Three Men Brutally Attacked By Philadelphia Police Thugs Acquitted Of All Charges

by Brian A. Wilkins

Mr. Brian Hall celebrates Constitutional rights he should have already
had in the first place after being acquitted of all charges. Photo
by Alejandro A. Alvarez/Philadelphia Daily News.

The brutal attack Mr. Brian Hall, Mr. Pete Hopkins, and Mr. Dwayne Dyches endured on May 5, 2008, at the hands of Philadelphia police thugs, was only the beginning of a 13-month blatant deprivation of their rights to life and liberty. For those of you who haven’t seen this disgusting display of monkey cops acting like wild animals, here’s the raw video.

To add serious insult to obvious injury, all three men were subsequently charged with attempted murder and several other felonies in connection with a shooting that had taken place in Feltonville, PA that day. Philadelphia Police tried to pin any charges they could on these three men to justify the brutal attack. But a jury, on July 1, found all three men not guilty of all charges. Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Dyches spent more than a year in jail waiting for this trial to happen, while Mr. Hall had been free on bail some days after the shootings.

Amazingly, only four of the 19 police thugs involved in the attack on these men were fired; while eight others received “disciplinary action.” And of course, none of them have been charged with any crimes as of yet.

The question now is, how do these young men re-build their lives and get back the year of liberty the U.S. justice system stole from them. I’m sure civil suits are in order, but there has to come a point when these police thugs are treated like everyone else in this criminal justice farce we have in the USA. Mr. Hall simply wanted to know “why?” these police thugs did this to him, when asked by Fox 29 reporters. That is the same question I have for the Tempe (AZ) Police, Brian. He said getting a job is impossible now and the publicity from this obviously malicious case against him and the other men has completely destroyed his reputation. And of course, Philadelphia police will continue to maintain they did noting wrong. Regardless, happy healing to all of you and there are better days ahead.

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