Hasselbeck Questions Barack Obama’s Religion

By | March 11, 2008

The GOP mouthpiece on ABC’s “The View” cited a report done on Fox News, which continues its desperate attempt to tie Obama to Muslim “terrorists.” The new propaganda Fox News is pushing is the preacher at Obama’s church is “a racist.” Pastor Jeremiah Wright was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy.

This entry must be prefaced with “The View” is one of the best talk shows in Euro-American media which Operation Nation respects. Barbara Walters is a legendary journalist (sans the Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton coddling), and the rest of the women on the show exhibit strength, intelligence, and understanding without fluffing the hard issues.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s re-hashing of Fox News’ latest Obama propaganda will have to suffice as fact, as Operation Nation does not contribute to the ratings of a network of warmongering terrorist sympathizers.

Though I’ll always give Hasselbeck a break, as she is only playing her assigned role on the show, the fact she criticized Obama’s minister for “instilling pride in blacks” and being “a separatist” is yet another illustration of the aloofness and narcissism of Euro-American media and people like her.

Hasselbeck’s comments remind me of Judge Neil Wake’s words in his decision to dismiss my case filed in the U.S. District Court of Arizona last April. Though I clearly stated in the complaint the United States harbors, aids, and abets terrorists who want ASCE dead, Wake said in his decision “you failed to state a claim.” The claim was plain as day…it was just something he and the courts were not physiologically capable of hearing (though they gladly took my $400 to file the thing) or even consider. Back to those assigned roles, it is outside the realm of “a black’s” role to question who the United States deems a terrorist. In the United States, terrorism is simply a fact of life “blacks” must learn to live with, while the Bush-league will send 200,000+ American kids over to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight alleged terrorists there. Again, terrorists who want “niggers” dead are protected by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

In Hasselbeck’s and Fox News’ world, “blacks” need to be a Martin Luther King-type to be acceptable to Euro-American media…in other words, ALLOW Euro-Americans to play out whatever evils they want, and hope in the end they GRANT “blacks” the right to be human beings. Hasselbeck talked about reversing the situation, saying if her church talked about “white pride” it would be considered “racist.” Obama’s church has SEVERAL “white” members because they are welcome there as CHRISTIANS (novel concept). Only inbreds (and those two “blacks” Fox News pays to criticize ASCE) would go to a church claiming “white pride,” and the white boys who run them would never allow “blacks” in their church anyway. Everybody has the right to be proud of their heritage, but just like ASCE are unfairly and involuntarily linked to the moniker “blacks,” “white pride” has a similar problem with being linked with “KKK,” inbreeding, and Adolph Hitler.

European Americans, again, are not as stupid as the Euro-American media are depending on them to be. European Americans know the realities of being an ASCE, while at the same time know there is a lot of universal, indiscriminate blaming of Euro-Americans by “blacks” for everything that goes wrong in their lives, which understandably gets old. The Trinity United Church of Christ attracts and speaks to CHRISTIANS while specifically addressing the true realities of ASCE in the U.S., which are similar to the realities of poor, powerless European Americans; which is probably why they choose to go to the church.

“White pride” can be summed up in the fact that North America, South America, at least 1/2 of “Africa”, and Australia (that’s FOUR of the SIX inhabitated continents, if you count Europe as a continent) not only speak “white” languages (French, English, Spanish), but they also adhere to “white” religious beliefs. 500 years of invasions has turned more than half of the globe into Western Europe, while conditioning the people of those continents to believe their indigenous, centuries-old religious beliefs were bogus, savage heresy. Isn’t that “white pride” enough? Or is total, pre-1860s control better for you?

“White pride” today supports more colonization, more murder, more rape, and more exploitation. “Black Pride” if that’s what we’re calling it, is James Brown (“SAY IT LOUD”), Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Ida B. Well-Barnett, and Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics. How many human beings have those four murdered? At last count, the total is ZERO. And at last check, Europeans Americans absolutely LOVE Brown, Ali, and Mandela. Would you rather these gentlemen and lady just accept being the “niggers” you want them to be? Would that be more “American” of them to do?

