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Christopher John Monfort: IF He Killed Timothy Brenton…

by Brian A. Wilkins
11/7/2009 (links, photos, and videos updated December 7, 2018)

Christopher John Monfort
Mr. Christopher John Monfort

We’ll withhold judgment until all the facts come out because, obviously, police thugs lie. If Mr. Christopher John Monfort, of Tukwila, Washington, is the person who killed Seattle cop Timothy Brenton on Halloween night, then he is “an upstanding citizen” to use the words of Operation-Nation contributor Heidi Peterson. Monfort simply gave up on the justice system and took matters into his own hands.

The Seattle Times has identified Mr. Monfort as the “suspect” who killed Brenton. Mr. Monfort, 41, was … Read Entire Article

Seattle Cop Timothy Brenton: Collateral Damage

by Brian A. Wilkins
11/2/2009 (links, photos, and videos updated December 8, 2018)

State-run media embarrasses itself every time something like this happens. CNN and other “major mainstream media” ignore each and every story of American citizens gunned down, Tasered, raped, and/or assaulted daily by gangsters in badges. But when one of their heroes, such as Seattle cop Timothy Brenton, are gunned down by fed-up Americans who are not part of the elite class which police across the country protect – but instead terrorize – it is front-page, weeks-long news.

Seattle Cop Timothy Brenton

Brenton was killed Read Entire Article