Southwest City (MO) Police Thug Brian Massa Murders Bobby Stacy

By | April 6, 2010


UPDATED 4/15/2010: Internet Forum For McDonald County Shut Down

In an area as tiny as McDonald County, MO, citizens have few forums and/or message boards to voice their concerns regarding the murder of Mr. Bobby Stacy by Southwest City (MO) police thug Brian Massa. Now it appears they have one less.

We were emailed a link to the McDonald County Forums (now defunct). It is a message board for members of the community. The murder of Mr. Stacy has been a hot topic, and apparently too hot. The administrator of the forum, who calls him/herself “Scutter,” closed the forum to further comments.

This “Scutter” is obviously part of government there. But what I found even more interesting, while perusing the posts, is a commenter named “Bud.” This is obviously the chief deputy of the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office. Another forum user is named “Judy Testerman,” who is probably, well, JUDY TESTERMAN.


Not only do these people only care about themselves, but are also not very bright. The two of them are major players in a murder case, yet feel comfortable and confident enough in their good ‘ol boy network to comment online about it. Maybe because they know that no matter what, they will face no repercussions for their adultery or their blatant malfeasance in trying to cover up for Massa.

But even when the forum was active, it appears “Scutter” censored it. The moderator erased all information about Operation-Nation and our coverage of the murder.

The people in that county are in danger. The only advice for them is to exercise 2nd Amendment rights and protect yourselves. That government is a disgrace. The Taliban has more credibility than McDonald County officials.

UPDATED 4/12/2010: Massa’s Father-In-Law Was First Investigator At The Scene

A source has now confirmed that Harvey “Bud” Gow, the chief deputy for Sheriff Evenson, was the first person to arrive at the scene of police thug Massa murdering Mr. Stacy. Obviously this creates myriad conflicts of interest and destroys what little integrity these alleged “investigations” still had. We have also been told that the mayor of Southwest City, Ryan McKee, is the nephew of Judy Testerman, who was Massa’s immediate supervisor. According to another source, Testerman had an on-duty extramarital affair with chief deputy Gow this past year. She left her husband, and moved in with Gow after he kicked his wife out. Obviously these people have no morals and care only about themselves.

We’ve also now confirmed, through a reliable source, that Mr. Stacy was in fact shot one time above his right ear (sounds like “execution style”) and obviously died instantly since the coroner was called to the scene. But Mr. Stacy was still transported by ambulance to Grove, OK, and then airlifted from there to a hospital in Tulsa. The only reason for these “investigators” to transport a dead man that far is to create a mirage meant to deceive the citizens of McDonald County and/or to just flat-out cover up this cold-blooded murder.

It is becoming abundantly clear that McDonald County is one of the more corrupt, criminal syndicate municipalities in the USA, and that Massa is unlikely to face any charges (let alone murder) for killing Mr. Stacy. All of Massa’s pals in high places are sleeping with one another. The Stacy family should immediately file a federal wrongful death (Fourth Amendment) lawsuit against Massa and Southwest City. This will force Massa, Gow, and others (via deposition) to answer questions under oath.

Operation-Nation has been asked by two local radio station in the Southwest City/Rogers area to come on and talk about this case and others like it. We will let you know if/when this happens.

UPDATED 4/6/2010: McDonald County Prosecutor, Sheriff, and Massa All In Bed Together

About two hours after this story was published, we received several emails voicing concern for the family of Mr. Bobby Stacy. We’ve also learned more about Brian Massa. A source has now told us that it was not Gregg Sweeten in which Massa illegally used his position to obtain information on. It was information regarding Mrs. Tammy Sutherland, who is the wife of Jeff Sutherland, who also ran for Sheriff in 2008.

Operation-Nation has obtained court documents which tell a story that reminds of Maricopa County, AZ. According to the complaint filed by Jeff Sutherland on March 12, 2009 with the Missouri Attorney General, Brian Massa (the killer cop) committed the crime of Misuse of Official Information with regard to Mrs. Sutherland. Massa also admitted to committing the crime, in writing, to a Deputy William Davenport. With probable cause established, McDonald County prosecutor Janice Durbin-Atkins filed a criminal complaint against Massa.


And here is where the story only begins. Again according to the complaint, on January 23, 2009, Durbin dismissed the charges against Massa. The dismissal possibly could have included some sort of payoff, since Durbin filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy late in 2008 and needed money. This was also two months after her friend, Sheriff Evenson, was elected. When asked by Sutherland why the charges were dismissed, Durbin said, among other things, “prosecuting Massa would put [her] in a difficult spot, and make [her] out to be the bad guy.” It is only because of Sutherland, a former 17-year veteran of the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office, that Massa was re-charged and ultimately convicted of the crime.

