Creston, Iowa Police Thugs’ Rape Trial Begins

By | March 4, 2009

UPDATED December 5, 2018: Second application for post-conviction relief by Christensen denied.

UPDATED November 24, 2010: Sickels, Christensen’s convictions upheld by Iowa Court of Appeals; remanded for restitution.


Not sure what constitutional grounds (ineffective counsel, obstruction of state officials, etc.) the rapist thugs plan to present on appeal, but its their right to do so. Both of them, who are now deemed “indigent” because of their incarceration, will be appointed public defenders for appeals. The best case scenario these two are hoping for is that the Iowa Supreme Court reverses all or parts of the sentencing and remands it back to the Superior Court for further proceedings. But unless there was some grave error (or malicious act) by the prosecution or the defendants’ PAID counsel, there doesn’t appear to be much ground for appellate relief, based on an overview of the court filings.

Meanwhile, a hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, July 14 to decide restitution for the victim.


Though this doesn’t happen often enough to thug cops, it’s nice to see the system actually punish criminal behavior, no matter who you are. Far too often, cops claim “qualified immunity” or “quasi-judicial immunity” from any sort of liability for their behavior; and 99 percent of the time, they (literally and figuratively) get away with murder.

The victim in the case says she now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and feels uncomfortable in Creston “because of the media coverage and Internet blogs.” She says she cannot trust anybody and, based on message boards, “the town is divided about this case.”

No matter what exactly happened that night, the fact is these two clowns were POLICE OFFICERS, one of which was the chief of police, and should not have even been in this situation. They lied repeatedly on the stand, which is not necessary when you have nothing to hide. This case is a victory for all American citizens brutalized daily by police thugs who are usually rewarded with paid vacations (aka “paid administrative leave”) for this type of behavior. Good riddance and don’t drop the soap.



Though there are several more cops that need to be locked up for a long time, this verdict is a small, but necessary victory for the American people, who are victims of this police-state mentality in our country. I hope both of them are raped repeatedly in prison and hope this helps bring some closure to the victim (a civil suit will bring complete closure).

UPDATED:  3/12/2009: Verdict Expected Soon In Creston Police Thugs’ Rape Trial

Christensen is also now saying he was taking a leak OUTSIDE while Sickels raped the victim. Wish these animals could at least get their stories straight. Watch the report from KCCI Channel 8  in Des Moines.

UPDATED: 3/6/2009: Christensen Acted Like Rape Never Occurred

The more facts that come out of this case, the more sick and demented these two animals become. Christensen, in a taped conversation days after the rape happened, pretended as if the victim was fabricating the whole story, even though he was there and was one of the perpetrators. “I didn’t know about it,” Christensen said on tape. “I will look into it. Will you live with that? Please.” The victim’s boyfriend said he was going to kill them, but decided against it.

Christensen, for all intents and purposes, held the victim down, while Sickels raped her. Hope these animals know what happens to sex offenders in prison.


By Brian A. Wilkins
3/4/2009 (links and photos updated August 5, 2019)


Former Creston (Iowa) Police Chief James Christensen and his former assistant chief, John Sickels, raped a woman at a country club on April 18, 2008, according to court documents. Sickels allegedly raped the woman while Christensen held the victim’s hand and stroked her hair. Both attackers were fired from the police force after an investigation, which resulted in both being charged with sexual abuse.

The rapist cops face up to 25 years in prison. The Creston Police were also investigated last year in the death of Ron Adkisson, a 59-year-old who died after Creston cops used a Taser on him. Christensen and Sickels’ trial was moved to Sioux City, IA after publicity compromised the chances of the alleged rapist cops getting a fair trial in Union County. Creston has a population of about 7,600 and is located about 80 miles southwest of Des Moines.


CRESTON, IOWA — Cop thuggery is the norm in the USA. Tempe (AZ) Police Department, Flint (MI) Police Department, LAPD, etc. But when it comes from the top, it’s all the more scary to the public. It’s unclear if Creston (IA) cops James Christensen and John Sickels were on-duty when they raped a woman that night. But either way, the maximum penalty is warranted here.

Stories from Creston message boards indicate the police department has had “good ‘ol boy” problems for quite some time. According to a blogger who calls himself “Trent Good” (and who says he was a former police officer in the town) and several others, the two alleged rapists became chief and assistant chief after leading a mutiny to have the former chief, John Wonderly, fired for trying to clean up the department. Wonderly was fired by former Creston mayor, Mike Tamerius, who publicly chided current mayor, Warren Woods, for firing the two alleged rapists. It is believed, according to the bloggers on Topix, that Tamerius is a part of the same “good’ol boy” network Christensen and Sickels belong to. Woods defeated Tamerius in a 2007 Election for mayor.

