The Felony Class: U.S. “Justice System” Creates Class Of Serfs

By | April 28, 2011

by Brian A. Wilkins
4/27/2011 (links updated November 6, 2018)




The axioms are well-known. “You do the crime, you do the time.” “He’s served his time, now he can move on with life.” The first one is true for average Americans. The second one is categorically false. Meanwhile the wealthy, police, prosecutors, judges, and most other government officials are immune from this “justice” system),

A felony conviction is a life sentence in perpetual prison. It is a U.S. classification of sorts. A felony conviction guarantees said individuals will never find gainful employment, cannot vote, cannot bear arms, and likely will never be able to live in decent neighborhoods again. The Felony Class is an integral part of U.S. Police State policy. They’ve been convicted of these myriad, arbitrary crimes, and stripped of basic rights and dignity.

The U.S. grows this population to meet demand. The numbers vary depending on the source. But there are upwards of 10-15 million Americans (and consistently rising) who have been given this life sentence. The Felony Class are modern indentured servants.

U.S. corporations and government agency need slaves

Large corporations and government agencies rely on the Felony Class to stay in business. Corrections Corporation of America, aka CCA (NYSE: CXW) (today known as “Core Civic” to sound less imperialistic), is the largest private for-profit prison operator in the USA. It has facilities in at least 20 states. Arizona and Texas are two of CCA’s most-loyal customers.

CCA grossed nearly $2 billion in revenues last year. About $700 million of that was profit. That’s way up from CCA’s $50 million profit in 2005. The GEO Group (NYSE: GEO), formerly Wackenhut, is the second largest private, for-profit prison operator in the USA. The company is apparently privatizing all of Florida’s prisons in the very near future. Buying stock in one of these companies is very safe and potentially very lucrative. The U.S. “justice system” provides CCA and GEO Group an endless supply of slave labor.

Private for-profit prisons breed many types of offspring companies. CCA and GEO Group brought in about $4 billion in revenues in 2012. But CNN money said the entire prison industry was worth over $37 billion in 2007 (Note: the original CNN article link is now dead).

Many sectors use prison slave labor

Companies like Outside Connection provides discounted collect calls for prisoners to contact family members. CompuDyne builds portable prison walls and other prison-related products. These are just two examples of offspring companies. CompuDyne, according to that same CNN report, projected $60 million in prison-related sales in 2007.

Many well-known American corporations contract with private prisons for the slave labor. Prison get $0.20 per hour or less for most prison jobs in 2011. Prisoners perform slave labor under the threat of solitary confinement and/or physical violence by prison personnel. It is also the only way a vast majority of prisoners can afford basic hygiene and food items. Commissary suppliers are also part of the prison industrial complex.  

The U.S. Military, Microsoft, AT&T, Dell, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, and Target Stores are just a few of the corporations that profit off of prison slave labor. According to the same article by the Centre for Research on Globalization:

“The private contracting of prisoners for work fosters incentives to lock people up. Prisons depend on this income. Corporate stockholders who make money off prisoners’ work lobby for longer sentences, in order to expand their workforce.”

Citing a study by the Progressive Labor Party.

Slavery was never abolished

The entire telemarketing industry relies on the Felony Class. These firms are willing to hire anyone who will endure the work. Fast food, janitorial, and warehouse jobs also depend the Felony Class. But not as much in a down economy with many Americans looking for work.

The Thirteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution outlawed slavery in 1868. Prisons, probation offices and police replaced slave owners, bounty hunters and auctioneers thereafter. The verbiage of the Thirteenth Amendment left open this readily-exploitable loophole for the Euro-American hegemony’s use:

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Slavery never ended in the United States. It just changed it’s image. The remaining constant is that the Felony Class (i.e. the slaves) continues to consist mostly of darker hued people.

U.S. Justice System keeps up with demand

The Felony Class is the most valuable commodity in the well-oiled, extremely lucrative human chattel machine called “U.S. Justice System.” States charge black Americans with felonies for “crimes” such as yawning in court.


The white hegemony imprisons black people for sending their children to better schools. Cops even arrest black people in their own homes by dragging them outside naked and handcuffed, pepper-spraying them, and ultimately not charging them with any crimes.

States are also using arbitrary and ambiguous immigration legislation to place Latinos in bondage at a rate almost as fast as black people. In 2007, black males were 35 percent of the total U.S. prison population (African Americans are only about 12 percent of the total U.S. population today). White males were second at 33 percent, and Hispanic males were 18 percent.

More than half of all 2004 felony convictions in state courts were for drug offenses or some other non-violent, non-larceny offense.

SOURCE: Public Agenda

U.S. Supreme Court enables rogue prosecutors

Police get most of the attention for arbitrarily criminalizing and murdering people. Prosecutors and public defenders are the gatekeepers of this justice pot of gold. The Republican-led U.S. Supreme Court recently affirmed Eleventh Amendment absolute immunity for prosecutors. It overturned a $14 million judgment against a Louisiana prosecutor for wrongfully convicting a man who spend nearly 14 years on death row.

Then-New Orleans District Attorney Harry Connick Sr. deliberately withheld evidence that would have cleared Mr. John Thompson of murder. Connick was caught blatantly railroading an innocent man. But Justice Clarence Thomas and the other four Republicans ruled this was not “deliberate indifference.”

