King County (WA) Thug Cop Paul Schene Attacks 15-Year-Old Girl

By | February 28, 2009


UPDATED 3/2/2009
15-Year-Old Victim, Malika Calhoun, talks to CBS Early Show.

by Brian A. Wilkins



For some odd reason, this thug piece of s*** is only being charged with fourth-degree assault, a MISDEMEANOR which carries a maximum penalty of only one year in jail. Though the incident took place on November 29 of last year, prosecutors are just now releasing the video.

Of course, the thug is on the usual “paid administrative leave,” the penalty all thug cops get for murder and malicious attacks like this. Though its pretty scary this animal can attack a 15-year-old girl for calling him “fat” and lightly kicking her shoe at him (which the thug said “injured him”), Schene has also been involved in two shootings since 2002, and wrecked his patrol car last December.

All this, and the thug, again, is on “paid administrative leave,” and will likely get another slap-on-the-hand punishment and keep his job. This young girl, who apparently took her mom’s car for a joyride, was charged not only with car theft, but “assault on a police officer,” similar to the Dymond Larae Milburn attack by thug Galveston, Texas cops when she was 12 years old girl.

Operation-Nation will be following the trial of the criminal cop to its very end, which will likely be acquittal of all charges.

12 thoughts on “King County (WA) Thug Cop Paul Schene Attacks 15-Year-Old Girl

  1. Police Brutality

    Suppsedly the Dept. of Justice has taken an interest in this case. So maybe acquittal is not as much a shoe-in as it first appeared. I hope this thug gets stung up by his balls.

  2. George

    The little bitch deserved an ass beating.

    Good job officer schene!

  3. Heidi

    Crimes King County Government officials commit – are paid while doing and get away with…

    Paul Schene beats Malika Calhoon – Part of King County police pattern behavior

    His partner Brian Bonner smashes a woman’s head into a car

    Denny Gulla molests children one whom becomes crippled after suicide attempt

    Pat Covey Beats prostitutes and commits felony sex act on a child

    Bill Jensen rapist which the other King County police aided him in committing his crimes rather then protecting the victims but finally stopped him once he was acting out on his plot to kill his family.

    Terror in Seattle – Was there really only one serial killer? How come the police were with some of the same girls right before they were killed? Why are the grave sights in the territory of the former head of the police department, Sheriff Dave Reichert?

    fight vice – which are bad deeds which harm others – if we don’t fight bureaucratic corruption. which is allowing for innocent citizens to be killed by the police, woman and children to become sex slaves or sexually abused by the police, false testimony in courts caused by police extortion of fake witnesses

    Help prevent abuse and slavery in Seattle… Uphold Woman’s rights to live !

  4. cler

    This is terrible. Unfortunatelly, more and more similar crimes take place nowadays (download news from ). Police officers think too much of themselves. This makes my hair stand on end (

  5. Heidi

    An innocent police officer Tim Brenton died in an attempt to avenge the honor of Malika Calhoun, the child brutally beaten by a grown male in King County police. This unfortunate event occurred after years of King County police raping and brutalizing the woman and children of King County. The government has done nothing to alleviate the concerns and it is questionable what has the FBI done as well. In the case of accused child molester Denny Gulla the police force hired him for years as it was reported by the Native American tribal chief that he was using his power to molest their children resulting in one attempted suicide, and what did the King County or FBI do? What about the unreported rapes which people talk about but are afraid to report because local police threaten to kill the woman? I guess now days the government has realized we are tired of their terrorism and tyranny and some people have decided to take justice in their own hands to defend the human dignity of others stolen from us by the King County government and surrounding city government. It would be advisable a long time ago if they had addressed the citizens concerns because now it has gone too far. Maybe human rights organizations should get involved to teach this society what are the civil liberties of others? And that it is a shame in the community for grown adult men to beat and rape vulnerable citizens they are paid to protect.

  6. Heidi

    In the face of intense public interest related to the slaying of a Seattle police officer, prosecutors and attorneys for former King County Deputy Paul Schene have agreed to postpone the deputy’s trial to early January.

    Charged with fourth-degree assault, Schene was expected to face a jury Monday on allegations that he beat and kicked a 15-year-old girl in a holding cell on Nov. 29 at SeaTac City Hall. The alleged assault, caught on a surveillance camera, was apparently referenced in a note protesting “police brutality” left at the site of an Oct. 22 pipe bomb against several Seattle police cars.

    Police now believe the same man suspected in the Halloween slaying of Seattle Police Officer Tim Brenton conducted the pipe bomb attack. That man, 41-year-old Tukwila resident Christopher John Monfort, remained in Harborview Medical Center with life-threatening wounds following a Friday shootout with police.

  7. Drug Rehab West valley

    Paul Schene is a white trash, low life, bigoted, annoyed at the world for being bad-mannered , someone should watch out of him very fast….before he kills someone, and he will murder someone, this white trash pig.

  8. angie

    You are soooooooo stupid…How about somebody beat your ass like that…RETARD

  9. Anonomous

    “His union is appealing his termination. His partner, Deputy Travis Brunner, received a five-day suspension for his role in the incident.”

    As long as the police as a union are going to support and protect child abusers then the collective union of the police can be punished for it. The court system in Abusive Seattle has not worked for a long time and the citizens don’t have to accept grown men in the government beating and raping thier children!

  10. mike

    you must have been dropped by your inbred mother at birth. this girl was no cop killer, no true threat to anyone else. i really hope people like you get a good ass kicking. and I’m a texan. no pussing out about shit down here.

  11. Cheryl

    Your blog is extremely difficult to read, the font is too small and the background is dark to make it even more difficult. You might as well not have a blog at all.

  12. Stop police corruption

    Unfortunately, there are no innocent police. I wish there were more accounts of police getting beaten or killed. The majority of police are criminals who victimize people. The only unfortunate thing here is that it should have been Schene who got killed.


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