Rapping While “White” Is A Crime In Utah

By | November 2, 2009

by Brian A. Wilkins

Though most rap songs since about 1997 completely suck, it has not gotten bad to the point that police should issue citations to kids trying their best to exercise the microphone.

But this is what happened to Mr. Spencer Dauwalder, Mr. Gage Christensen, and several of their friends in the small town of American Fork, Utah last week. Mr. Dauwalder and his friends went to a McDonald’s drive-thru and ordered their food in the form of a rap song. The manager of the McDonalds apparently got angry and told the young men to stop holding up the line, even though the young men said there was nobody else in line at the time. Watch a report from Fox affiliate KSTU Channel 13 in Salt Lake City.

There are two things about this story that are absolutely outrageous and disturbing. First, the McDonald’s manager said her “safety was at risk” so she wrote down the young men’s license plate number and called police. Second, and even more disturbing, is the fact American Fork Police used several man-hours and taxpayer dollars to track down these kids’ car at a high school volleyball game later that evening, and issued them a ticket for “disorderly conduct.”

Apparently this rap-order-food thing is a Youtube craze that several thousands of teens have done all over the country. Here is one of them.

As someone who worked at fast-food restaurants throughout most of my teenaged years, though I never encountered someone rapping their order, this incident would have been funny and minor compared to some of the other stuff you see at jobs like that. American Fork Police should be investigated by the U.S. Justice Department for wasting taxpayer dollars on this “investigation,” and the McDonald’s manager needs to be fired. And if the judge these kids go in front of to fight this B.S. ticket does not drop the charges, that judge also needs to be investigated.

I would have to assume, especially in a state like Utah, that the “Obama fear factor” played a role in all this as well. The European American community was outraged when President Obama addressed high school kids earlier this year because they feared he was “indoctrinating” and “brain-washing” their children, when all the President was doing was encouraging them to stay in school. The fact that Mr. Dauwalder, Mr. Christensen, and the rest of their friends were engaging in a predominately “black” form of expression embroiled the “Obama fear factor” in American Fork Police and the predominately Euro-American community there.

Mr. Christensen, Mr. Dauwalder, and company may need a little work on their rap skills (cause their performance was a little choppy from what I’ve seen), but they certainly do not need harrassment from overzealous, fearful police and McDonald’s managers. McDonald’s food sucks anyway and the only time I eat it is when I’m dead broke and starving. I suggest the young men write a song about this entire incident and post it on Youtube. I, at least, would be interested in hearing it.

One thought on “Rapping While “White” Is A Crime In Utah

  1. Mr Strategies

    McGruff the Crime Dog raps. He’s kind of white, right? He’s a cop, so at least he sort of represents “the man”, so he probably deserves a mention. I mean, if you’re going to put K-fed up there, it seems logical.


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