I’ve only passed through/hung out in Creston once in my life and have only met a couple of people from there – at the state wrestling tournament in high school. But the two “men” who ran this department illustrate that gangster cops exist not only in large cities, but quiet little towns in Iowa as well. The Creston PD has fewer than 15 officers who mostly are graduates from the local high school.

Paul Ver Meer, a Spencer (Iowa) High School graduate, was hired in September to take over as chief once Christensen and Sickels were charged with rape.


Ver Meer is a University of Iowa graduate with a degree in psychology, according to the Carroll Times Herald. He has no affiliation with the former “good ‘ol boy” network in Creston. For the sake of the citizens of Creston, I hope he is doing a good job protecting and serving their community.

Christensen and Sickels are likely being housed in Fort Madison, the Iowa State Penitentiary maximum security wing. They will hopefully experience the same thing the victim of their disgusting crimes did.

21 thoughts on “Creston, Iowa Police Thugs’ Rape Trial Begins

  1. zach

    it was a couple of drunk people having sex thats it. The sad thing is any woman could declare rape and whomever they declare it on is screwed. its just the witch hunts

  2. 'J'

    Unless you’re from Creston, and I am, you have no idea what you’re talking about. John Sickels has been a bully his entire life. Sickels, Christensen, and Tamerius have been friends since before junior high. When a mayor has two police officers accused of rape, he has to do something about it. Creston has a way of covering things up, pretending like they didn’t happen, and intimidating anyone who knows better. I for one applaud Mayor Woods for doing the right thing.

    You’re right, any woman could say “rape” and it would be one’s word against the other’s. It’s not like Sickels is a Nobel Peace winner, so it’s not that hard to believe the accusation.

    How about the time John beat down Trent Waltersdorf? Trent was trying to get away from him. He didn’t just beat him up, he put the kid in the hospital, and probably would have killed him if someone hadn’t pulled him off. Of course, that was years ago. Those things don’t end up on your record, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. Things like that demonstrate personality issues no matter what your age is.

    While this might be the first time he’s actually raped someone (who but God and any potential victims knows), it’s probably the thousandth time he’s bullied someone.

    I would truly be surprised if this is the first time he’s intimidated someone sexually during his employment as a police officer.

    I might not agree with everything this blog site stands for, but at least one of these former cops is a thug. The other was an accomplice.

  3. Brian W

    I agree. Sickels is the DEFINITE thug. However, Christensen watched a woman get raped that night. He may not be a thug (per se), but obviously has a sick, demented mind. Thank you for the input.

  4. Insider

    None of you sick pathetic fucks have any idea what you are talking about… as for John Sickles’ past: what about his supposed victims? This is the second time she has slept with a married man and tried to get him in trouble for it…and furthermore, what “victim” would be willing to strap on a wire and go back to her alleged RAPISTS? A real victim wouldn’t – a real victim would stay as far away from the perpetrators as possible – not walk right back into the lions den. Also, a point to mention: while testifying, she referred to both men by their first names “John and Jamie” – a real victim would never have referred to her rapists in familiar terms. And finally, her children were taken away from her because she was a danger to them – drinking and using drugs. And guess which cop came and took them from her? John Sickles.

    John may have been a bully in junior high and high school, but people change. And as for the guy he beat up? It was within a year of his father dying and he was 19. None of you can say that you haven’t done or said something when you were upset that you later regretted.

    The lot of you need to get a life. Who the hell are you to call these men monsters and pigs? You are the ones who have nothing better to do with their day than drag these men through the muck because you need something interesting to do, and you feed on the misery of others. If you want to be more interesting, or bring purpose to your life, get off of your fat lazy asses and go spread joy in the world, not hatred on the internet. I’m sure none of you would ever have the courage to look either of those men in the eye and repeat some of the filth you have written here.

  5. Creston Resident

    And where did you get your information? You either made it all up or have a bad source. Her children were NEVER taken from her….she had custody of her children for 7 years and then GAVE custody to their father. She and their father are friends – check it out.

  6. Insider

    Its a matter of public record. Apparently the one with the bad information is you. And if that is the only point you choose to contest…do you honestly believe her to be a victim?

