Seattle Cop Timothy Brenton: Collateral Damage

By | November 2, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins
11/2/2009 (links, photos, and videos updated December 8, 2018)

State-run media embarrasses itself every time something like this happens. CNN and other “major mainstream media” ignore each and every story of American citizens gunned down, Tasered, raped, and/or assaulted daily by gangsters in badges. But when one of their heroes, such as Seattle cop Timothy Brenton, are gunned down by fed-up Americans who are not part of the elite class which police across the country protect – but instead terrorize – it is front-page, weeks-long news.

Seattle Cop Timothy Brenton

Brenton was killed last night while he sat in his parked cop car. A vehicle drove by and the occupants opened fire, hitting Brenton several times and grazing a trainee in the car with him. Seattle mayor Greg Nickels called the event, “a cold-blooded killing.” Seattle Assistant Police Chief Jim Pugel called it, “an assassination.” Message boards for state-run media outlets are filled with quips such as “our prayers are with his family,” “he is a fallen hero,” and “I hope the killer resists arrest when he is found.” This is standard protocol. It is also standard procedure for said state-run media bloggers to praise cops for murdering and assaulting unarmed, innocent American citizens.

Here is a clip from the presser Seattle cops held the morning after the incident.

Seattle/King County area “law enforcement” are some of the most rogue, malicious organizations in the United States; right up there with “law enforcement” in Oakland, CA; New York City; Los Angeles; Miami/Dade County; Chicago/Cook County; and Phoenix/Maricopa County. This year alone, two disgusting attacks by Seattle/King County “law enforcement” on American citizens made national news.

First, there was thug King County deputy Paul Schene inexplicably attacking a 15-year-old girl because she called him “fat,” back in February. Schene is only facing misdemeanor charges. I was thug King County deputy Matthew Paul inexplicably attacking Mr. Christopher Harris, leaving the young man in a virtual vegetative state this past summer.

The Seattle-Post Intelligencer has written extensively about numerous other Seattle and King County cops for various crimes, including child molestation, murder, rape, and assault. People seem to forget that serial killer Ted Bundy was once an advisor for the Seattle Police Department. King County prosecutors spared serial killer Gary Ridgeway, aka “The Green River Killer,” the death penalty because his victims were “mostly female prostitutes.” And let’s also not forget, Mr. Niles Meservey was murdered by Everett, WA police thug Troy Meade back in June.

Citizens of the Pacific Northwest are obviously fed up with this third-world justice and police state mentality of those who are supposed to protect them. We do not know, and likely never will know, if Timothy Brenton had been involved in any murders or assaults on American citizens under color of law. Just like every American who is murdered or assaulted by police has their past used against them and used to justify their murders, Brenton and all cops are subject to this same standard state-run media and copsucker protocol that they created and reinforce. It is absolutely sickening how state-run media and cop-suckers vilify all murder and assault victims at the hands of police, including but definitely not limited to, Mr. Oscar Grant of Oakland and Mr. Tyler Heilman of Kasota, MN after they were murdered in cold-blood by police thugs in their respective cities earlier this year.

The killing of Timothy Brenton will not change the police state policies and customs throughout United States “law enforcement” agencies; just like a few cops being killed in Oakland, Pittsburgh, Okaloosa County (FL), and Seminole County (OK) earlier this year haven’t changed U.S. policies on law enforcement and criminal liability for police, prosecutors, and judges.

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Police are here to protect the rich and elite; and terrorize the poor. Though you have a better chance to be protected by police if you are of European descent, you are risking your life and well-being every time you call “police” for help (just ask Mrs. Hope Steffey).

State-run media and cop-suckers act as “thought police,” a la Oceania in George Orwell’s 1984, for those of us terrorized by these alleged “law enforcement officials.” It is always a tragedy when one of these badged terrorists are killed, but is always passed as “police doing their jobs” when American citizens are murdered by them. Just as police and copsuckers feel no remorse or sympathy for families affected by this terrorism, I feel no remorse for this cop either. Murder is murder, no matter who does it. As long as regular American citizens’ lives mean nothing to these people, cops lives mean nothing either.

Seattle Police say they will use any and all resources necessary to bring the person who shot Brenton to justice. If only they were this committed to policing their own.


Reality Check: “Whites” Killing “Blacks” Is Legal In The USA (9/7/2009)

3 thoughts on “Seattle Cop Timothy Brenton: Collateral Damage

  1. george harrison

    It is alright to shot a cop.Wow but lets not hurt the criminal that might murder someone esle.


    Murder is murder no matter who does it. All murder is wrong. In America, however, police murdering American citizens is deemed “heroic” and “noble” by Euro-American media and individuals like yourself, and police are rewarded with paid vacations for murdering unarmed American citizens. I don’t condone murder at all. I condone justice, which always escapes the average American family. Thanks for commenting.

    Brian W.

  2. Tom Bridenback

    I bet if someone comes to hurt you or your family you’ll be the first one to call on the “thugs” to come protect you. We’ll see if you’re so quick to call them murderers if they shoot and kill someone intending to do you harm. You are a coward and don’t deserve the protection of the police.

  3. Jan

    I am disgusted to have accidentally stumbled upon this site. Ignorance is bliss, Mr. Wilkins, especially for a racist like yourself. What you stand for is the reason people can’t get past the color of their skin.


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