Maurice Hill: 5 Clues That Point To Philadelphia Shooting Being A False Flag

By | August 15, 2019

August 15, 2019 (updated August 17, 2019)

Mr. Maurice Hill.

PHILADELPHIA — A white supremacist killed 22 people and injured 24 more in an El Paso, TX Walmart on Saturday, August 3. The next day, another white supremacist killed nine people and injured 27 more in Dayton, OH. Jeffrey Epstein had crazy dirt on Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, and other high-powered government individuals. He was mysteriously murdered on Saturday, August 10 while in jail awaiting trial. The official story is Epstein “committed suicide.”

A false flag was necessary to mobilize white America and get them back on code. The talk of normalized white supremacist terrorism was becoming a nuisance to the hegemony. They also needed to quiet the pedophilia evidence related to all those millionaires and billionaires.

False Flag defined

This article must be prefaced with the definition of false flag. Many people have no idea what that means and/or misinterpret the meaning. A false flag is a government-orchestrated event/tragedy. They are meant to shock the public, distract and/or push specific agendas (war, gun control, homophilia, immigrant hatred, etc.).

A false flag is not the same as a hoax. The Gulf of Tonkin incident on August 4, 1964 was a hoax. U.S. government conjured the entire story of North Vietnamese torpedo boats attacking USS Maddox in order to send 540,000 U.S. troops into Vietnam. De-classified CIA documents in 2005 and 2006 showed that the incident was a complete hoax. It never happened. But the lie was used to start a decade-long war.

9/11 was a false flag. It really happened. The purpose was angering gullible Americans and justifying invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course 15 of the 19 so-called hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. But George Bush invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. 9/11 did not happen spontaneously. Many Americans cling to “patriotism” and believe Muslims with boxcutters did it. They believe our altruistic, loving, trusting government would never do anything like that to us. But objective individuals with common sense, including architects and engineers who build skyscrapers, know that “small office fires and flying debris” do not cause 47-story, 100% steel-framed buildings to collapse at free-fall speed.

You can also check out the Windsor Tower. The 32-story skyscraper supported by a steel-reinforced concrete frame (much weaker than 100% steel), violently burned for 24 hours on February 12, 2005 in Madrid, Spain.

It did not collapse at free-fall speed (controlled demolition) like the three towers in New York City.

Windsor Tower a day after the fire was extinguished.

False flags have been a normal part of American life since the biggest and most dastardly one kicked off the 21st century – September 11, 2001. We’ve covered several of these false flags like Sandy Hook, Las Vegas and Orlando Pulse on our sister sites. False flags used to be necessary during the Bush II and Obama years to push the partisan political agendas of the sitting President. That’s no longer the case.

False Flags No Longer Necessary

Americans hadn’t been properly conditioned at that point to carry out these things spontaneously. Genuine mass shooters and sociopaths are now breeding like roaches with the help of 4chan, 8chan, Youtube and mainstream media glorification. A vast majority of them are young white males who cannot get laid (“incels”). They encourage one another to kill people and/or commit suicide. Thus few of these mass shootings over the past couple years have raised suspicion of being false flags. Most of them are spontaneous and contain no obvious clues of government involvement.

Africans, Native Americans, Latinos, etc. have known for centuries that the most vile, evil terrorists and mass murderers in world history are Europeans and their Zionist masters. But since that group controls media and history books, this undeniable truth is rendered fantasy, paranoia and “the race card.” The facts about Euro-imperialist genocide culture are even becoming clear even to white people in the internet age. They don’t want to believe it. But even imperialists are capable of having a conscience.

It’s also undeniable that a vast majority of Americans who kill cops are white. Black people have been conditioned over 400 years to only kill each other and everyone knows it. That’s why white people get extremely spooked when black people go against the norm and kill white people, particularly their cops.

This white supremacist terrorism narrative is detrimental to the Donald Trump Administration and Trump TV (Fox). A black cop killer is always the best subterfuge to change the subject, distract, and get the copsucking intersectional white supremacists back on code.

Maurice Hill Backstory

Mr. Maurice Hill was minding his own business on the 3700 block of North 15th Street in the Tioga-Nicetown neighborhood of North Philadelphia. It was about 4:30 p.m. local time this past Wednesday, August 14 when Philadelphia Police showed up and began antagonizing Mr. Hill. He was having none of it.

Mr. Hill feared for his life in the face of armed government employees who get paid vacations for murder. He allegedly opened fire on them. At least six of the cops were hit. Two more holed up inside the house trying to save themselves. The last two cops escaped without injury by midnight Eastern. Mr. Hill surrendered to the police. He was allegedly talked down by his attorney Shaka Johnson, who is both a former cop and prosecutor. All the cops who were allegedly shot suffered only minor injuries. That means Mr. Hill has the worst aim in the history of firearms, or there’s a lot more to this story.

State-run media, per standard protocol, have focused on a “prior criminal record” of Mr. Hill. Meanwhile said media have been worshiping the cops like gods. No media have touched on the history of Philadelphia Police as it relates to black people.

Philadelphia Police history of violence against black people

A police helicopter dropped a military bomb on a black liberation group MOVE on May 13, 1985. This incident remains the only time in history a U.S. city was bombed by U.S. military/authorities. Eleven people were killed, including five children. The bomb destroyed nearly an entire city block. There’s also the May 5, 2008 incident when 19 Philadelphia Police thugs acted like feral hyenas. They attacked three black men gang-style, then charged the men with a bunch of random crimes.

A Temple University journalism student caught a cop on tape in 2009 saying vile racist stuff.  She was on a ride-along for a school assignment. The Plain View Project exposed 70-plus Philadelphia cops as vile racists with malevolent intentions. All said cops were given paid vacations (“paid administrative leave”) as a result. At least 60 of the cops who were rewarded with the paid vacations are lieutenants, sergeants and internal inspectors.