State (and federal) prosecutors have free reign to do whatever it takes to convict Americans of whatever crimes they choose. Prosecutors know they are shielded from liability. U.S. court standard protocol is a simple and effective imperial policy. Police charge you with several arbitrary felonies. Prosecutors narrow it down to one or more felonies. Then unwitting Americans sign plea agreements for lesser felonies and a chance at no prison time.

Pathway to Serfdom

The first right always taken from Felony Class victims is their Sixth Amendment right to a public, speedy trial by jury. 94 percent of felony convictions in 2006 resulted from plea bargains. That means nearly all 7 million Americans currently incarcerated in U.S. prisons and on probation/parole (and those otherwise part of the Felony Class), were unilaterally convicted by the U.S. government, not by a “jury of their peers.”

The niggerization process begins once this very basic right is revoked. Plea agreements generally require defendants to waive their right to direct appeal. They must do several hours of community service, at least a year of probation, and plead guilty to a lesser felony. Most signs pleas due to threats of long prison sentences by prosecutors. The fines, probation fees, drug tests, and classes generally exceed thousands of dollars.

Many in the Felony Class are forced to answer to probation or parole officers. They also owe the government money they will never be able to pay because they are unemployable.

Political impact of felony class

Money is not the only motive behind the hegemony’s for-profit justice system. Disenfranchisement and revocation of the right to bear arms renders them real-life third-class citizens.

About 13 percent of the adult black male population is prohibited from voting. Whites will no longer be the majority of people in the United States by 2050. This scares the hegemony and makes their tactics more overt and sinister. Republican lawmakers across the country have continually tried changing the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to prevent anymore Latinos from becoming American citizens.

Implied and actual bipartisan support

Republicans fear the inevitable. Their party and supporters can no longer to win elections based on sheer numbers. Democrats use sporadic, empty rhetoric opposing these policies. Yet they have done nothing tangible opposing them. Democrats also profit off the Felony Class just as much as, or more than, Republicans do.

Gun laws, self-defense, and adjudication of these cases are already determined by race. The Felony Class is even further subjugated as it relates to firearms.

The system makes it a crime for an entire class of people to own firearms. This fundamental right is a platform issue for Republicans. But the party encourages revocation from certain people.

“The Race Card” And Euro-American Media Reinforcement and Justification Of Felony Class

The United States would not exist without the free, forced labor of the hundreds of millions of West Africans who built it. The U.S. was born on this premise and must continue this path to sustain itself. The Euro-American media are integral cogs in the machine’s functionality. Stacking the deck is also vital.

Virtually all district attorneys in the USA are of European descent.

SOURCE: Death Penalty Information Center

Euro-American media monopolizes everything Americans listen to, read and watch. These conditions makes the machine virtually indestructible. White Americans accuse black people of “playing the race card” when indisputable, facts about the system are mentioned. Latinos are called “illegal aliens” and “anchor babies” to stir fears in white Americans. So-called blacks appear on television mostly as criminals, athletes, uneducated clowns and transvestites.

The white populace believes everything the hegemony does to black people is justified because most only know black people from what they see on TV.

The Euro-American hegemony continues pushing their race-card conspiracies to explain why they incarcerate far more black men than their own people.

SOURCE: Project America

The Felony Class is expendable

We’ve covered hundreds of stories about American police murdering American citizens on this website. One of the very first items police departments will dig for to justify the murders is to say the victim “had a felony record.” This is generally enough for the large Euro-American population who praise police, unconditionally, as heroes. In other words, the Felony Class can be murdered at any time by police simply because of the class they belong too.

Euro-American media will sometimes offer empty rhetoric denouncing the U.S. justice system, usually from politicians trying to get votes from black Latino, and poor white voters. The fact that many Euro-American media sponsors also profit off the Felony Class, essentially places control of media content in the hands of corporations.

What Can The Felony Class Do?

There is no way out of the Felony Class once there, short of full and forceful revolution by the American people. Most people (53%) released from prison end up back there within three years. Why? Because even after they have served their time, they simply graduate from complete incarceration to being the ward of a county, state, or federal government entity for 3-5 more years on probation or parole. Out of sheer desperation, most of the Felony Class must turn to crime not only to survive themselves, but to feed and house the families they still have to support.

The Felony Class can always try exhausting appeals in the same system which put them in their current situations. The facts are that most cannot afford attorneys to do this for them, most do not have a good enough grasp on criminal and civil procedures and case law to do it themselves, and it is extremely rare for a higher court to reverse lower court rulings in criminal cases.

District attorneys in the United States know the impact of these convictions and know exactly what they are doing when they pass them out like Halloween candy. Denver-area wealth fund manager Martin Erzinger was arrested late last year after he struck a pedestrian and left the scene. The victim, Dr. Steven Milo of New York, suffered serious head and spinal cord injuries.

Eagle County (CO) District Attorney Mark Hulbert came to the defense of the rich, local assailant by offering a plea bargain dropping all felony charges and allowing Erzinger to plead guilty to misdemeanors. Hurlbert said he offered the plea because “felony convictions have some pretty serious job implications for someone in Mr. Erzinger’s profession.”

White supremacy trumps spirituality

Bill Mauer, the writer and producer of the documentary “Religulous” said it best about the U.S. justice system: “America has the world’s largest prison population…because actually rehabilitating people would have a negative impact on the bottom line.”

A vast majority of European Americans are Christians. The core principle of the “U.S. Justice System” is the power given to people who judge their fellow Americans. The fact that being a judge is a biblical sin, not only are all these Christian judges going to hell, but so is the United States as a country and entity. 

As President John F. Kennedy once said, “those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”

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