Three Things Must Happen For Ron Paul To Become President

By | September 1, 2011

by Brian A. Wilkins
9/1/2011 (updated 9/2/2011)

Republican Presidential Candidate
Ron Paul (TX)

There are many things to like about Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul. He wants to abolish the IRS and Federal Reserve, is anti-imperial invasion of other countries, anti-world military occupation, pro-liberty, pro-Bill of Rights, anti-Reagan-era “war on drugs” and anti-private prison.

Paul introduced a bill in the House of Representatives this past May called the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2011, which would legalize farming and growing one of the most versatile and useful plants on the planet. And the cherry on top on all this, Paul refuses to enroll in the Congressional medical entitlement program, granting any and all former and current Congress people lifetime, premium medical coverage, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. He also seems to be a very likable human being, a rarity among Republicans nowadays, and does not display any Islamophobia.

The are some legitimate red flags with the Texas doctor and 12-term representative. Congressman Paul, who announced he will not run for re-election to the House in order to concentrate on his Presidential bid, supports the Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans. Paul is also known as the “intellectual godfather” of so-called “tea party Republicans,” and is closely aligned with several of said individuals (including his son, U.S. Senator Rand Paul, R-KY) who held the entire country hostage with a conjured debt crisis, done solely for political reasons. The same GOTea Party who will never allow any tax hikes on Americans (or corporations) making $1 million or more, are looking to increase taxes on the poorest Americans by January 1, 2012.

Congressman Paul is getting the attention of many voters who call themselves independent to the point that state-run media can no longer ignore him like a giant invisible pink elephant at the podium. But three things need to happen for Congress Paul to become President Paul on January 20, 2013.

1) “White” Republican Voters Must Turn In Their Sheep Goggles

The fact of the matter is, Ron Paul cannot become President of the United States unless he is nominated by Republican voters; a vast majority of which are European American. Paul’s voting base is a fanatical group, similar to 2008 Obama voters. Paul can also do no wrong to his most ardent supporters, also similar to 2008 Obama voters.

Though “white” American households will always (without revolution) have far more net worth than “black” and Latino households, the fact is that even the net wealth of that group has dropped during the Bush years and continues to drop with Obama.

Judging from the trends of the above graph, it is safe to assume, in a U.S. economy which has only worsened since 2009, that the median”white” household wealth is likely closer to $103,000 in 2011. As mentioned earlier, “tea party” Congressional Republicans are planning another political stunt, which they will try and force the President to allow the expiration of the one year, 2 percent tax break he gave the poorest Americans on FICA (social security) payroll taxes. The tax rate, if allowed to expire, would go from 4.2 percent of the first $106,800 families earn, to 6.2 percent. This equates to a $2,135 yearly tax increase on working “white” Americans who are worth the current median amount.

Sheep “white” voters will support their “tea party” regardless of the aforementioned.  These same tea party forced our feeble President to extend the Bush tax cuts. This kept the richest 1 percent of Americans’ federal tax rate at 35 percent, instead of increasing it back to 39 percent before Bush. This “wealthfare” also increases the federal deficit. In other words, sheep “white” voters support tax cuts for the rich and free health care for their Congress people, but support neither for themselves…which makes absolutely no sense.

It also makes no sense that “white” voters who are unemployed, without health care and/or have family deployed in a foreign country would support any of the warmongers and corporate apologists who make up the remaining G.O.Tea field. Many of these “white” voters are simply voting for any Republican who will say something derogatory about Obama’s race, about Muslims and/or about Mexicans. The (at least) 50 percent of “white” America plagued by the “we hate this nigger president” disease will only put another warmonger and corporate apologist in the White House to spite “the black guy,” which does none of us any good.

It was President Bush, voted into office twice by “white” America, who spent our social security (about $2 trillion) on invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. These voters must hold their Congressional representatives accountable, vote all their “tea party” 2010 neo-cons out of office, and lead by example in electing Paul-like Libertarian Republicans. The gesture alone would go a long way in convincing “black” and Latino sheep that we are all in this together.