Oblivious reporters fed their white supremacist fans by, well, being themselves.

Mr. Hill had good reason to defend himself. Philadelphia Police is a thug-laden, racist cop shop with a long and violent history toward black people. But the bottom line is that the story just doesn’t add up. Here are five pieces of information to ponder and decide whether this whole thing was just another sloppy false flag to distract and deflect.

Phantom Facebook livesteam reported by police

Philadelphia Police told Fox 29 that Mr. Hill was streaming the entire incident live on Facebook. A few other news outlets and independent journalists on the scene reported the same thing. Some said it was on Snapchat. The whole story appears to have been conjured by cops. It helped distract. People turned their attention to frantically searching for the livestream instead of watching the live media coverage.

A Facebook employee with knowledge of the company’s livestreaming technology told the Philadelphia Inquirer that there is no evidence that a livestream took place on either Facebook or Instagram. The same reporter contacted Snapchat. They didn’t respond before the story was published. Granted cops are worshiped like gods by white Americans. Perhaps some other livestream platform censored it all to prevent people from seeing cops allegedly getting shot. But Facebook let the Philando Castile livestream keep going. The young man was shot and dying in a car. There have also been several suicides and sexual assaults livestreamed on Facebook without company interference.

“The internet” is quite savvy and someone would have captured the livestream and posted it somewhere if it existed. No trace of a livestream can even be found on the darkest of dark web sites. This was just an unnecessary lie that opened the floodgates to question everything else about this alleged shooting.

Fake blood applied by cops?

This one is the most intriguing piece of information. There were several 15-second viral videos posted yesterday that show what appears to be one cop applying fake blood to another cop’s arm to make it look like he was shot. Many people questioned the authenticity of the video because of resolution issues. The blood seems to disappear at the very end. Others said it’s iodine the cop is applying to the other cop’s arm. Is it standard protocol for cops to carry around large bottles of iodine?

We found the original footage from the WPVI-TV ABC 6 broadcast and created a longer version where the blood does not disappear and the resolution is much better. Judge for yourselves. The blood/iodine/whatever stays in the frame throughout this clip, eliminating the “it’s a fake video” argument.

Attorney not sure Hill even fired a weapon

Shaka Johnson, the attorney for Mr. Hill, isn’t getting much credit for his role in de-escalating this alleged situation. Perhaps that’s because he’s skeptical of what exactly took place.

When asked by ABC 6 reporters why Mr. Hill fired on cops, Mr. Johnson said, “I don’t even know if he [did shoot at police].” Here is the clip.

Granted he’s a lawyer defending his client and this interview took place not long after Mr. Hill surrendered. Mr. Johnson hadn’t really broached the subject with his client yet. But that’s a pretty bold statement nonetheless.

Black Maurice Hill allegedly shot six cops, and is still alive

There is pretty much a 99% chance that any black person who shoots at and/or kills cops will not be taken alive. In fact black people are killed by cops for much less, including selling cigarettes on street corners, being a 12-year-old kid playing with a toy gun, and just being black, female and confident.

As previously noted, the vast majority of people who shoot and/or kill cops in the USA are white. The last incident we covered where a black man allegedly shot and killed cops was the Ismaaiyl Brinsley incident in December of 2014 in New York City. He was killed (“committed suicide” is the official story), but that incident also reeked of false flag. Mumia Abu-Jamal, coincidentally or otherwise from Philadelphia, is probably the most famous black man to allegedly kill a cop and not be killed on the spot. Of course, nobody knows if Abu Jamal really even killed the cop, considering 10 of the 12 jurors were white and the judge was caught saying he wanted to “fry the nigger.”

Why the powers-that-be want Mr. Hill alive remains a burning questions that will hopefully be answered in the near future.

No cops died

This one just doesn’t make sense at all. Philadelphia cops want people to believe that there was some sort of “Pulp Fiction” divine intervention moment where a man (Mr. Hill) with an AK-47 that has a standard 30-round magazine, shot at probably 15-plus cops trying to storm his house and missed all their vital organs.

Perhaps the narrative will be that black people have notoriously bad aim and/or are too stupid to handle firearms, in order to help cover up this potential false flag. Lovelle Mixon used an AK-47 and killed four Oakland cops in a much wider-open space back in 2009. Omar Thornton used a 17-shot, 9mm semi-automatic pistol and killed, as he described, “eight white racists” at a Connecticut beer distribution company back in August of 2010. You’d have to be extremely impressionable and borderline gullible to believe Mr. Hill simply missed all of them with a rifle of that caliber in that confined of a space.

It makes sense that Mr. Hill is still alive. No cops were killed and it’s debatable if any cop was shot at all. They don’t call it “active shooter drills” for nothing, with emphasis on drills. Attorney Johnson is already skeptical and the story frankly doesn’t add up in the grand scheme of U.S. society and common sense.

We will continue to update this story as we learn more.

UPDATE August 17, 2019: Agenda Exposed

It appears Trump media (Laura Loomer, Gateway Pundit, and blogs with names associated with tea party, pizza and Q-Anon) have taken one sentence from a Philadelphia Inquirer article that says Mr. Hill “occasionally attended a mosque” and have turned it into a “radical Islamic terrorist” narrative. Donald Trump, who is always bashful about commenting on the white supremacist terrorists, specifically tweeted about the Philadelphia incident. The motive for the false flag is becoming clear – shift the narrative from rampant white supremacist terrorism to old faithful “radical jihad Muslim bin Laden 9/11” stuff.

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