As we reported earlier, Massa is in fact sleeping with the right people. Massa was involved in an intimate relationship (they may be married now) with a Ms. Jennifer Brown, a former employee of Durbin. Brown is also the daughter of Harvey “Bud” Gow, the chief deputy of the sheriff. Durbin and Sheriff Evenson are also very close. You can do the math in your head to realize that Massa sleeping with Brown initially got his charges dropped (before being re-filed), and now may help him escape a murder charge.

There’ still more. Mr. Jim and Tammy Sutherland filed a federal lawsuit on June 19, 2009, v. Massa, Sheriff Evenson, and several other county officials. The claims include invasion of privacy, public disclosure of private facts, and several other counts. The lawsuit seeks injunctive relief, compensatory, and other damages, against the Defendants. Massa pleading guilty means it is just a matter of time before McDonald County settles the claims.

We were also told that Mr. Stacy was shot in the back of the head by thug Massa, but we cannot confirm that. Bottom line is that Massa should not have been on the streets to begin with. Now a man is dead, and McDonald County has a sheriff who will curry favor to his buddies (like all other good ‘ol boy networks). Massa is an obvious criminal and needs to be charged with murder. But there will be no fair, balanced investigation, just as there is/was not in Bella Vista. We’ll update if we learn more.


by Brian A. Wilkins


Here is what we know about the government-sanctioned murder which took place in Southwest City, MO. The town is, ironically or otherwise, only about 25 miles from Bella Vista, AR, where another murder by cops took place in January. We know for a fact that on Sunday, March 28, around 2 a.m., Mr. Bobby Stacy was pulled over by Southwest City (MO) police thug Brian Geoffrey Massa on Monday. Mr. Stacy died of gunshot wounds that Massa recklessly and deliberately fired. Massa was rewarded with a paid vacation, aka “paid administrative leave.”

According to the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office, and Southwest City Police Chief Monty Brannon, Massa “was forced” to open fire after Mr. Stacy tried to “run him over.” Operation-Nation confirmed with the Southwest City Police today that the officer involved is in fact Massa. This cop has a checkered past and should not have been on the streets patrolling anyway.

An emailer down in that area sent us some very disturbing information about Massa, who recently pleaded guilty to using his position as a 911 dispatcher to obtain information about McDonald County Sheriff Robert Evenson’s opponent, Gregg Sweeten, during the 2008 election season.


Massa was sentenced to a fine and allowed to keep his job. A little more than a month later, Massa murdered Mr. Bobby Stacy for no apparent reason. We’ve also been told that Massa’s father-in-law is the chief deputy to the newly-elected Sheriff Evenson.

For a town of only 850 people in about 330 households, it’s disturbing that Massa is not the only crooked cop in this department – a department with only 10 or so employees. “Officer” Andrew Cummings, of the Southwest City Police, is currently facing felony theft charges. He stole a woman’s laptop computer during a 2007 traffic stop, then lied about it to investigators.

Massa should have been removed from his position after the guilty plea. Judging from some of the Facebook groups he is a part of, such as “I Don’t Need Anger Management…You Just Need To Stop Pissing Me Off,” he should have never been a cop to begin with.


What can possibly be going on in that tiny area where the borders of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri all touch? We reported a while back that Coleman Brackney, the cop who murdered James Patrick Ahern in Bella Vista, AR, was hanging out at bars across the border in Missouri, enjoying his paid vacation. You have to wonder if Brackney and Massa, who committed similar murders in the same area, are friends.

We left a message for Sgt. Mike Watson of the Missouri State Police, who have taken over the investigation. We did not hear back from him before publishing. We also tried to find listed phone numbers of Mr. Stacy’s relatives, to no avail. We assume that this scant information being made available by State Police and Southwest City Police, is to aid in yet another cover-up in the Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers Metropolitan area.

Our thoughts are with the Stacy family. We will keep you updated as we learn more.

70 thoughts on “Southwest City (MO) Police Thug Brian Massa Murders Bobby Stacy

  1. M. Davis

    I send my love and prayers to the family of Bobby Stacy.

    1. Karyn Stacy

      I know this was a long time ago but thank you. I’m his niece and its nice to see that people cared.

  2. Cuz From Cali

    The family is in a lot of pain. If you go on the radio about this (it’s not impossible that) it could hurt more than help.

