Fox News, Euro-American Media Obsessed with Reverend Jeremiah Wright

By | March 30, 2008

by Brian A. Wilkins

Since Rezko and playing the “black guy” card failed to derail Senator Obama’s run, Reverend Wright is Euro-American media’s last hope.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright: If you’re out there and come across this blog, I must say I love you brother! Nubian American men and women whose words and actions cause shrinkage in the collective penises of Euro-American media bring tears of joy to my eyes and therapeutic smiles to my face. You are not the average, everyday annoying preacher type who reads directly out of a (allegedly) 2000-plus year old book which contains tales that have nothing to do with Nubians or any other American for that matter. European American media cry “ignorant race card” when their “blacks” bring up The American Holocaust (which MSNBC’s Pat Buchanan recently declared was “the best thing to ever happen to blacks”) in conversations because “that happened a long time ago and we have nothing to do with it.” Well, all this Jesus jazz happened a LONGER time ago and Euro-American media are still obsessed with it!

Operation Nation is not affiliated with Christianity, Islam, or any other religion, which is how our government is SUPPOSED to be. Whatever happened to the ‘establishment clause’ in the 1st amendment and the separation of Church and State? Ever wonder how much better off our country would be if we had a religiously-independent President? Regardless, Senator Barack Obama gets chastised by Fox News and all other Euro-American media, while our CURRENT President has never had to answer questions about his declaring the U.S. Constitution “just a goddamn piece of paper.” Ironically, a total of ZERO self-proclaimed “mainstream” Euro-American media outlets have ever mentioned Bush’s words in any of their “newscasts” or “newspapers” (kind of like how they ignored the fact a THIRD building, World Trade Center 7, was also destroyed on 9/11, WITHOUT being hit by a plane…official explanation: fires made the STEEL building collapse). These were President Bush’s OWN words, not his preacher’s. The double standard here, as far as measuring a President’s [candidate’s] patriotism is one step below children playing hide-and-seek on an elementary school playground, which is precisely what the Euro-American media are.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright was not only a U.S. marine (since the “military card” is the only hand GOP nominee John McCain has to play, which is an overplayed, bailout card in America overall for that matter) but he’s a teacher to the people who come to his church. Reverend Wright takes the scriptures which millions of people across the globe respect as their salvation, and interprets them in a way that gives real, personal meaning to his constituents. When will Euro-American media white boys realize Nubians/Afrakans have as much, if not a greater, respect for their ancestry and history than all the “German Americans,” “Irish American,” and “Dutch-Americans?” Again, the “good nigger” is supposed to be happy they can walk around the streets without being attacked by terrorists in this country and are supposed to be happy they are not slaves…in other words “blacks, don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” as Buchanan or Trent Lott would say. A “good nigger’s” ancestors are from Mississippi and Georgia, not Togo, Benin, or Burkina Faso. Says the Euro-American media, “how dare you think outside the box we give you.”

Minister el-Hajj Malik al-Shabazz, aka Malcolm X, explains this mentality of Euro-American media PERFECTLY. Keep in mind, Malcolm and his minister, Elijah Muhammed, were also cast as “terrorist, communist, unpatriotic negros” in the 1960s, just as Reverend Wright and Obama are today…the epitome of that cliche, “same ‘ol sh**, different day.”

Malcolm X REAL video

Senator Obama would have lost my vote, respect, admiration, and love
had he succumbed to Euro-American media by completely throwing Reverend
Wright under the bus. Senator Obama denounced the 30-seconds
of Wright’s entire 30-plus YEAR career that Fox News and Euro-American media
continue to play over-and-over again and kept it at that (why not replay continually Bush’s “goddamn piece of paper” quote?). Barack and
Michelle Obama continue to do nothing but make me love them more and
more everyday. They are not only great Nubians, great AMERICANS, and great
PEOPLE, but they give our country the best chance to get back to the
United States the rest of the world, at the very least, had to respect
prior to the Bush-league.

I hope Reverend Wright returns to his
rightful place, which is the podium (or whatever church people call
those things) at Trinity United Methodist Church in Chicago, or some
other church in the country. Nubian American children, especially, need to be
taught about the motives of Euro-American media and government as it
pertains to them, and be taught “black” history from a personal, Nubian-centric
perspective. Reverend Wright has never murdered anyone (unless he did
in combat for the U.S. military), never raped anyone, or never
deliberately sabotaged anyone; claims few of these Euro-American media
pundits and their families can make. I am no Christian, but am now
eager to meet the man who caused Euro-American media to collectively
blush. Keep up the good work sir!

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