GOP: Go Back To Europe If You Hate America

By | February 20, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins 


With President Barack Obama signing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Republicans are again making treasonous statements. Obama Administration has set up a website,, so Americans can see exactly how the new legislation is progressing.

Man, that headline felt GREAT to write! Physiologically, everything below my waist just filled with blood. Ever since I was born and as long as my mom, dad, grandmother, and great-grandmother have lived in the USA, Republicans/Confederites have been forcing this idea of “patriotism” down our throats, insinuating that everyone must blindly agree with everything the U.S. government does and says, or we should “go back to Africa.” If you don’t like the murders by thug police, the deliberately skewed incarceration rates, inadequate schools for kids in cities, etc., then “go back to Africa.”

Before I go any further, everybody needs to hear/watch this pattern of treason these people continue spewing, and somehow do not get arrested. Had this been someone in media or a politician speaking out against George Bush wanting to invade Iraq, they would have probably been jailed and been called “terrorists.”

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly 


Here is Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on his radio show, back in 2005, not only inviting, but encouraging al-Qaeda to “blow up” parts of northern California, specifically the Coit Tower in San Francisco. facing a THIRD trial after the first two ended in mistrials. The men have been incarcerated in Confederate prisons for over two years; victimized by the George Bush “selective terrorism” machine, and now will most likely be acquitted of all charges, now that the fictional “war on terror” has come to a close, along with the Bush League.

Then you have Nazi sympathizer (and Fox News’) Sean Hannity and drug addict Rush Limbaugh, the latter of which got the rich Euro-male treatment in the U.S. Justice System, as he was never convicted of any drug charges, blatantly hating and wishing bad things to our country. 

Then there was the GOP response, led by Mike Pence, R-IN, to the Recovery Act being signed. Again, more hatred and borderline treason against America.

Most of the GOP’s constituency did not even know what “socialism” meant before all the talking heads starting shoving the European-style of government term down their throats. Again, the truth is, NOBODY knows whether or not the Recovery Act will work; just like nobody knew that George Bush’s Iraq invasion would turn into Vietnam 2003. But in tough times, it was “patriotic” and politically correct for everyone to back Bush and his invasion plans after 9/11. Only one, young, “black” Congressman from Illinois openly and vehemently rejected the Iraq invasion…and he later became President of the United States. And he was right all along.

Funny how the GOP mantra 2009 sounds eerily similar to Obama’s rhetoric in his opposition of Bush and the Iraq invasion. Just as Obama vehemently opposed Bush policy, the GOP is childishly getting back at him now. They also childishly chose Michael Steele as Republican National Committee chairman, in a lame copycat attempt to have “a black” posing as a leader in their party, since the Democrats elected “one” and now seem to have all momentum. The problem is that Obama was right all along; if the GOP (and Steele’s “hip-hop plan”) is wrong, and the recovery package works, the GOP will RIP.

Republicans, who are now vastly European American and concentrated in Confederate states, have a renewed anger and hatred towards America, particularly “blacks” because of President Obama’s victory in November and the fact that, for the first time in history, a majority of European Americans are not hateful towards “blacks.” With all this vitriol coming from the GOP, Americans need to be ready  for the possibility of another Civil War and GOP-types trying to again secede from the Union. Though attacks by thug police and Confederites against  “blacks” has always and forever been ignored by Euro-American media, the murders, beatings, and manipulations have seemingly increased to 1950s and 1960s levels since Obama’s announcement to run for president in earlt 2007. It is a good idea for Nubian Americans (“blacks”) and non-GOP European Americans to arm themselves against what may inevitably become Civil War II. And Attorney General Eric Holder needs to seriously look at indicting some of these GOP kooks on treason charges if they continue to bash our country.

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  1. Suck IT

    F*** you. You should have to moved to Hugo Chavez land before a**holes like you help elect Nobama.

    P.S. When do you want the fight to begin, motherf***er?


    Hello, the fight began 400 years ago. You’re a little late to the party. Thank you for commenting.


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