Tempe Police Officer Whitney Jurjevich Escapes Prosecution

By | February 13, 2009

UPDATED June 26, 2019: Former Tempe cop Whitney Jurjevich now a board member for Arizona Self-Storage Association.

2/13/2009 (links updated December 27, 2018)

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UPDATED 2/13/2009 2:30 pm MST

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PA — Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky day for Tempe cop Whitney Jurjevich. Authorities in Montgomery County, PA have decided not to press charges against Jurjevich, the Tempe Police Officer who shot and killed Stan Rosenblatt’s dog, Bruce, while visiting his father January 16.

According to the press release, Jurjevich had the right to carry the gun, and the right to shoot the dog because he said he felt threatened. The police, according to the press release, did not take into account Jurjevich also pointed the gun at Rosenblatt and threatened his life.

Rosenblatt said Jurjevich got away with murdering his dog and should not be allowed back on the police force. “What scares me is what might happen to a human being who encounters this guy on the streets,” said Rosenblatt. “He and his father used the excuse that Bruce was about to attack him and that’s just not true.”

Jurjevich’s father told police that Bruce had a pattern of aggressive behavior towards other dogs. Rosenblatt said that statement could not be further from the truth. “This incident has created a huge hole in our family,” Rosenblatt said. “So many people loved Bruce and he will be missed.”

Rosenblatt said he can never forgive Jurjevich or his father, and said Jurjevich is the one who has to live with himself.

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One thought on “Tempe Police Officer Whitney Jurjevich Escapes Prosecution

  1. dog lover

    Was “Bruce” on a leash? If not, I think the owner should be cited for dog at large.


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