  3. nobody

    I hope the family has an attorney involved and is doing their own investigation. A lot of what’s mentioned above is absolutely true.

  4. Cuz From Cali

    Keeping this topic going is important. Taking it to the airwaves could make the public aware (if nothing else but to stay away from Southwest City) and keep the pressure on so that the MSHP gives a thorough, accurate account of what happened to Bobby. His family should be made aware of the broadcast in advance so they wont be blind sided if they were to randomly turn on their radios and hear their story (or the parts of it that are publicly known). There are also younger family members that don’t quite understand everything that has been going on. Timing is everything. The more information you have at the time of the broadcast, the better you can state your case.

  5. woodsy

    It is just a continuing saga of McDonald County. The story mentions the Forums. A new one is now open so that we are not so censored. Uses the same name just drop the “s” from the forums in the name. A WHOLE family of Cunningham’s were assaulted in the County. 3 generations were arrested for assault of officers. A real Joke! Look into that and see the excuses there. Sorry for your loss but this is a big deal for the people of the county.


    The Bella Vista officer you referred to as “Getting Away With it” was charged this week.

  7. in.the.county

    a local newspaper ran a story that wasn’t very favorable of Massa.
    also more information has surfaced about Brian Massa stealing a stove and damaging rental property. Looks like you should do some follow up on this story.

  8. Claudia Martin Moss

    Thank you so much i am Bobby’s mother and his death still hurts so much the not knowing the wondering how can not sleep at nite and could not work for a while so got my electric turned off and everyone prayers are the only thing that keeps me going

    1. Karyn Stacy

      Me too Grandma. I’m going to try celebrating his death. That sounded bad but he deserves some fun. I know this was almost 7 years ago… But i want to celebrate his life. Stay strong Grandma. You have so far.

  9. Claudia Martin Moss

    We do have an attorney and and a pi and any help we can get is great I do not know if cuz in cali. is Vicki I do have more there and i am glad she is looking out for our interest but we want something done broadcasting write ups whatever to keep people thinking and to keep it from just getting sweep under a rug is great and ok yes we are hurting but not faceing things is wrong and I told Bobby at the hospital I can not fix you but me and your father will make sure it is made right and this little police force in southwest city will come down as well as everyone else that is trying to cover it up. Bob’s mom

  10. Claudia Martin Moss This is the paper that has some very interesting statements and one thing he got shot in the back of the head and he might of been in the passenger side since there seems to be a bullet hole through the headrest of the passenger side so could someone else been driving or was Bob trying to get out of viechle so how was he trying to run over anyone do not know but do know something is very wrong with the whole picture that I have in my mind.. He was not an perfect but he was not violent in anyway.. He would not fight he had vilonce turn towards him allot of the time If someone was fighting he would step in and get the anger turn towards him he did not want other people to get hurt to him it did not matter if it was him that got hurt he would tell me Hell Mom it if it happens to me it is just me no one else… There is so many people who want to just go postal on everyone of these unlawful group and I remind them what would Bob say to you if he was here ( Let it go it happened to me not you why can we not all just get along) I Told him at the hospital even though I knew he was not there I can not fix you but I will make sure me and your dad will make this right if it takes my lifetime to do so so be it his death will not be in vain.

  11. Sara Brown

    I have known Brian Massa for several years. I had a bad feeling when he became a cop, because I know that he is a cruel person inside. I thought that he would abuse his power, and now he’s murdered Bobby Stacy. I hope that justice will be done, and he will be put away where he can’t hurt anybody else.

  12. Maccounty

    FYI- Charges against Massa where filed today in McDonald County Circuit Court. He was arraigned in front of Judge John Lepage on one count of involuntary manslaughter in the first degree.

  13. Bo

    I am a friend of Brian Massa and every cop that you have slandered in this article. Point in case is simple, Stacy should not have stole an SUV and led officers on a felony high-speed pursuit. Which then again he was a shitbag as us “good ‘ol boys in Mac County” like to call the local scumbag criminals. He is the one that is in the worng here. It is a sad day that my friend has been charged with first degree involuntary manslaughter for carrying out his duties as a Peace Officer in the State of Missouri. You sir, have failed to mention the fact that Stacy was in thecommission of a multiple felonies at the exact time he was shot. I will admit that maybe the situation could have been handled a little differently but Stacy refused to stop the vehicle when emergency lights were initiated and a traffic stop was attempted. Either way he chose to run from the Sheriff’s and he ultimately chose his own fate.