The United States, since its inception, has deemed “black” ugly, dirty, and stupid, thus giving that name “blacks” to ASCE. In fact, lighter-skinned men, women, and children from the Continent East were worth more money during the American Holocaust (or Maafa as it is called in Swahili). Euro-America had “blacks” putting weird concoctions in their hair to straighten it until the 1960s because “blacks” were conditioned to think their hair was ugly and that straight, EUROPEAN hair was beautiful. There were even dangerous skin-bleaching creams advertised in magazines and newspapers, promising “lighter, beautiful skin.” This Euro-American media social conditioning was so powerful that “blacks” among themselves belittled and insulted their dark-skinned brothers and sisters.

Still, Hasselbeck (like many of her Fox News and other Euro-media counterparts) maintains Obama’s minister is a “separatist” and hateful because he tries to instill a sense of pride in the members of his church who have been told all their lives they are “disgusting black monkeys.” Let’s not forget the Republican Party is a separatist party which only
caters to “whites” (and please don’t use Condoleezza Rice as a “black”
example, as she is the token Republican after General Powell got out). Hasselbeck would rather them worship “white” and belittle “black” as has been the pattern of America since 1500. How can “black” ministers be all-inclusive in everything they say when most of them lived through an America which was NOT all-inclusive?

Hasselbeck should know a thing or two about people’s personal appearance and their subsequent acceptance and success in this country. All Hasselbeck had ever done before “The View” is participate in one of those “Double Dare”/”Survivor” type shows. The card she had to play after her 15 minutes was the fact she is blonde, skinny, and attractive to the white boys who run network television. They subsequently gave her the job because her looks will attract European American males to a female-target-demographic show…and I don’t begrudge her for that. The United States is “The Land of Opportunity.” She not only attracts male viewers to the shows, but shares most of the views of those male viewers who tune in; a perfect combination to bolster ratings, which equals money, which equals the bottom line in the United States. The “Beauty vs. the Beast” thing ABC played up for the “Elizabeth vs. Rosie” wars made that show what it is today. And honestly, I had no idea who Elizabeth Hasselbeck was before that episode, so she should be thanking Rosie O’Donnell.

The “cute one” on “The View” needs to take notice of the fact that “WOMEN’S PRIDE” is the reason she can sit on television for an hour a day and make lots of money. If there was no “women’s pride” Hasselbeck would have a choice of model, cheerleader, dancer, secretary, or housewife as a career. Without “women’s pride,” Hasselbeck and the rest of “The View” panel would have the choice of being called “Mrs.” or “Miss,” but not the matrimonially-ambiguous “Ms.” Then again, maybe Hasselbeck enjoys taxation without representation, no property rights, and being a slave to a man…all things she would be without WOMEN’S PRIDE!

I realize Hasselbeck, Fox News, the Bush-league, and inbred-America get uncomfortable with “blacks” acting “out of character.” “Blacks” should be selling drugs, playing basketball, collecting welfare, and catching AIDS, but not taking pride in the fact they are ASCE. Hasselbeck once referenced her German last name when talking about some television show that cast a character with a name similar to hers. The character was raped or murdered or something in the show. Why is Hasselbeck talking about being German? And Joy always talking about being Italian (sorry Joy…this entry really has nothing to do with you)? Isn’t her premise we are all Americans? Or are “blacks” the only ones who are just “blacks” (dirty, stupid, evil) and not GERMAN, or Irish, or Polish like you and other European Americans claim pride in?

Again, I like “The View” and Hasselbeck is one of FEW Republicans I’ll at least hear out (mostly because she’s female), even though she wears those GOP blinders and gets tunnel-vision when it comes to discussing what really happened on 9/11 (which is “UNAMERICAN” and “UNPATRIOTIC” according to Euro-media). Joy’s cute feet (which she pleasantly displayed on “The Tonight Show” a while back), Whoopi Goldberg’s celebrity, and Ms. Walters’ journalistic integrity make the show a great American forum which women JUST HAPPEN to be the key players. Hasselbeck should take pride in that fact, just as members of Obama’s church take pride in who they are. ASCE and a few European Americans!

Operation Nation supports home schooling for all ASCE children, with emphasis on linguistics, music, and mathematics.

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