2) “Black” and Latino Democratic Voters Must Turn In Their Sheep Goggles

And speaking of those “black” and Latino sheep…well, let’s address these separately.
It will be a difficult task to convince Latinos not to vote for Obama, simply because a vast majority of illegal immigrants in the USA are from Mexico and Central America, and Obama specifically caters to said immigrants. The White House announced two weeks ago that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) will review
deportation proceedings of some 300,000 individuals caught in the country without a visa or work permit, effectively halting all such proceedings. Obama is also an open and ardent supporter of a congressional proposition known as the DREAM Act. It would grant permanent residency to non-citizens who have been living in the United States without a visa or work permit. It is also clear that many Republicans don’t even view Latinos as humans, referring to their children as “anchor babies” and “terror babies,” so you’d be hard pressed to convince the average Latino/a to vote Republican.

These latter factors also pertain to “black” Democratic voters. No matter how many Alan West’s or Michael Steele’s come out of the wood work, and no matter what Republicans say, their actions will always speak louder.

It is obvious that Republican = Confederacy not only based on the 2008 Presidential Electoral Map, but also Texas Governor and 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Perry speaking about his state seceding from the Union, only a couple months after Obama was inaugurated.

Photo from

Since Obama had only been in office for three months when Perry spoke of secession, there had been no policies enacted nor actions by Obama which could anger Perry to the point of talking about Civil War II. Thus, the only reason he would say this, is to secede from a “black” President.

Regardless, the sheep mentality with “black” Americans and the Democratic shepherds is scary beyond belief. Here is a prominent list of Democrats since “black” Americans began voting for them en masse during and after President Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s:

Strom Thurmond, “Dixiecrat” from South Carolina (who also fathered a “black” child when he had sex with a 16-year-old “black” girl when he was 22):

U.S. Senator and radical Christian terrorist Robert Byrd, D-West Virginia, who was part of the terror group KKK, once told U.S. Senator and proud “racist” Theodore Bilbo, D-Mississippi, “I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels.”

Though former Democratic President Bill Clinton gets a lot of positive vibes and reviews from the “black” community, this guy signed into law four federal statutes which further minoritized and niggerized “black” people in the USA (if that were even possible): 1994 NAFTA, which effectively ended the concept of good paying, good benefits factory and manufacturing jobs for Americans (mostly “black” and rural “white”); 1996 AEDPA (Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act), which effectively gave states carte blanche malicious conviction power by unconstitutionally limiting federal habeas corpus; 1996 Telecommunications Act, which monopolized all American media for rich “white” males. You can also throw in the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 – which was written by current vice President Joe Biden. It pumped $10 billion into the private prison industry, where “black” Americans are used as 21st century chattel slaves

If “black” people still blindly vote at a 95 percent clip for an alleged “black” incumbent President in 2012 just because he is “black” and a “Democrat,” this will only prove “African Americans” are by far the easiest manipulated people on the planet. Obama has made clear his policies are the exact same as George Bush’s, especially his foreign policy. Obama will never even acknowledge “black” people or poor people specifically. He has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he is a president for the rich, for homosexuals, and for immigrants (because he needs the Latino vote). Not voting for Obama, however, does not mean “black” people cannot defend him from baseless (other than his race) tea party attacks. It just means he is not worthy to be president…nor to be given the benefit of the doubt about anything.

3) Ron Paul Needs To Be Himself, While Reaching Out To New Voters

As was mentioned earlier, Ron Paul is a likable guy, but many “blacks” and Latinos may not know this, nor even know Paul exists. State-run media, in 2008, brought up a situation from the 1990s which staffers of Paul’s team published “racist” newsletters that talked about “black” people like they were animals. He calmly and eloquently answered the charge on CNN a while back.

I know Paul does not do much people-specific campaigning, but with television (big brother) as monopolized and powerful as ever, he really has no choice if he wants to win. Sadly a vast majority of Americans are still sheep and the only way his message will get out is direct contact with people. State-run media are not going to do Paul any favors, as he is anti-establishment He must, aggressively, do it himself.

A poll back in April indicated that most Americans could not name even ONE GOP candidate for 2012. This is an opportunity for the anti-war, pro-liberty Paul. But only if he’s willing to go get it.

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