United States continues harboring, aiding, and abetting radical Christian terrorists

By | March 10, 2008


Latest episode in South Carolina where radical Christian terrorists sell merchandise supporting their group. Radical terror group known as “the KKK” primarily targets “African Americans.” United States would never allow an al-Qaeda or Hamas gift shop because they target American and British white boys.

Inbred American, radical, Christian, European-descendant terrorists continue to enjoy the full protection of U.S. law enforcement, this time in South Carolina. The United States and the Bush-league, continue preaching to the world that terrorism is evil; terrorism is a threat to civilization; radical terrorism hit us on 9/11 (which is up for debate, unless we re-classify the Bush-league as a terror group), etc. Yet, as long as the terrorists target “niggers,” “blacks,” or whatever other derogatory term Euro-American media use to describe Nubians, it is perfectly legal. The case of Brandenburg vs. Ohio in 1969 legalized white boy terrorism in the United States as long as they target “blacks.” The Bush-league claims his whole cowboy crusade is about fighting terrorism when the raw truth is, the League wants Islam and ALL Muslims extinct. “Terrorism” is to 2008 as “communism” was to 1958. It is just a code word used by U.S. goverment to give them legal and ethical reasons to murder people who interfere with their agenda.

I’m going to sound like a broken record because I’ve written on this subject several times. There is so much less value put on the lives of “blacks” than any other United States citizens, and that gets proven everyday with stuff like this. The United States wants these radical Christian terror groups to exist so they can continue reminding Nubians of their place in this country; which is “blacks.” These are the games white boys love to play in a country (and world) they control with a people they seemingly control.

So again to clarify:

This is freedom of speech protected by the Constitution of the United States:


And white boy media wonder why Michelle Obama has never been proud of her country up until now? I think they should stop having sex with their mothers and their 8-year-old nephews to clear their thoughts a little bit!

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