    1. Karyn Stacy

      He still had no reason to be shot. Massa took my Uncle from me. The only thing that made me happy. He had NO right to kill him whatsoever. It’s people like you that are what’s wrong with the world

  14. Claudia

    Brian Massa was charged with first degree involuntary manslaughter there is a write up in the joblin globe

  15. concerned citizen

    You do not know Bobby Stacy there was no high speed chase and the owner of the suv did not even know it was gone until 6 hours later and I hope those good ol boys in Mc Donald county get all that iscoming to them and everyone of them that tried to cover up a very serious crime…If it was all on the up and up than the State and the FBI would not have found fault…Thank God for honest police and when has a police officer have the right to play God and decide who gets to die…Was he carrying out his duties or was he very pissed off and handled the situation wrongly.. Maybe he should of took anger management classes

  16. Dee

    Bo you are so concerned over your friend how about the family of Bobby Stacy and for Bobby he does not get to plead guilty or not he does not ever get to see his kids again his family are with out him because a cop was to quick to pull a gun and shot he did not know the suv was stolen and to if someone was stealing my car I could go shot them and walk away I do not think so.. I guess if you carry a badge and a gun you can kill whoever you want because that gives you the right to play God and this Brian is nothing but a murderer he knew he did wrong or he would not have picked up that casing and put it in his pocket and try to cover it up

  17. kc

    Bobby Stacy’s family would not be without him if he had not stolen a vehicle and hadcomplied with the police. Period. End of story. It is tragic that he died, but he made the decision to break the law. As far as Massa picking up casings, I would like to see credible evidence that that happened. Rumors are easy to start, and all it takes is one “source” who feels that Massa has mistreated them at some point. “Sources” are easy to find, but that doesn’t mean they are credible.

    1. Karyn Stacy

      okay but so that was a reason for him to kill my goddamn uncle? the only thing contributing to my happiness? yeah no. check yourself.

  18. Bo

    Actually there was a pursuit that took place that night. The first initial contact Massa had with Stacy was in the Seven Sons Storage parking lot shortly BEFORE 2am when he attempted to make a traffic stop. Brian then pursued Stacy with lights and sirens activated through town and (per dash camera footage, which is time stamped) at 2:15:40 the SUV went off the road, at 2:15:47 the SUV had turned around as Massa stopped his patrol unit and was heading towards Brian’s position as he exited the cruiser, at 2:15:48 the SUV struck the front bumper of the patrol car. At which time Brian opened fire, LEGALLY, and the fourth and last shot was fired at 2:15:54 which ultimately struck and killed Stacy. Needless to say there was about 15+ minutes of a pursuit that ended with Stacy side-swipping the SUV against Massa’s patrol car and then ended with Brian discharging his weapon and killing the suspect. All of which was a legal police shot. As far as a Deputy with MCSO stating that he witnessed Nrian “pocketing” a shell casing, I am unaware if this is true as well as you are since neither of us was actually on scene that night. However, if this did occur it would be wrong and unjustified. As for the shot I honestly do not feel that it was illegal or considered “murder” as most people have gotten on this blog and stated. stacy stole a vehicle, failed to stop when Massa’s lights were activated for a traffic stop, and then proceeded to flee from aprehension, all of which was a fatal mistake that HE made. Therefore, it is slander and publis deformation of Massa’s character to be on this blog calling him a “murderer” and honestly quite redundant as well.

  19. Been there

    Defamation of Massa’s character? That is absolutely hilarious. I know that Missouri POST was looking into Massa’s police certification when he shot Bobby. Massa was on his way out of law enforcement when this happened. He was a piss poor cop with piss poor supervision. The only reason he was still a cop is because his daddy in law is banging the mayor’s aunt.

  20. Bo

    So what you’re saying is that you’re a fellow law enforcement officer in Southwest Missouri
    and you are one of the crew that doesn’t like Massa and so you’re gonna slander him and
    throw under the bus as well. Correct? Needless to say that’s definately breaking the
    Thin Blue Line and being a Blue Falcon. But that’s you and as long as you can sleep in
    peace at night and stand to look at yourself in the mirror you go right ahead and be that
    way. Hey Southwest Missouri is full of people like you. And as for Brian still in law enforcement
    because of who his daddy-in-law was seeing actually has no bearing because if that’s the case
    then why was he not full time at MCSO where his father-in-law is the chief deputy? Ya’d think
    Co. 2 could have gotten a full time position if it was that tightly knit of a relationship
    or maybe I’m speculating a bit.

  21. Been there

    Yeah I used to work with Massa. I know him very well. I’ve seen him work and I’ve seen his attitude. What about it?

