Maricopa County Thug Cops Adam Stoddard And Francisco Campillo Steal Attorney’s Files

By | October 30, 2009

UPDATED 10/31/2009: Hearing Is Actually On Wednesday,November 4

Tom Liddy, the attorney for the Sheriff’s Office in this case, tried to pull the okie-doke on when he told them the hearing to determine whether thug deputy Adam Stoddard committed any crimes will take place on Thursday, November 5. According to the Superior Court website, the hearing is actually on Wednesday, November 4 at 1:30 p.m.

Meanwhile the entire surveillance video of thug Stoddard’s criminal acts are now available for viewing. Watch and see for yourself.

UPDATED 10/30/2009 3:35pm: Hearing Continued Until Thursday, November 5 For Decision

A Maricopa County judge listened for 90 minutes, to testimony from attorney Tom Liddy, who was representing the Sheriff’s Office this morning. The judge determined that the papers Maricopa County police thug Adam P. Stoddard stole from public defender Joanne Cuccia during a sentencing hearing on October 19, were subject to attorney-client privilege. In other words, the thug cop, as anyone with common sense knows, cannot just put his funky hands in an attorney’s files. Thug Stoddard also, according to testimony, made copies of all the stolen documents and gave them to county attorneys. It is becoming pretty clear that the head goon, Arpaio, likely ordered Stoddard to do this for whatever reason.

If this county judge determines next Thursday that the actions of Stoddard are not criminal in nature, than Arizona may as well give this land back to Mexico, as the laws and court systems here are no better than they are there.

by Brian A. Wilkins
10/30/2009 (links updated November 3, 2018)

In yet another episode of third-world justice down here in Maricopa County (Phoenix, AZ), Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio and his goons have now reached heights which make the governments of Somalia and Serbia/Kosovo look functional.

NBC 12 here in Phoenix first reported the incident which took place at a sentencing hearing for a Mr. Antonio Lozano on October 19 in a Maricopa County courtroom. While Mr. Lozano and his attorney, public defender Joanne Cuccia, were presenting their case to the judge, Maricopa County police thugs Adam Stoddard and Francisco Compillo, in yet another reminder to American citizens that we live in a police state, began rummaging through Ms. Cuccia’s files…right in front of the judge and everyone else in the courtroom. Surveillance video caught thugs Stoddard and Campillo in the act of tampering with court files and evidence, and they even had the nerve to make copies of said documents.

Mr. Lozano quickly pointed out the criminal behavior of the police thugs to his attorney. The hearing was stopped immediately and reset for a later date. A few days later, the presiding judge of Maricopa County ordered a hearing to show cause (for the police thugs to explain their actions) on October 30, today. So far the Maricopa County Superior Court docket in this case has not been updated to reflect what went on in today’s proceedings. But thug Arpaio, through his flunkies at his office, defended the criminal behavior of his cops, saying they were “searching for contraband.”

Though both thugs Stoddard and Campillo should face felony tampering and obstruction charges, we all know this is not only the United States – where thug cops are “heroes” – but also Maricopa County, where there is no such thing as the U.S. Constitution. We will update this story as soon as we hear what happened at today’s proceedings.


Anant Kumar Tripati, Maricopa County Race-Based Justice, and My Situation (10/15/2009)

CBS 5 (once again, the only TV network with balls in this city) last night showed a 10-minute investigative report (produced by a former professor of mine at ASU…nice work Z) which revealed that the FBI is already investigating thug Arpaio and an indictment could be handed down soon. If you are a victim of Arpaio’s thuggery, contact the Phoenix branch of the FBI at 602-279-5511

3 thoughts on “Maricopa County Thug Cops Adam Stoddard And Francisco Campillo Steal Attorney’s Files

  1. Terminal shock

    Ours is an envionment where evil is perceived to be rewarded while good is punished.

  2. anti_fascist_freedom_fighter

    What a phenomenal cop-out for the judge Donahoe to rule that the defendant has to waive his entire attorney-client privilege in order to find the deputy in contempt. HORSECRAP your so-called “honor.” Judge Donahoe has READ the documents – and determined they were attorney-client privilege, thus, the judge already knows the contents of the attorney/client privilege and can allow the cop’s testimony in a closed hearing. THERE WAS NO JURY IN THIS MATTER, it is a CONTEMPT hearing, before the judge ONLY. Who can possibly be offended by Stoddard saying what he saw? EVERYBODY IN THE COURTROOM KNOWS WHAT HE SAW, he made a photocopy of the file. If the honorable jurist is so worried, the judge can take the cop’s defensive testimony as to the four words the cop SAW in a closed hearing or go back into your chambers and let him testify in CAMERA and make a ruling. So the cop can easily defend himself, and the judge’s point is completely FALSE. Besides, the “four words” are already all over the press, the cop has waived any right to be harmed by blabbing to the press.

    Besides, by the cop testifying to what he claims he saw, “in plain view” (if in fact it were “in plain view” in no way violates the confidentiality of the attorney / client privilege, since the attorney didn’t keep it confidential! The judge could make a limited RULING therefore, if he believes the cop actually saw something “in plain view”, and therefore state that the defendant waived his right to object to the cop stating the four words he saw “in plain view”. There is no need for the defendant to waive his entire right of attorney/client confidentiality or his right to counsel.

    To rule the way the judge ruled in this case means that a cop can violate the defendant’s attorney/client privilege, and the VERY VIOLATION creates immunity for his misfeasance because the defendant refuses to waive his attorney/client privilege. It’s insane. It means that cops everywhere SHOULD always violate the attorney/client privilege, because if they do, they get the evidence that they could not have seen otherwise, and if they caught, and the defendant waives his attorney client privilege, THEY AGAIN GET THE EVIDENCE THAT THEY WOULD NOT HAVE SEEN OTHERWISE. The worst thing that happens? A minor fine for the cop. The worst thing that happens for the defendant? the illegally seized evidence, given in complete reliance on the attorney/client privilege, could be used against him and the defendant gets jail time. The 4th amendment is DEAD to Judge Donahoe. SHAME ON JUDGE DONAHOE, you ARE A DISGRACE to what a real judge should be.

    WHAT A CHICKEN-SHITE COP OUT. This bailiff should be CONVICTED OF CONTEMPT OF COURT AND SENTENCED TO ONE MONTH OF SWEAT TENT time in Sheriff Joe the Fascist’s Forced Labor camp, and he should be JOINED by JUDGE DONAHOE, whose contempt for the US and ARIZONA constitution is sickening.

  3. American Resistance Movement

    Patriot from Arizona talks about arming woman as well as how to deal with Maricopa County Sheriff if he comes with his Tanks after the civilians.

    (link dead)


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