressman Boccieri
    (330) 489-4414, Fax: (330) 489-4448

    U.S. Attorney General Holder, (202) 353-1555

    Ohio Attorney General Cordray, (877) 244-6446

    Stark County Sheriff, (330) 430-3800, [email protected]

    1. Charles Mead Jr.

      Look I know I’m not in your state,I’m a male in lizella,ga.which is Bibb county,an i was beaten twice for begging for water twice while a black lady guard taunted me with a bottle of core water,until my tonsil got so swollen from trying to swallow. 3 black male guards came in my holding cell one on each side stretching me while the 3rd went to swinging on me. I’m disabled an their so much that happened in 10years no one would believe me an no one will help me. My email will be on hear but my phone is even tampered,hacked in for 10years to. I don’t know where to turn or who,&I’m so tired and fed up with what’s happened for a decade, something bad is about to happen.

  5. mike

    The cops in ireland are the same. a friend of mine was assualted by 8 cops. they beat him with battens while handcuffed on the ground. he was denied access to a hospital for 2 hours. it was only when the police cahnged shifts that one cop seen him passed out and immediately called for an emergancy ambulance.
    about a week later he filed acomplaint that was meant to be confidential, with the “garda ombundsman” and his life was made a living hell for the police.
    they searched his house for fire arms and drugs. they tormented him where ever he went, followed his car, arrest him in the mornings and not leave him out till his work was over (this meant that he lost his job) and when he lost his job they stopped arresting him in the morning.
    The final one was that they planted drugs in his house thru a so call friend of his and when they raided the house they searched only one palce and got the drugs!!
    the guards immediately told him he would be going to jail for a long time (so not they are judge and jury also).
    as a result of all this hecommited suicide that night. the police even had the cheek to show up at the funeral and were just chatting to each other in the funeral home.
    it is one law for them and another for us.


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