    The thin blue line needs to be broken. The corruption in this county needs to be stopped. Massa’s daddy in law is the range master for the county. I wonder how many firing range records have been falsified for Brian’s benefit now that this happened? I wonder how many other cops and former cops will step forward and testify to Brian’s character – or lack of it?

    Do you have any idea how many police involved shootings have happened in this county that have not been investigated? It’s like the wild west sometimes. Everything just get’s swept under the carpet of secrecy and nothing evercomes of it. It’s kind of like a badge of honor to brag to the other cops “hey, did you hear I got to shoot at someone the other night?”. Or maybe it’s like the boy scouts and they earn merit badges for their bad acts. If that’s the case then some of them should be eagle scouts by now.

  22. mason

    I think ALL of you should get off of this board. I mean, look at who owns and runs this THING. Did you not realize that?

  23. mason

    Hey Mike (aka been there and many more id’s) You were A Senior Chief. A very honorable and high rank with the Navy man. Why on earth are you posting on a web-site such as this? I would think that you are reaping tons of benefits from the Gov. with your rank and history. I wonder what the good old Gov would say if they knew you were lowering yourself to the levels of posting on this shit forum as well as the others? Shame on you Limey..SHAME.

  24. watcher

    been there> If you have no faith in your counties officers or the local city officers, WHY don’t you seek employment out of the county? I can’t imagine not having faith in your fellow officers and still standing beside them. What would come if you were to need back-up and they knew you were the one mouthing them here?? Oh wait, yeah they would be there for you reguardless because they are your brothers. It is time for you my fellow officer to move on to a different place. I know I would not want you covering my back, EVER.

  25. cc

    So Bo you feel good about slandering a man that your friend murdered Maybe instead of being mad at a dead man you should be mad at the system that let him slip through and be a cop when he should not of been..If someone had really looked at all the things he has done and been in trouble for and said we should not hire him or let him be in charge of our safety..And with the fact he had no idea who was driving this suv when he shot it what if it was the people own kid out on a joy ride and hopefully he will never get a chance to murder anyone else

  26. kc

    Slander : words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another… I don’t see anywhere in thesecomments where Bobby Stacy was slandered. What has been said about him is fact. What has been said about Brian Massa is largely speculation and hearsay, therefore, slander.

    CC, it made absolutely no difference who was behind the wheel of that SUV. If it had been the owner’s kid out on a joy ride, and the kid had failed to stop when Massa initiated the traffic stop, led Massa on a 15 minute chase, then struck the police cruiser with the SUV, he would have been shot too. And it would have been justified. And a justified shooting is not murder.

  27. Bo

    No I don’t know who owns and runs this board. I seen the blog and put my two cents in after whoever it is bashed a friend. So please tell me.

  28. Roslyn S

    Well he’s a cute black guy! 🙂 Outspoken and, in my opinion, very smart. But I’ll admit I’m biased because I was happy to see this blog about Brian Massa, being that scumbag sickens me and deserves a long prison sentence. And Janice Durbin destroyed my life because she’s always been jealous of me.

  29. Bo

    THANK YOU Watcher! Someone else finally stated what I have been pointing out all along.

  30. dee

    It is kinda strange that you have read or seen the evidence when it is not been made public being it is an open case and it should not be talked about in such detail and it is kinda funny his story does not add up to what the state officers saw on his video and what was on his audio recording…I am sure that what the officer said is true about seeing him pick up a casing from the ground and the first 2 shots were justified not the last 2 and yes it is slander when you are saying things about someone and if you do not know someone why talk shit about them..He is not here to defend his self and your friend should not have appointed himself judge and jury he is innocent until proven guilty.. No not all police shot someone for not stopping but I figure they had training and kept a level head about them…too bad he was ever a cop

  31. Dee

    So it is allright for massa to appoint himself jury judge and assassin..It was proven that he was in no danger and after the first 2 shots he should not have fired again Bobby was being stopped for a traffic violation not stealing a car no one even knew the car was stolen…Police officers are to protect and serve not get pissed and shot And Massa made the decision to be jury Judge and executioner and he will have to pay for his decision end of story I do not think it will just end I thank this is a being

  32. CJM

    I thank God that there is someone who is not afraid of these people Thank you for stepping up and saying what a lot of people want to say but are scared to..

