The Joke that is the Phoenix Suns

By | March 6, 2008

by Brian A. Wilkins

The beauty of blogs is that when you post something, it is forever embedded with a time-stamp somewhere on the web. I have said on numerous occasions the past four years that the Phoenix Suns would never win an NBA title with Steve Nash as their point guard. After last night’s 126-118 loss to Utah at home, which the Suns gave up an inexcusable 41 points in the 4th quarter, I’m calling it now: the Suns won’t even make the playoffs in 2008.

Let’s look at the facts here. Phoenix is now 18-18 versus Western Conference teams, by far the worst among Western playoff contenders; Phoenix has the oldest starting lineup in the NBA (Nash: 34, Shaq: 36, G. Hill: 35); the Suns are now 3-6 since the Marion-O’Neal trade.

This Suns meltdown cannot and should not be blamed on Shaquille O’Neal because the deal should have never been done in the first place. The ONLY positive the Suns have had going for them since Nash got here is that they could score 115+ points on any given night, which kept fans in seats and defenses on their heals. Shawn Marion, whose whining DID get old, was a major part of that fun-and-gun style, and he masked Nash’s defensive liabilities that are being exposed BIG TIME now. Phoenix could have gotten a player like Ron Artest or Jermaine O’Neal for Marion, but GM Steve Kerr felt this was the right move to make…which is why he’ll likely be calling games for TNT again in the very near future. This blunder of a trade could go down as the worst in NBA history. If the Suns don’t win a title this year (which they won’t) what happens next year?

O’Neal will be 37 and due $20+ million next season and the season after that, financially strapping the Suns similar to the New York Knicks situation. Phoenix will not be able to pursue any free agents because they won’t be able to pay them without going over the luxury tax threshold, something Suns owner Robert Sarver has made clear he won’t do. Sarver’s megalo-frugal ways (not wanting to pay Kurt Thomas or James Jones), Kerr’s ineptitude in running an NBA franchise, and coach Mike D’Antoni’s being Mike D’Antoni have combined to transform this Suns team from regular season, fun-to-watch scoring machine that wasn’t going to win a title anyway, to a team that isn’t even fun to watch AND won’t win a title.

Portland will get Greg Oden back next season, the Rockets will get Yao Ming back (though they are doing just fine without him), and the Spurs, Mavericks, Jazz, Lakers and Hornets will only get better or maintain their levels of play. Where does that leave the Suns? In the 2007-08 season, Phoenix is 0-4 vs. New Orleans, 0-2 vs. Golden State, 1-3 vs. the Lakers, 1-2 vs. Utah, and their schedule in April is brutal.

I am actually hoping for a San Antonio/Phoenix, 1 vs. 8 playoff series just to enjoy more pathetic white boy media coddling of their “man-crush” Steve Nash.

As the Presidential campaign continues, at least Barack Obama is AMERICAN, which is why the natural reflex of “African Americans” is to vote for him. White boy media just picked out the closest thing they could find to a European AMERICAN NBA superstar since Larry Bird’s retirement (Nash was born in South Africa; raised in Canada)!!! Dirk Nowitzki simply SOUNDS too foreign so they can’t use him!!

Yes, Obama will win Mississippi Monday because of the “BLACK” population there…Steve Nash and the Suns will continue to win the court of public opinion because of Euro-American media, his “constituents.”

Obama allegedly gets the “easy treatment” from Euro-American media while Senator Clinton and John McCain allegedly get pumelled?

Obama’s run at President is unprecedented in American history. The New York Knicks PRECEDED the Suns and Nash in leaving-the-bench-suspensions during the 1997 NBA Playoffs vs. Miami (and yes, David Stern was the commish then too). The public outcry was obviously non-existent back then because Patrick Ewing was the lead character and “a rule was a rule” for him. There was no universal lobbying by white boy media for Ewing and the Knicks as there was for Nash and his Suns after the suspensions last season. And still, white boy sports media, nationally and especially in Phoenix, are still crying about the incident from last season, as opposed to just conceding that Steve Nash is not a championship point guard and the Suns are not a playoff team. Alanis…please add this to the lyrics of “Ironic“!!

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