Message Boards, Euro-American media continue belittling women and “blacks” for voting pursuant to color codes

By | March 6, 2008

The things you can read on message boards are better than any television show out right now. One guy on some board wrote Condoleezza Rice should be McCain’s running mate (which actually wouldn’t be a bad idea…but Condy has said running for office isn’t “in [her] genes“) because she kills two birds with one stone: “the dumb black vote and the dumb bitch vote.” I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea. Another wrote, “MISSISSIPPI blacks will be BURNING their way to the polls for a 70-30 Obama win next Tuesday.” Ok, just kidding, I made that one up. But it is interesting that ZERO percent of Mississippi’s electorate was Latino in 2004 (at least according to exit polls)??
Not coincidentally, European American men have been the absolute unscathed, unflappable, indestructible force as far as American “groups” since the 1492 Columbus over-exaggeration. All of the Presidents since the first on April 30, 1789 (Washington’s inauguration) have been of the Euro-American male “group.”

Like Barack Obama wrote about the “Audacity of Hope,” white boy media will inquire about my “Audacity to Classify” them as a “group,”especially me being “a black” and all. OF COURSE WOMEN ARE GOING TO SUPPORT HILLARY CLINTON…OF COURSE ASCE ARE GOING TO SUPPORT BARACK OBAMA. In case you’re new to this country, “blacks” have ALWAYS supported modern-day Democrats, but now in 2008, Euro-American media want to play the “race card” as the sole reason for the “black vote” for Obama. The Republican Party excludes “blacks” from their country club, so I’m not sure who else besides Hillary or Barack “blacks” are supposed to vote for.

Euro-American media have construed these voting patterns as “political blasphemy” being committed by women and ASCE. You white boys out there who are still steadfastly and vehemently supporting the “WHITE” Bush-league are the ones who need to be examined by your religio-political practioners!!

The people of the United States of America have, in 2008, gotten as close as they ever have in history to breaking down the color codes, including M/F, to elect the best AMERICAN who can restore what most feel the country should be. The Bush-league has turned the United States into Diet Russia that rich people and warmongers have been drinking for nearly an entire decade. Granted it is not the American way to punish someone just because they are rich, but people who make $250,000+ can absorb the sting of $3.00+ gas and high prescription and medical costs better than my twenty-grand can. The difference the rich would have to pay in taxes under a real Presidential Administration would maybe force them to wait a couple more months to buy that plasma TV for the basement.

European American men aren’t voting for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton because they are an ASCE and a European American woman respectively. They are voting for them because they are the best chances for America to return to what most thought it was. Yes, the United States has had its wicked periods of history, but we were doing relatively well as a nation between 1967ish and 1999-ish. Though a Republican (Reagan) was in office when that federal minimum mandatory sentencing bulls*** for crack cocaine was ratified, the country as a whole was progressing. ANOTHER Republican (Nixon) got us out of Vietnam, a war I guess you have to blame on Truman since Roosevelt before him favored diplomacy and not colonization…kind of like Dem vs. GOP stances on war today. The era of colonization is over, but Bush and Blair (and now Bush
solo) think otherwise, which has resulted in the rest of the world
hating us; solely because of his monkey-ball bull. Still, Nixon bombed every country around Vietnam’s periphery, and of course the Watergate thing. Bill Clinton – who I can’t justify in any way, shape, or form as a SUBSTANTIALLY beneficial U.S. President to ASCE like Kennedy and LBJ – balanced the budget, kept gas prices down, and kept us relatively quiet as far as war. In fact I remember my teachers in high school telling me during the 1990s Gulf War that “this is the first war your generation has lived through.” But the White House improprieties of Clinton need to be mentioned here as well.

The point is, NO PRESIDENT is a perfect American. To me, JFK and LBJ were the only two in history who were truly about the people and guys I would have wanted to drink a beer with (ok I’d have one with Bill Clinton). European American men in 2008 are not voting for Barack Obama because he is “black”: they are voting for him because he inspires those feelings of America as it used to be and what it was evolving into pre-Bush. 2008 has been the only time in history where the female or “black” alternative has been the better choice for many European American men. I would guess, though I have no scientific proof, that 95 percent of the richest 5 percent of Americans are European American men (did you follow all that?). OF COURSE they should vote for and support Bush…just like millionaire athletes, actors, and television personalities should (if the size of their bank accounts is a top priority). The fact is, few people are that rich and that comfortable, which means FEWER European American men are that rich and that comfortable to vote for a Bush clone.