  33. Bo

    Massa did his job. Plain and simple, cut and dry. He did his job and should not be getting charged for doing so. Shitbag Staceywas being stopped for a minor traffic violation, you’re right. BUT he decided to flee and cause a chase to insue. Hecommitted a felony by doing so. Not only that he rammed the cop car. Massa shot. It was his training that taught him to do so. Shitbag got hit with a bullet. Oh well. He CHOSE tocommit a felony crime and therefore he got shot during the course of it. Oh well. Get over it. Massa is the one people ought feel bad for. Being shafted for doing his job what he was trained to do.

  34. Been there

    So you are saying that Massa is a trained killer? Keep talking Bo, I’m sure Stacy’s family will be using all thesecomments in their lawsuit 🙂

  35. Bo

    He was trained by POST to defend himself. Put yourself in his shoes for a minute. You’ve just been in a pursuit. We can all agree that Massa, like most officers have no idea who’s in the vehicle when they make a traffic stop or are involved in a pursuit. So at the end of a 15 minute pursuit where the shitbag suspect rams his alleged SUV, which wound up being stolen, into the police cruiser his instinct and training was too shoot. And this is a public forum therefore thecomments added are not admissible in court under Missouri law. And since it’s an opinion based statement (of course a little facts are added on my part and maybe one or two others as well) so therefore a judge wouldn’t give it the time of day to hear in his courtroom.

  36. ha ha

    not all you say is the truth and how do you know it will be tried in Mo.. maybe maybe not keep talking please i am so glad not all cops feel the way you do… Some of my friends just did a two hour chase where the 15 year old trashed one of the cop cars ran several lights going at very high speeds and guess what he got arrested and not shot at he even fought with them after they pulled him from the stolen truck.. another person feed the police in Mo.. wrecked the truck he was in fought police officers and they are real officers since their frist instincts were not pull a gun he got beat up but he is alive Go ahead talk some more

  37. faith

    So my question is how many of you that have posted comments are actually cops? I am not a cop myself, however my boyfriend is a cop in Pineville. Do any of you know exactly what you would do in that situation?? NO! YOU DONT, YOU COULDN’T UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN IN THAT SITUATION! You can’t say you would handle it differently or that you would do the exact same thing. The car was stolen, he did ram the police car. One thing I would like you to think about is what would have happened if Brain would not have gotten out of the car and shot at him. Would he keep on ramming the car putting the officer in more danger? Or would he have taken off and possibly caused a wreck that killed other people? Would you then blame the officer for not doing his job? It could have been handled differently, but one thing is for sure and that is Brian will be sentensed whether right or wrong and a felon is no longer with us. Maybe you should all think of what you would do instead of belittling Brian for what he did. Cause I gaurentee I probably would have protected myself at all costs, no matter who was driving the stolen vehicle.

  38. dee

    faith maybe you should get more facts the suv was not reported stolen he did not ram the car and when he got shot the suv was disabled and no longer a threat and he got shot in the back of the head and at what point do the police did to take responable for what they do a badge does not give you the right of God and they should have training I know a lot of officers and they all have said that this should not of happened the way it did a uniform is just clothing and a badge is just that.. Some people should not be in law inforcement and it seems this is one that should have worked at McDonalds

  39. Bo

    Dee are you seriously writing that hogwash on here?! There was dash cam in Brian’s patrol car, which is time stamped down to the second and it recorded the entire incident. It clear shows that the vehicle ran off the roadway Brian stopped and began to exit the patrol unit as the suv turned around and came towards him striking the patrol unit and Brian firing four rounds as the suv driven by the suspect after a pursuit drove passed Brian. I’ll give you the fact the suv had not been REPORTED stolen at the time of the incident but it was later determined that Stacey didn’t not have authorization to be in it operating which is why he initally flees from Brian. Therefore 2+2=4 and that equaztion says it was stolen. Period. YOU need to check the facts before you open ya mouth.

  40. dee

    Hogwash if it was all up and up he would not have been charged with anything and if you have really seen the cam you would know that two shots were fired and the last two was fired after the suv was high risen and was no danger to anyone even the murder Brian Masa the fourth shot killed and he even tried to remove that evidence can not be used as a stolen suv in court because at the time it was not stolen

  41. dover de

    ur blog is really attractive thanks for the good post keep up the good work……..

  42. barbara

    to whom it may concern- Jeff Sutherland is no longer a county deputy and has not been for a couple of years. Please contact the authorities if there are any questions reguarding this person.

