Las Vegas (NV) Police Thugs Murder Unarmed Tanner Chamberlain

By | October 10, 2009

UPDATED November 6, 2018: Derek Colling, now a cop for Albany County (WY) Sheriff’s Office, kills Robbie Ramirez

Police thug Derek Colling

You can’t make this stuff up. Las Vegas Police fired serial killer Colling in 2011 NOT for the murder of Tanner Chamberlain, but because Colling was also caught on tape brutally attacking Mitchell Crooks who was filming Las Vegas police when they responded to a burglary.

Ramirez, 39, was killed by Colling during a traffic stop on November 4 in Laramie, Wyoming. Albany County Sheriff David O’Malley seems to be ok with the fact he hired this lifetime thug because Colling’s former feral pig buddies in Las Vegas “spoke highly of him.”

Of course Colling is enjoying yet another paid vacation, aka “paid administrative leave” for murdering yet another American. He also apparently works in real estate. Only in America can you murder three people, assault god knows how many more, and still be working as a cop and in real estate. #Murica.

UPDATED 11/6/2009: Thug Cop Derek Colling Cleared Of “Wrongdoing”

Is anyone surprised? I’m not sure which is more disgusting: How thug Colling shows absolutely no remorse for murdering a 15-year-old, bi-polar kid, or the state-run media news anchors for ABC 13 News in Las Vegas copsucking at the end of the following video.

I’m very sorry for your loss, Ms. Oquendo. May Tanner rest in peace. Murderers like Colling ultimately have to answer for their actions, one way or another.

by Brian A. Wilkins
10/9/2009 (links, photos, and videos updated December 16, 2018)

Mr. Tanner Chamberlain

American parents need to take notice of the latest garbage police thugs can feed media and prosecutors to justify murdering 15-year-olds: he was “troubled” and bi-polar.

This is the case with Mr. Tanner Chamberlain, a 15-year-old honors student at Las Vegas Chapparal High School. He was gunned down by trigger-happy Las Vegas police thug Derek Colling last Tuesday, September 29. Mr. Chamberlain was laid to rest today, as thug Colling enjoys a paid vacation (aka “paid administrative leave”). The phony, waste-of-tax-dollars proceedings called “investigations” are taking place now.

The murder occurred that Tuesday night after Tanner got in an argument with his mother when she told him he could not go out with a friend. Tanner’s mother, Ms. Evie Oquendo, said he had an episode related to his bi-polar disorder because he was upset he could not go out. Tanner pulled her hair and punched her before she convinced Tanner to take his anti-anxiety medication. Tanner had regularly refused to take the pills because drugs destroyed his creativity. He was involved in poetry and drama club at his school. Tanner fought off the episode, prompting he and his mother to take a walk to further calm him down. But neighbors had already called the badged gangsters, who showed up smelling blood.

Tanner, fearing for his life based on how police arbitrarily murder American citizens daily, grabbed his mother and held a knife towards her when the sound of police sirens increased in volume. Ms. Oquendo later said, “he was scared” and “he wasn’t going to hurt me.” The police thugs yelled “drop the knife!” Ms. Oquendo begged them not to shoot. The feral pig Colling, likely either wanting an inevitable paid vacation or yearning the experience of murdering a child, shot Tanner in the head, killing him instantly.

Ms. Kemmy McCoy told NBC Channel 3, “of course, I’m sure it will be justified…all of them are.” She is exactly right. Again, no matter how concrete and blatant the evidence, police thugs are constitutionally protected from being liable for their animal-like behavior. Captain Randy Montandon of the murdering Las Vegas organization, came to the defense of Colling, saying the murderer, “discharged his weapon one time…striking the individual…disabling him.” No, Mr. Chamberlain wasn’t disabled by the bullet; he was MURDERED. These Las Vegas police thugs didn’t even bother inserting the proverbial, “our officers feared for their lives” crap, knowing they would get away with the murder regardless of the story they told.

Was Mr. Chamberlain wrong for being a bratty kid and putting a knife close to his mother? Yes. Did he deserve to be murdered in cold-blood right in front of his mother? No. Police thugs all over the country murder and assault innocent Americans. As far as I’m concerned, killer cops all deserve to die because they kill people. Young Tanner never killed anyone and should still be here today.

All we can do is wait for the kangaroo investigations to be completed, listen to the Mickey Mouse justification police thugs and prosecutors present to justify the murders, rapes, assaults; get mad; and move on. NOTHING will happen to thug Derek Colling in this case, while Ms. Oquendo must live with the fact her ONLY son (I think) is now dead.

There are several tribute videos on Youtube for Tanner. He was obviously a well-liked kid.

Our thoughts are with Ms. Oquendo, Mr. Chamberlain’s family, and friends.

10 thoughts on “Las Vegas (NV) Police Thugs Murder Unarmed Tanner Chamberlain

  1. george harrison

    Let the “child” murder is mother. Of course that is alright. I say child because at fifteen the “child” should be able to take responibility for his self. The kid was putting his mother life and his life in danger. I say the cops did their jobs. Oh by the way i have seen you throw stats around. Site your sources if they are not made up by you.