Senator Clinton barely dented Senator Obama’s delegate lead with her percentage-points wins in Ohio, Texas (primaries), and Rhode Island. It was enough of a dent, however, for the battle to continue at least until Pennsylvania. But with Arizona’s own John McCain already entrenched as the GOP nominee, a prolonged Democratic battle is nothing but good news for the GOB (Good ‘Ol Bush).

Neither Democratic hopeful is on pace to get the necessary 2025 delegates needed for an “automatic bid” if you will. As a result, asinine talk is popping up frequently about Michigan and Florida re-doing their primaries/caucuses after the DNC disqualified their delegates for moving up their primary dates. You just can’t do that now and it would be a disgrace to the Democratic Party if they did decide to do it. Howard Dean should instruct the unpledged super delegates to vote for the candidate who comes to the Democratic Convention with the most pledged delegates and/or the one who has won the most individual states.

Yes, Senator Clinton has won the “big states” but Obama has won more total states. Both of these candidates should respect that fact, as they are both U.S. senators ONLY because our Constitution (which Bush-league called “just a goddamned piece of paper”) says all states, no matter how big or small, will have TWO [delegates] represent them in the U.S. Senate…and the House will be allocated by population…in a sense, at the end of this Democratic race, Obama should win the popular vote (most total votes) and the Electoral Vote (having more pledged delegates). Unpledged super delegates at the Democratic Convention must back that PEOPLE-CHOSEN candidate or risk dividing the party and conceding four more years of Bush-league tactics.

As a registered independent (and thus ineligible to vote in the Arizona primaries), the preceding is my best advice to Howard Dean. This tar-baby could actually be beneficial to both Obama and Clinton in a round-about way. We’ll all know VERY CLEARLY what each candidate stands for and the methods to their ideas in the end, as the gloves will likely come off leading up to Pennsylvania. The American people will have selected their candidate well before the convention this summer, so the party should follow. Democrats have this perceived image as the “Party of the People.” They can prove it right here.

Again, “white” men, “white” women, “black” men, and “black” women are voting in record numbers across color-coded lines for Senator Obama (except for in Ohio)… “White” men, “white” women, “black” men, and “black” women are also voting for Senator Clinton in record numbers across color-coded lines (especially in Ohio). It has been said that Ohio is a microcosm of the old USA, which is why Cincinnati, in the southern part of the state has a Confederate feel, and Cleveland, in the northern part of the state, has a Detroit/Chicago feel. Everything in between is the tug-of-war, “border” areas, most notably Columbus and Ohio State University. Is there anything wrong with European Americans voting for a European American because the candidate is a European American? Maybe, but it is a natural reflex nobody wants to admit to (especially Euro-American men, Asian Americans, and Latinos/Latinas, who are overwhelmingly voting “white”). However, is that reflex the best thing for you to do? Ladies, would you let a one-night-stand guy not use a condom because the moment just “feels right?” Gentlemen…never mind I already know the answer.

The two questions for me are: 1) How can Barack Obama reinvigorate “African Americans?” and 2) How can Barack Obama reinvigorate ALL AMERICANS? There has never been a serious “African American” U.S. Presidential Candidate in history so of course there are record numbers of voters on all sides. “White” men, for the first time in their American history, are choosing the candidate who is best for America, who may just happen to be “black” or a “white” female.
One of the oldest, prevailing sarcasms white boy media use is to “love it or leave it.” I think the people LOVE it, which is why Obama or Clinton needs to be our next President. All the “nigger haters” will come out in large numbers and vote for John McCain just to keep Barack Obama out of the White House; all the woman-hating, “Clinton”-hating fools will come out and vote for McCain just to keep “that bitch” out of the White House (with all due respect to Senator McCain). I believe, especially after my home state of Iowa kicked this Obama thing off, that real Americans FAR outnumber the inbred minority.

Howard Dean, don’t mess this thing up. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

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