  43. dee

    I have read the probable cause and you are full of crap you are not telling the whole truth and adding to high speed chase ramming into the cop car no such shit happened maybe you need to tell the truth and quit lying and the good old boys are about to get some good old justice only it will be the right way not the way of the good old boys it is about time someone stops the curruption in this tiny little piece of the world he was not a good cop qand if you feel like just because someone flees from a cop than you are not either being shot at from the back is chicken shit and unmoral we are not living in the wild west and there are laws that police have to live by to and if they are crossed than they have to pay just like everyone elese does

  44. cindy

    omg are you serious massa shot him in the back of the head thats a fact fact fact massa murered bobby perod and you have to know that if you seen the dash cam if you did see it so maybe should get the facts before open ya mouth…..

  45. Dee

    and Massa made the decision to break the law and shot someone from the back which is against the law no not one shot was at the front of the suv and this is not the end of story but the start

  46. Bo

    What is so ridiculous is that we have this blog dedicated to the shitbags that getr killed by officers who are simply doing their jobs and changing it around to make them look bad. There are shitbag cops that do stupid shit, Massa (in this incident) is not one of them. He was doing his job and the oucome is not what anyone really wants though. Why not focus on that shitbag Nanez that tarnished the badge by molesting young girls and then slandered everybody in the county to save his own ass?! Probably because the admin of this blog is the same kinda sick shitbag that likes to mess with little children and gets slammed for it so he has to try to ruin the reputation of the good officers whenever he sees the chance, like the incident with Massa, the cop in Louisania, the Bella Vista cop or any other cop that permenantly takes another goddamn shitbag off the streets and keeps the general public safe.

  47. Been there

    The real hero to this story is Richard Gidcumb. He is the kind of cop that this county needs. Not that POS Brian Massa. This wanna-be-cop should never wear a badge again EVER! Not even a cracker jack badge. He’s an embarrassment to the law enforcementcommunity and if you support him then you are no better than he is. And if you think that the Bella Vista cop is some kinda hero then maybe you need to have someone read the PC statement to you – since obviously you cannot read or you would know he shot the guy and then lied about it. Thank God for video or these two murderers (Massa and Brackney) would’ve got away with it.

  48. Justice will prevail

    Bo, you are an idiot! Massa murdered Stacey. Too bad Massa was only charged with involuntary manslaughter, it should have been at least 2nd degree murder. If Massa was such a great cop one shot would have stopped Stacey. I think Massa fired the other shots out of anger and a self delusional sense of power. From what I have read in the news Massa is a piece of crap who never should have been a cop. Massa did not know the vehicle Stacey was driving was stolen. Why would he chase this guy for 15 minutes? That is a lot more dangerous and manycommunities in this country do not allow these kinds of high speed chases. Too often the cop causes a wreck killing innocent victims. Massa was just being a jerk by chasing Stacey.

    If you are a cop then the citizens of yourcommunity need to find out who you are and get your ass off the police force. You are a dangerous man too. I think you are a cop because you seem to have seen the dash cam and as I understand that has not been released to the public.

    Running from the cops does not deserve to be executed. Massa had other options and if his ego had not gotten in the way Stacey would be alive today.

    I have to respect your defending your friend but do it in a respectful way. The way you are doing it is ignorant.

    Your attitude is one sided. A family lost a beloved family member. You seem to have forgotten that. Sure Stacy broke the law, but Massa did not have the right to kill him. Please a shot to the back of the head. That was overkill and you damn well know it. No amount of your ranting will change the facts.

    Your buddy will only get 90 days for this charge if found guilty. Maybe there will be some justice in jail for him. I sure hope so.

    I also hope the family files a wrongful death suit against the city, police dept and Massa. Maybe they can break the city financially. Money is the only thing that might stop these types of killings.

    Yes, the media reported one of Massa’s fellow officers saw him pick up a shell casing and put it in his pocket. He is a dirty cop. Why would he pick up the casing if he had done nothing wrong. He knew he was in the wrong.

    Slander, that is laughable. Facts are not slander. You are the one slandering people on this site. You are not only an idiot but acomplete fool.

    Let me give you some advice, ‘SHUT UP’, no one wants to hear your absurd opinions about Massa or this site. I personally laughed through each of your postings.

    Massa is a murderer…period!

    To the family you have my prayers and support.

  49. Bo

    Been There, youcompletely missed my point. Period. You took what I said, read it the way you wanted it to read and the whole timecompletely taking my point out of context. I have know Gidcumb a while, he is a good guy. That wasn’t the point. My point is that the author of this blog is shit talking cops becasue he is a low-life scumbag. Period. Now I don’t agree with you on Massa’s deal and I was using the Bella Vista’s cop incident as a reference as well because it so close to Massa issue, as well as the other incident.

