Stephen A. Smith Says Black Athletes Have No Morals

By | October 13, 2009

UPDATED 10/16/2009 Stephen A. Smith Tries To Sets The Record Straight

You can judge for yourself as to the sincerity here.


by Brian A. Wilkins
10/12/2009 (links and photos updated September 16, 2019. NOTE: interestingly this article mentions how Jason Whitlock was still a “black man” when this article was originally published in 2009. It must be noted that Whitlock is now coon #1 in sports talk television in 2019).

Stephen A. Smith (L)  and Rush Limbaugh (R)

Before I get into this, you should watch the video yourselves. Rush Limbaugh and former Madison Square Garden President Dave Checketts recently inquired with the NFL about purchasing the St. Louis Rams. Several NFL players voiced opposition to Limbaugh being part of the NFL. New York Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka, New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott, and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb have all said they would not play for the Rams if Limbaugh – an open supporter of Confederate racist ideals – became the team’s owner. NFL Players Union director DeMaurice Smith has also made it clear the union is opposed to the potential acquisition.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith chimed in with blanket comments about black athletes having no morals and that all black athletes could be bought for the right price.

Smith’s exact words, regarding NFL players, were, “they’re lying through their stinking teeth,” and “they’re walking hypocrites.” He then added some Jesse Lee Peterson-esque sarcasm, saying, “please, their moral standard is great.”

I wrote a lengthy multi-media article last week entitled “Fortifying Confederate Armies: ‘Black’ Athletes and SEC Football.” I will never understand why black athletes give their blood, sweat, and tears to Confederate schools that are only interested in their ability on the field. These institutions have no interest in nurturing these young men’s his educational potential. Mr. Kiwanuka, Mr. Scott and Mr. McNabb said exactly what young brothers with god-given athletic ability must consider before signing with Confederate (“SEC”) schools.

The truth is that probably 90 percent of the 32 NFL “owners” have very similar views to Limbaugh. They are all 50-60+ year old, billionaire Euro-American male Zionists. The now-deceased former Rams owner Georgia (Rosenbloom) Frontiere was the only woman.

Limbaugh is part of their good ‘ol boy network. But these CEOs, or owners, rarely put their political beliefs out there for public scrutiny. The voice of the NFL “owners” would be heard everyday if Limbaugh joined them. This is America. Limbaugh probably has the money. But he does not have the blessing of the NFL Players Union. He could still become an owner. But players have the right to choose their teams in free agency.

Stephen A. Smith must be auditioning to be Limbaugh’s board operator or something. I used to respect this man and stick up for him when people bashed his boisterous, loud style. In fact, I agree with Smith – that Limbaugh should be able to purchase the Rams. But he went the extra step and said black athletes are amoral slaves who can be bought. This leads me to believe he wants to be the next Hannity and/or O’Reilly “black” guest who bashes anything and everything Nubian (“black”).

If Universal Studios or any other Hollywood film house offered me a $5 million contract to play some black criminal bo-jangler in some Euro-American blaxploitation film, I’d do what Coach Lou did to Dorn’s contract in the movie “Major League.”

Better yet, I’d do what that Limbaugh-like cop did to the U.S. Constitution when Goldstein and Rosenberg pleaded the Fifth Amendment in “Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay.”

The aforementioned NFL players are self-respecting men. Jews wouldn’t want Mahmoud Ahmadinejad purchasing an Israeli basketball team. I’m pretty sure Euro-Americans would not want Minister Louis Farrakhan purchasing country clubs throughout the USA. If either of the aforementioned happened, Jews and Euro-Americans would cease putting their blood, sweat, and money into those ventures.

Mr. McNabb, Mr. Scott and Mr. Kiwanuka are proud people with convictions just as deep as anyone elses. Stephen A. Smith trivializing these men should land him several high-paying jobs in Euro-American media. In fact, according to his blog, CNN has told him to write about his feelings in depth for their website.

Smith used to be one of the few voices out there, along with the Jason Whitlocks and Michael Wilbons of the sports journalism world. They keep it real for the people who dominate the actual product (football, basketball, track). But these types are rare in television, radio, and newspapers. Smith knows basketball and has called out Euro-American media for singling out Barry Bonds in then steroid baseball era. But he knows where his paychecks come from.

Smith should have said Limbaugh has the right to buy a team, and stopped there. But he decided to insult grown men because they oppose Confederate sympathizers. I mean, Limbaugh once said of the NFL, “[it] all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons.” He also told a black female caller to his radio show to “take the bone out of your nose.” This entire episode with Smith is nothing more than an audition for more Fox News time. Just like Juan Williams, Peterson, and Larry Elder, Fox News can use Stephen A. Smith to attack and belittle black people on air for ratings.

I understand that Stephen A. Smith no longer has an ESPN TV show or a regular ESPN radio show. But those endeavors have to be lucrative. He shouldn’t need money. Obviously he can be bought by Euro-American media. Thus he’s dragging the entire race along with him to try and justify and dignify his coonery.

If Fox News or CNN pays Smith $2 million per year to bash “blacks” and he takes it, more power to him. Donovan McNabb, Bart Scott and Mathias Kiwanuka would not do the same. I wouldn’t do it and nor would any other self-respecting brother and sister. Stephen A. Smith speaks only for himself. The volume is always turned up high with him. We all heard loud and clear who and what he really is and what he’s about.

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