  7. Insider

    and furthermore…. even if what you said is true (and I know for a fact that it is not) explain to me why she suddenly “decided” after seven years to give the kids to their father? (who, by the way, divorced her because she couldn’t keep her legs closed).

  8. Insider

    Ok, seriously? Seriously?

    Despite the MANY character flaws of both men, are you really willing to sit back and watch a travesty of our justice system? By letting some whore victimize these two men? Whats to stop a woman doing that to you? Put yourself in thier shoes, shitstain, and see if you feel any differently.

  9. steve

    You have no idea what its like in this town with these cops.. I will admit I was not a good boy but things were not run good with Christensen and Sickels. I would be walking down the street intoxicated..on the sidewalk..Left my car at the bar so I dident kill anyone driving..I was arrested and slammed into the wall..busted my lip up and then again at the station.. I was doing the right thing after a night at the bar and I get slammed for it? Also theres a long history of this happing to other people, we would go to court on marijuana charges and half the stash would be missing..Other friends see these same cops at parties doing crank and all sorts of shit.. now tell me they are upholding the law.. I dont have a problem with police.. I have a problem with crooked cops.. This new chief sounds like he will get this town back in order.. Im pleased to hear he is not from creston..creston is a nice town with nice people and needs some help..I think these cops got what they deserve.. since I lived in creston for years ( now live elsewhere ) I know what goes on there…and uphold correct justice is not it.. Hopefully this will change alot!!! thanks for your time

  10. Broken System

    You are 100% Correct Zach and replying below – Sickels was not a bully he just didn’t take crap from people. Bottom line – with No Physical evidence – it should be Character vs. Character – rape shield laws protected her Character and everyone knows what type of person this woman is and all families she destroyed by her previous actions.

  11. Creston Resident

    OMG! You are truly amazing! SHE divorced HIM! You just keep confirming that you really don’t know what you’re talking about! Do you think none of us KNOWS HER AND HER EX-HUSBAND??? They still have common friends….and some of them are reading your LIES and jaws are dropping because your LIES are so over-the-top!! You are laughable!

  12. anhelak

    It’s so terrible…. Anyway, violence is crime in any form. No mitigating circumstances here – they should be punished!

  13. matt

    Yeah,it would really suck to get accused of rape,then change your story over and over,like these two rapists,then have to go to jail,just because you kept lying,and because you really are guilty.

  14. matt

    whats to stop…FIRSTLY, I dont cheat on my wife,and second,I wouldnt rape someone if the urge strikes.

  15. your daddy

    listen to me you asshole. YOU are the sick pathetic fuck sitting on your fat lazy ass defending two low life pieces of shit. these mother fuckers are COPS. and they are MARRIED. they had their day in court and had every opportunity to get their story out. they told their story and twelve of their fellow citizens decided they were lying and they were guilty of that crime. you sound like a little kid who lost a game of kickball and wants to cry about it. as for looking these turds in the face and saying what i have said. ANY FUCKING DAY!!!!!! i could whip both those pussies on my worst day. i have also been in the penitentiary and know plenty of guys still there that will be glad to say the same thing to these dumb asses. they are pathetic human beings. they cheat on their wives. they abandon their children. they dectroy the trust of the very public they swore to protect. and then they don’t have the guts to tell the truth. it doesn’t get any more pathetic than that. creston, corning,red oak. they all have gutless lying ass cops who run amuck and shit on people and then lie about it to save their own skin. but every dog has his day and they will all get their reward. keep an eye on the papers down here and you will see more cops in the news i guarentee. have a lovely and joyful day ya’ cry baby. fuck you very much.

  16. not a creston resident

    Soooo, how are things going there now? What’s the rest of the story?

  17. James Hardman

    I was born in Creston many years ago and returned to Creston to work at the newspaper and didn’t last long. I got a ticket by a crooked cop and found most peope I had contact with being assholes. I left Iowa again and returned to civilization (California).

  18. Tammy

    I went to school with these guys in Creston. That town is filled with the most awful ppl u will ever meet. And the statement good. Ol’ boys is such an understatement. Christensen for sure I know is capable of that kind of crime. He is the kind of person u gotta watch out for. Sickels I can’t say for sure. But it does not come as a surprise that Christensen could suck ppl in and make them to be just the way he wants them. I moved from that town right out of high school. Only going there occasionally to visit my mom. Made me sick to my stomach to have to go there and be around any of the towns ppl. They are awful ppl. No doubt about it.


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