  50. Justice will prevail

    You talk about ‘slander’ and yet you slander someone you do not even know. It is a good thing the author of this site is keeping track of the bad cops that are running our country. It is fools like you who need to get your facts straight before you start shooting your mouth off. If you don’t have anything intelligent to add to this blog just shut up and go away.

  51. Elizabeth

    I have one question and one question only. Do any of you posting on here have anything above an 8th grade education? You are all ignorant and obviously uneducated. No wonder people make fun of the hillbillies in SW Missouri.

  52. Justice will prevail

    Actually Elizabeth I have a Bachelors degree incomputer science and have been professionally employed for 30 years. My posts have been directed at BO who is definitely an idiot. By the way I am NOT from this area and have lived all over the world including Europe and Japan. If yourcomment was meant for me you really missed the mark.

  53. Been there

    I would bet that Massa has that shell casing as a trophy. Probably has it sitting on his mantle or attached to his key chain.

  54. County

    I agree, you do need to do a follow-up post to this. It is all good to get the word out there to begin with, but follow-up, even if the follow-up isn’t favorable with your conspiracy theories.

  55. Dee

    I am glad not all officers believe the way Bo and Massa believe if you do not stop for and officers you deserve to be shot That is what this shotting was based on if you do not stop regardless of any reasoning you deserve to be shot not stopping makes you a fleeing felon. Now what is hard to understand is the fact you are not guilty until proven guilty in a court of law. Does that not go against the rights of the accused and this all happened because Bobby went over the fog line Massa was just mad and murdered him even shotting him after the suv was no longer mobile and all shots were from the back to the front of the suv and if he thought he was in the right why did he shut off the camera he was wearing there’s allot of things that do not add up

  56. dee

    Cop car was never rammed that has been proven and Masacommited a felon when all of his shots were from the back to the front of suv but he gets his chance in court to prove his case not so with Bob who had his civil rights took away from him by a murdering cop

  57. katie

    fuck u all out there that act like your shit don’t stink because i bet all you mother fukers out there don’t have anything better to do with your life all you do is sit on your ass at home!!at least he has a job so get off your ass and get a life because he did that to save his life he has sad that no matter what happens he willcome home to his feancay and loving kids so go fucf your selfs!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Dee

    So he shot someone in the back of the head after the suv was disabled he walks up to the suv and shot Bobby in the back of the head so if he felt he was in danger why did he walk up to the suv why did he not call back up why did he turn his camera off lied about what happened picked up a shell casing and put it in his pocket and I am sure his kids love him why wouldn’t they and to be using that word over and over shows what a peaceful person you happen to be God help you and I hope everyday this man plays the killing over and over in his head until time ends and I hope it haunts him no one has the right to be judge jury and executioner..At least he gets to go in front of a jury and judge he took that right away from Mr Stacy

  59. Bo

    Hey don’t get so worked up. I am a good friend of Brian’s and half the crap that the jackass who started this blog and the majority of the idiots on here have several key things important.
    1. They are all ignorant
    2. They have all had run-ins with the law, in which they feel The Man done them wrong when in fact they were breaking the law and deserved to be dealt with accordingly
    3. The all have nothing better to do in their lives and most of them feed off the social system.
    Don’t get so worked up though. You’ll stroke out.

  60. Dee

    so are you one of the idiots and you must feel threatened or you would not put the crap you put on here.. Do youy forget that Bobby Stacy has a faimly mand how would you feel if it was your son or brother or what if it was your good friend that got killed by an officer that thought he was in the right knowing Brian as I do it is quite possible with his anger issuses that he could get shot by a real cop He is not at fault and haveing a badge does not give any of you cop wana be’s the right to decide who lives and who dies regradless of if they stop for you or not many police officers do high speed chases all the time and no one dies and this was not a high speed chase and no ramming of any cop car paint transfer is not a ramming of two veicheles and I hope that everyone one of you who thinks the way you two think gets what iscomeing to them The law states that you are inocent until proven guilty in a court of law somehow Bobby will have his justice I have faith that scumbags like you two will be dealt with And in this case he did do wrong

  61. LOL

    Looks like another shit bag has gotten his badge revoked and now maybe people will feel safe knowing that their child will not be shot for not stopping for an unlawful officer

  62. A Christian

    I am a police officer in Southwest Mo. I wasn’t in Bobby’s or Brian’s shoes, so I will not cast judgement on either side. I will, however, pray for all parties involved bc that is what my Lord and Savior wants me to do!!!


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