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-True COLORS in this Presidential RACE showing as unprecedented run by Sen. Barack Obama continues. Muslim propaganda picks up more steam in Euro-American media, this time courtesy of Iowa’s own Steve King. Obama wins Mississippi and Texas Caucuses, CNN has projected.

-Also, Sharpton needs to shut up

-Eliot Spitzer: At least it was an of-age WOMAN

Has America really changed to the point that being “a black” is an “ADVANTAGE” to Obama in a Presidential Election? WOW! The United States has gone from Paul-to-Paula, with a new rack courtesy of Howard Stern’s boob doctor. 

In the latest “because he’s black” charge from the Clinton campaign, former Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro declared yesterday that Senator Barack Obama is only the front-runner in the Democratic Primaries because he is “black.” A double-take had to be done on this one, as being “black” has never been an advantage in America for ANYTHING, except for maybe “black money and black jobs” from Affirmative Action. The poverty, under-education, and disproportionate incarceration have been extremely advantageous to “blacks” huh?

Ferraro’s comments have some truth to them (though very little). Obama’s staple has been “change” throughout his campaign. Not only are his positions on the major issues polar opposites from the Bush-league, but his APPEARANCE also screams CHANGE at American voters, who are fed up with the Bush-league (see his below 30 percent approval ratings).

The Mondale/Ferraro ticket back in 1984 also generating some “excitement” (for a female VP), but nothing near the buzz and energy Obama’s run, ala JFK, has created today, as Ferraro suggests. She claims she would have never been a candidate for VP if she was a MAN. None of this holds water, as Mondale and herself got absolutely SMOKED by the Reagan/Bush-league Sr. ticket that year, something highly unlikely to happen to Obama if he is the Democratic nominee. If the American people were excited about this hag, the results would have been a little closer.

Bottom line, senile old people should not even be put in positions to make asisine comments to large audiences. Senator Clinton is in desperation mode and needs to use tactics like this, but why play this proverbial “race card” which “blacks” are always accused of using for everything? The strategy however, appears to be having an effect on the race (the PRESIDENTIAL RACE that is) in Clinton’s favor. The more she can cast Obama as “the black guy” and even more so as “the Muslim,” the more she can take advantage of the American peoples’ fears and insecurities. I will still fully support whichever Democrat wins this thing, but Senator Clinton, her husband, and her campaign are starting to bug me a little. Good thing Mike Huckabee (my Republican choice) is out of the race, as I’d never vote for Senator McCain even if Clinton wins the nomination. Ferraro should definitely stop being BLACK in the meantime.

Meanwhile, there normally would be no attention paid to these random fools who try casting Senator Obama as a Muslim terrorist, but the fact this Rep. Steve King character is from my home state changes that a little.

King, who looks like Dr. David Banner right before he turns into the Incredible Hulk on the old T.V. series:

Steve King, R-Iowa, in an AP Photo (L) and Dr. David Banner turning into the Incredible Hulk (R)

…is following his GOP homeboys’ lead with the fear-mongering “Obama is a Muslim” mess. If there is any positive to this, King is only the second Iowan to make national news for inbred comments about Obama (remember Elkader boy?). We haven’t heard much more about Senator John McCain’s alleged infidelity since the New York Times broke the story, mainly because the Democrats have chosen not to fuel bogus rumors (unless of course they are tearing down one another). As the party of Fox News, radical Christian terror groups, and warmongering, Republicans, including King, can’t help themselves with this “coon-hunting” they so much enjoy. This fool in no way represents the opinions of Iowa’s people and needs to find an 8-year-old boy to have sex with to keep his obviously simple mind occupied.

Hey Al…shut the f*** up!

I’m not sure if Al Sharpton has gotten the memo on this, but he IS NOT running for President, so his presence is not necessary or wanted throughout this process.

Sharpton, in a typical move to get media attention, has threatened to sue Howard Dean and the DNC if Florida and Michigan do not re-do their primaries and seat the delegates who were disqualified for moving their state’s primary date. Because Senator Clinton would get virtually all the delegates from the two states as they currently stand (she was the only top Democrat on the ballot in Michigan), she has campaigned hard to have those delegates seated, even though they had been disqualified by the DNC before those kangaroo-primaries.

Howard Dean and the DNC will do what is right for the Democratic Party (whatever that may be). But it won’t be because of or in spite of Al Sharpton and any of his tactics. Al, you’re a good American and have a distinguished past. But this Presidential Race is no place for a polarizing figure like yourself. Face it, you have about the same aura as Senator Clinton; a divisive figure. You were a powerful, influential figure in the 1970s and 1980s, however your methods are obsolete now. You had your run at the White House and were unsuccessful. Do not butt in to this Democratic race and destroy it for the rest of the Party. It’s not like the Democratic Party and Howard Dean are trying to sabotage “the black guy.” They will want their most powerful, most ELECTABLE candidate to run against John McCain and will do what’s right (if there is a RIGHT) to remedy the Florida/Michigan situation. Blame Florida and Michigan for putting themselves in this mess…just do it as quietly as possible…if that’s possible for you.

At Least Eliot is no pedophile

Soon-to-be FORMER New York Governor Eliot Spitzer became the infidel du jour in U.S. government this week, as this disturbing trend continues. Since I know very little about this guy, and frankly didn’t know who he was prior to this incident, I can’t comment much on it. But I guess New Yorkers can claim Spitzer at least cheated on his wife with a high-priced female prostitute and wasn’t involved in some weird gay sex episode like their neighborhood-rival New Jersey, and its ex-governor James McGreevey.

In light of all this, what can be said is “The Land of Opportunity” should legalize prostitution. The hooker he was renting charged $1000-per-hour! If a woman is willing to do it, and desperate (or rich) men are willing to pay, then the U.S. needs to federalize the Nevada prostitution laws so all women have that chance at large pay days, if they so choose. Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in human history, yet illegal in America (except Nevada). Women should be able to freely take advantage of men in this way, but that’s an argument for another day.

I feel no sympathy for Spitzer. His fake apology for getting caught cheating with a hooker was more embarrassing than the story itself. I do feel really bad for the wife and three daughters he betrayed and embarrassed, as he did his state and his country. The Obama campaign could use this incident to their advantage however, as Spitzer is (was?) a super delegate who supports Senator Clinton. Whatever the case, the sheer idiocy Spitzer put on display in renting women and the careless way he executed it makes me wonder how this guy ever got elected in the first place. Just dumb, plain and simple.


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