MY FELLOW AMERICANS: Vote “Yes” on abolishing Affirmative Action in November

By | March 16, 2008

by Brian A. Wilkins

Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and my current state of residence, Arizona will give citizens opportunity to strike down preferential treatment laws based on race and gender. Affirmative Action only masks the real problem in America.

Here’s a scenario:

22-year-old Amy just graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in engineering. She applied for a job at one of the largest computer software makers in the United States. She had several internships throughout her four years in college and is currently working part-time for a major internet service provider. She graduated with honors and clocked over 200 hours of community service in her senior year alone.

Amy’s interview with the company went extremely well and she assumed afterwards she had the job. But two days later, Mr. “hiring manager” called to inform her they had given the job to another young woman. Amy was very disgruntled, yet kept her composure. She simply asked what she could have done better to get the job. Mr. “hiring manager” told her “We need to diversify our staff, so we hired a young black woman.” Amy is European American. Amy later found out the woman the company hired had never even worked in the field of engineering and also attended Arizona State on one of those “black scholarships.”

Affirmative Action was once (and to a certain extent, still is) a necessary evil in a country which several states prominently display divisive symbols like the Confederate Constitution, terrorist flags, and/or pictures of Jefferson Davis in public buildings. There were (and still are) far too many people who will deny you employment, admission to college, a mortgage, etc. simply because your skin is too dark or your hair too “kinky.” There were (and still are) far too many people in high places who have turned in their radical Christian terrorist uniforms and now don suits at major corporations, universities, and government buildings.

Despite Bizarro Ferraro’s Wild Turkey-induced comments, the United States has always been set up for European Americans to succeed at whatever they desire if they work hard enough, while Nubians and other non-Europeans are made to take whatever they can get. Affirmative Action was put into place to stem this institutionalized tide and literally GIVE “blacks,” Euro-American women, and others jobs and scholarships they probably otherwise do not deserve or did not work for.

Affirmative Action is one of the many new-age recruitment tools used by radical Christian terror groups in the United States to attract young European Americans to their organizations. Our hypothetical Amy has every right to be bitter not only at the world but at “blacks” for taking the job she had worked all her life for. Amy did everything she was supposed to do, and did it well, but in the end was denied because she was “white.” Klukies and Nazis could now start sending her literature about their philosophies of a “white, Christian America” and her ears would now, at the very least, be open to listen; and frankly I wouldn’t blame her. That animosity Amy now has  the potential to morph into new-age Strom Thurmond, Trent Lott, and Newt Gingrich ideology.

Senator Barack Obama is the Democratic front-runner for President and its not BECAUSE OF or IN SPITE OF his ethnicity. Obama has captured the hearts and minds of Americans by the millions because today’s youth are not part of the old, divisive, terror-sponsoring United States. They are a part of OUR United States today that picks the BEST PERSON for the job. American citizens age 40-and-younger have absolutely no personal recollection of “white’s only” drinking fountains and openly-accepted, government-sanctioned terrorist murders. They don’t even know a world without birth control pills, or the world where women had no legal control over their own bodies.

Affirmative Action is contradictory to the philosophy “may the best American win.” And because of wide gaps in the quality of elementary and secondary education children receive in the United States, depending on where you live, “white” kids have every advantage upon graduating high school. I’ve seen this up-close-and-personal in my own childhood.

When I first had to attend a junior high school in Des Moines, IA (after moving away from my little “WHITEY” hometown) I was the smartest kid in my math classes…not because I was a better learner or smarter than my now 50/50 “black”/”white” classmates (as opposed to the 99 percent “white” in my hometown), but because we were being taught math I had already learned in 4th grade. Why was my new school teaching me 4th grade math in 7th grade? I also noticed how the gym teacher in Des Moines was more hell-bent on straightening out my still-crooked jump shot than allowing me to hang out with the baseball playing (“white”) kids outside, which was my preferred sport.

This phenomenon is not exclusive to Iowa. While Iowa has the highest overall graduation of the 50 states (93 percent), it only graduated 57 percent of “black” students, according to the same 2001 report. Is this because “blacks” are dumber than “whites,” or because they are learning 4th grade math in 7th grade at Iowa’s urban public schools?

In what Euro-American media would get off referring to as “the blackest cities in America,” Detroit, Baltimore, and Cleveland graduated 22, 38, and 43 percent of its students respectively, according to the report.

One of Detroit’s many abandoned schools. Photo by James D.Griffieon.

Just about every big city in southern states, where a majority of “blacks” live in the U.S., graduated fewer than 55 percent of “blacks” (including Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Houston). Again, are “blacks” just dumber than “whites?” Or did they also, as I did, get tired of being taught that they comes from slaves and make up 60 percent of the prison population?

The U.S. government enacted Affirmative Action to make up for its deliberate dumbing-down “black” youth. The government knows as well as anyone that early childhood education is vital to the educational development of children. The Bush-league’s No Child Left Behind Act is fundamentally flawed, as it not only allows individual states to determine its minimum standards for graduation (a recipe for disaster especially in Confederate states), but also sends every students’ information to military recruiters, while withholding federal funds to schools who do not hire “highly qualified” teachers. Generally highly qualified teachers will not teach in “black” neighborhoods, therefore no federal funding, no computers, no internet, no new books, etc.
In other words, the Act leaves no child behind accept for “blacks” and others in urban school districts.

Affirmative Action wouldn’t be necessary if the U.S. government would cease these sick jokes they play on “blacks.” If all students are educated in a uniform fashion which prepares them for this new global economy we live in, preferential treatment wouldn’t be needed. And the fact most “blacks” from these aforementioned school districts enter college ill-prepared, they ultimately fail at higher rates than “whites” and don’t graduate. All the free “black money” in the world won’t make up for a student’s lack of computer knowledge and lower-level reading ability they obtained at their “black” elementary and high schools.

Affirmation Action is divisive and punishes European American kids who have very little or nothing to do with the government’s deliberate dumbing-down of “African Americans.” Affirmative Action also gives “African Americans” a false sense of accomplishment, as they receive money to go to college or a job they probably did not deserve over a more deserving European American. Self-education and home schooling are likely the only remedies to this situation, as U.S. public schools continually play the game of “graduating niggers.” European American kids do not deserve this and should not be punished for the games federal government official play, while at the same time, “African Americans” deserve and are entitled to a quality education in our United States just like their “white” counterparts.

In the meantime, “black  voters” need to take one for Team America and join the millions in voting to abolish Affirmative Action in those aforementioned states come Election Day. Senator Clinton and Senator Obama are not Presidential candidates because of Affirmative Action so in keeping with the theme of 2008, the law needs to be struck down. There will be several Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson sightings leading up to these votes, but Americans have grown to expect this. Senator Obama is all about dismissing, denouncing, and rejecting divisive rhetoric, so all my fellow ASCE voting for him should follow his philosophies. And hopefully, come January 20, 2009, one day after the MLK Holiday, PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA can begin work on reversing 140-plus years of educational inequality in our country.

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