  2. mercedes

    no, her life wasn’t in dangerous. she said don’t shoot for a damn reason.if her life was in dangerous she would not say don’t shoot. the fucking cop is an asshole and desires tro be fire.

  3. Corey

    My friend knew this boy and was really good friends with him in fact they were best friends and those damn cops could have at least have enough damn sense to calm the kid down I mean whats so hard about that I agree the cop is an asshole.

  4. Jessica

    They shouldn’t have used deadly force. Ms. McCoy WAS accurate in her statement. All the residents at Sunridge were outraged. He is still missed and we are all deeply sorry for the loss.

  5. You're All Crazy

    You have got to be kidding me! You think that this was wrong? Were any of you there? The fact that she said “Don’t shoot” doesn’t mean that she wasn’t in danger…she was his mother, of course she is going to say that…I would give my life if it meant my daughter wouldn’t be hurt. Here is a simple question…someone, who you were just in a heated argument with, has a knife to your throat and the cops show up…would you rather have them do your job and protect the victums, or would you rather die? You should be ashamed of yourselves…they are here to protect us from violence, not let it happen and then do something about it later…maybe if there is a terrorist with a bomb in your building, you’ll say “No, don’t shoot…he hasn’t done anything”….yet. Get real people.

    1. Shelly Tyler

      Last time I checked, we the people pay cops their fucking salary so NO, NOT KIDDING AT ALL, DEFUND THIS SPECIFIC COP’S ASS AND I DO NOT MEAN A TAXPAYER-FOOTED BUY-OUT. He knows what he does wrong, he’s not one bit stupid, just fucking cold as ice. He’d probably have a few more buried in the backyard were it not for him sublimating it on the citizens he‘s supposed to protect every now and again.

      It is absolutely cold-blooded and murderous to steady yourself as you wait for the moment and then take it with the CIT finally arrived and the kid glancing into them while his mom, WHO HE’S SHELTERING BEHIND, screams not to shoot him over and over and then stumbles a bit. Cold-blooded. Murderous. Nothing else.

      These actions don’t save anybody’s day. They don’t make anything even one bit better for anyone. All that actions like these accomplish is to get a majority of the populace super fucking angry at police on a multitude of levels, most notably when the actual crime occurs and then layered right on again when the pathetic ball-less police union boys spew forth with their trite vapid excuses.

  6. jeanine

    protocal was not followed…they knew going in he was 15 and bipolar, they got close enough to film with the taser gun, but not taser him, instead he had to be shot in the head, while holding his mother under her armpits and using her as a shield, yes he did have a knife but not at her throat…there were like six copscoming from all sides yelling differentcommands, if they had proper training they would of known only one person should of talked to him and should not of yelled…that is how you treat a situation with a bipolor person…also the officer could of just of easily shot her, he wasn’t from swat…it was a disgrace…only about a month later there was a father holding a knife to his son’s throat, CIT and swat and negotiators were called in and talked him down in a couple of hours, tanner was shot in less than 45 seconds…i was at the inquest and heard all the testimony…they backed up an officer that made a wrong call, it was disgusting. criminals are apprehended all the time, who have guns and hostages and they aren’t shot, the officer was green and didn’t do the right thing..its too bad!!!

  7. simon

    They could have shot him somewhere else than the head. They could have tasered him. They didn’t have to kill him.

  8. Jordan

    I was there. I was ten feet from them when it happened. I witnessed it. Tanner had dropped the knife, and then Colling pulled the trigger. He’s a murderer. Just so you know.

  9. Ben Anderson

    Bad cops like Derek Colling have to be dealt with in a strategic but legal manner. Here’s how.

    While public protests, news stories and editorials raise public awareness, they are not enough to permanently get rid of thugs like Colling. Petitions seldom work because politicians are experts at not taking action in lieu of lip-service and only promise results which never materialize if an election is near. Grand jury indictments also never work because it’s not in the best interest of the District Attorneys Office to alienate the very law enforcement agency they work with every day to secure convictions. And civil lawsuits almost always end in non-disclosure settlements which do little to expose the perpetrator’s violent behavior and protect our communities. So violent cops like Derek Colling simply ignore the above and continue killing and hurting innocent people.

    The way to get rid of these bad actors is by strategically cutting off their options. For instance, it is public knowledge Colling is in the real estate business. A sustained non-stop effort should be made by the public at large not to buy, sell or rent anything from him. Another example is he’s a self defense instructor; again public knowledge. A perpetual effort should be made not to patronize any business where he instructs. Yet another example; businesses where he purchases goods and services should pressure him to move on and not welcome his presence as it in-fact damages their reputation. No business wants to be publicly known as supporting a violent cop who kills innocent people. Sustaining these types of actions over the course of time are perfectly legal and will ultimately drive bad people like Colling out of law enforcement and away from the communities they damaged.


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